Marine Le Pen Essays

  • Why Is The National Front A Racist

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    racist party. The French National Front or the Front National (FN) was founded in 1972 and is a nationalist, socially conservative and economically protectionist party. The party was led by Jean-Marie Le Pen until his resignation in 2011 and is now under the leadership of his daughter Marine Le Pen. Traditionally, the National Front has been seen by many in France as the only legitimate alternative to the established but corrupt mainstream political parties (Girling, 1998: 168). For this reason,

  • Jeffrey Goldberg And Susan Dominus

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    more intimate setting than Goldberg, which adds credibility to her argument because she has high-access privilege to get a first-hand look into the politicians’ lives. For example, Dominus shows the intensity inside of the room with Marine Le Pen just moments before Le Pen’s speech. By being allowed to attend the conference, it adds a lot of ethos to Dominus as a writer as well a to her

  • The Importance of Winning

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    The Importance of Winning There is an old saying “ It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” How true is this? Can this be applied to all situations in life? This may be pertinent to children in schools who participate in trivial events such as sports, for example. However, with these types of ideas we are saying that losing is fine. Consequently, youths are goaded to contend with the ideas of being losers and also-rans. In events such as sports, politics, and even war

  • Persuasive Essay On The National Front

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    According to Le Projet du Front National, or the National Front’s party platform, the party is highly nationalistic. In Le Projet du Front National, the National Front takes a tough stand on immigration and seeks a decrease in legal immigration, a ban on immigration rights when joining a spouse or family in France, and

  • Policy Memo on Recent French Public Opinion Polls

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    France, and what are the possible causes for this trend? Eariler this year, national media outlets in France announced that multiple polls condiucted by Harris Interactive indicated that the current head of the FN, Marine Le Pen (youngest daughter of former party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen) is showing strong against most leftist candidates that are possible contenders in the 2012 ... ... middle of paper ... ...s at this point would be relatively simple; Continue to monitor the situation as it develops

  • French Immigration Crisis: The French Refugee Crisis

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    Immigration and France France is facing economic, safety, and cultural conflicts stemming from the refugee and immigration crisis stemming from the Middle East. The French economy is not in a strong position. With a population of over 60 million, France faces an unemployment rate of 10.6%, and a stagnant five year average growth rate of 0.8% (2017 Index of Economic Freedom). France is currently struggling between taking in large numbers of refugees without the economy or security measures to support

  • The Supporters of Far-Right Parties Analysis

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    led first by Jean-Marie Le Pen and then by his daughter Marine Le Pen. According to her voting for their party means supporting anti-Europe, anti-immigration, anti-system and anti-Islam politics (2012, p. 11). But she points out that what led... ... middle of paper ... (Accessed: 8th December 2013). Leach, R. (2009), Political Ideology in Britain. 2nde edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Morris, M. (2012), 'Marine Le Pen’s result in last Sunday’s

  • The Post American World Summary

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    Luce does not see Donald J. Trump or populist nationalists in Europe, like Marine Le Pen, as causes of today’s crisis in democratic liberalism but rather as symptoms. Neither does he see President Trump’s victory last November as an accident. Instead, he argues that Trump’s election is a part of larger trends on the world stage, including

  • What Are The Negative Effects Of Plastic Waste On The Environment

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    Almost 100,000 animals die each year (including turtles) because of consuming plastic bags. In addition, when those products are pulled into the sea 's currents, the plastics do not biodegrade, but are broken into smaller pieces which are consumed by marine life. As a result, a study by materials science DeMolam,

  • Isolationism And Isolationism

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    The period following the September 11, 2001 attacks is often accepted as the beginning of the current era. Politics, society and countries saw a stark and rapid change following the attacks. Security at the expense of privacy is regarded as the defining characteristic that often differentiates policies and habits before and after 9/11. Increased international communication furthered globalization and raised a generation that is accustomed to being aware of international affairs. Current discourse

  • Mockumentary On Look Who's Back

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    The new mockumentary about Adolf Hitler, titled Look Who’s Back, reveals the shocking truth about the world we live in. The audience laughs hilariously, then remains silent during the real life scenes filmed just recently. His name is Adolf Hitler. He is back in Berlin to occupy the world again, what else? This time with millions of readers, and big screen fans. Enough for the beginning. It usually starts with fans and followers. A couple of years ago, the German writer, Timur Vermes, hit the world

  • Progressivism Vs Progressivism

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    Progressivism is an ideology that is based on the notion that economic, social and historical progression is inevitable. The notion of progress assumes the role of a movement toward the idea of some sort of perfectibility of human nature and society. While progressives believe that progression is inevitable, they still understand that political, economic and social reform are necessary means of achieving it. The philosophical founders of progressive ideas include Francis Bacon, Hegel, Marx, Comte

  • Populism's Impact On The Democratic System

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    4. Populism’s Impact: With the rise of populist figures like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, and Marine Le Pen, it is important to understand their potential impact on the democratic systems they operate in. This section will describe populism’s disregard for democratic processes, attack on checks and balances, and similarities with technocracy and totalitarianism. Also, it will explore the pitfalls of populism as a tool against increasing oligarchy and reveal it as a symptom of struggling liberal democracies

  • Case Study Of Lubricant Industry

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    The group develops its expertise at every level of industry: hydrocarbon exploration and production, the gas downstream industry, the refining and marketing of petroleum products, plus the trade and marine transport of those same products. TOTAL is also a major actor in the chemical industry, in which it is a world leader. TOTAL Lubricants, a subsidiary of Total, produces and markets lubricating oils and products for other applications (grease, fluid