Molcajete Essays

  • Making the Mortar and Pestle

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    Making the Mortar and Pestle For thousands of years, humans have been creating, designing, and using tools. In the beginning, these tools were simplistic but effective, and made with natural materials such as wood, bone, and stone. From these materials, many different tools, such as hammers, axes, cooking utensils, and many more. For my tool assignment, I decided to make a simple mortar and pestle out of stone. The reason for picking a mortar and pestle is because it is a kitchen apparatus that I

  • Gas Production by Yeast

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    Gas Production by Yeast The apparatus we used in the first experiment are as follows: Syringe, fresh yeast, three solutions of glucose at concentrations of 1%, 5% and 10%, enamel dish, boss head, small crystallising dish, glass rod, spatula, 10cm measuring cylinder, stop clock, thermometers and a water bath. Prediction I predict that as I increase the concentration of glucose, the more bubbles will be produced. Method My partner and I placed one spatula of fresh yeast into a glass

  • House On Mango Street Identity

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    In our ever-changing world, and its societies, the things one is exposed to, in terms of their communities, peers, their own thoughts, etc. can have an impact on what they believe in or their personalities/identities. In simpler words, what’s around you and what you go through can change who you are and what you think of life. These changes occur not only in reality but often times in books and novels. In the texts The House on Mango Street and “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros, and Pride and Prejudice