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  • Nova Scotia

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    Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, one of the three Maritime and one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada, bordered on the north by the Bay of Fundy, the province of New Brunswick, Northumberland Strait, and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and on the east, south, and west by the Atlantic Ocean. Nova Scotia consists primarily of a mainland section, linked to New Brunswick by the Isthmus of Chignecto, and Cape Breton Island, separated from the mainland by the Strait of Canso. On July 1, 1867, Nova Scotia became

  • Bossa Nova, Bossa Yes-va: The Influence of Bossa Nova on Music in America

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    combined with American jazz music and forms created one of the most unique and interesting styles of jazz music that America had seen: bossa nova. Bossa nova (“new style” or “new trend”), one of the first jazz styles without direct American origin, influenced music in America to use its ideas and sounds, but also to stray away from the new Brazilian style. Bossa nova is a sub-genre of Latin jazz, which originated largely in Latin America. There are a few major differences between Latin jazz and straight-ahead

  • The Maratime Rights Movement (Nova Scotia, Canada)

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    The Maratime Rights Movement (Nova Scotia, Canada) The Maritime Rights Movement is usually seen as part of the economic decline of post world war period in the Maritimes. The Maritimes were going through hard times, the depression was said to have started in the Maritimes ten years before the rest of Canada did in 1929. The Movement had the Maritimes economic and social needs as it's priorities. The Maritimes views were often contradictory to those of West and Central parts of Canada. The Movement

  • Peter Quill's Role In The Movie 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

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    If I were conducting this interview this is the format I would follow and the questions I would ask this character. Hi Star Lord, also known as, Peter Quill, it is very nice to meet you. Your role in the adventurous fantasy action filled movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, is the “interstellar adventurer” (, Inc., 2016). You were abducted from Earth when you were very young, and now has to live within the Galaxy, which is a completely different lifestyle than what you did start to grow up with

  • Nova Incorporated

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    Nova Incorporated : Two Sourcing Opportunities An Introduction Before John Fisher decides to take some holidays he gets two memorandums from their Executives in Asia PAC and South America that are showing their interest in to improve the RONA thought strategic alliances in APAC and an outsourcing contract in South America to better improve RONA and delivery in both areas. Questions 1.Evaluate the risks and rewards of internationalization/globalization through cooperative strategies via

  • Jazz paper

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    pieces to satisfy our curiosity regarding musical evolution in Jazz, we should also not lose sight of the fact that these are two very enjoyable styles of music. From the lively swing orchestras inspiring large audiences to dance, to the softer Bossa Nova sound which is pleasing to hear in a relaxed setting, both have contributed to the growth of musical creativity in Jazz from the 1930’s through today. Shaw first broke through with an unusual string quartet in New York’s Imperial Theater. By early

  • Nova scotia | biography

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    Global Maritimes ex-veteran newscaster and meteorologist, Cindy Day is now working as a broadcast meteorologist for CTV Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While at CTV’s Global Maritimes, she proved her broadcasting journalism capabilities appearing on weekday newscast along with popular anchor Allan Rowe. For the people who are wondering about CTV’s place of origin, it is a Canada based network. And, you were right, if you guessed her nationality to be Canadian. Canadian television meteorologist

  • Evaluating ABC's Terra Nova

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    extinct (Richards).” Terra Nova is a classic Spielberg science fiction because it successfully gives you the world-ending, apocalyptic, special effects feel. Whenever thinking of science fiction, you often associate it with time travel, exotic creatures/environment, and unrealistic mannerisms. With Spielberg, science fiction is stretched, defied, and pushed to the limit. His productions are the Crim Della Crim of Science Fiction. That is exactly my thought of Terra Nova. Now I don't quite know if

  • draft

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    Scottish people living in Nova Scotia, Canada in the nineteen thirty’s include their catholic religion with Gaelic and Celtic influences. This is important because it influenced the way they lived. In my paper I will be talking about their geography, work, and folkways, and religion of this culture. Now I will start with the geography of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a peninsula on the very southeast corner of Canada, on the west it’s connected to the New Brunswick. Nova Scotia is southwest of Newfoundland

  • The Mi’kmaq Way of Life

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    understand each other, the dialect varies between bands. For example, the Mi’kmaq spoken in Quebec differs from that in Nova Scotia. The Mi’kmaq tribe settled in southwestern New Foundland in 1630. They were the “first nation people” (Nova Scotia 1) of Nova Scotia and later also settled in New England. They are the dominant tribe in the Canadian Maritimes and are f Roman Catholic faith, (Nova Scotia 1; Wallis and Wallis14, 21-22; Sultzman 1). In traditional times, men, women and children all wore similar