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  • Dusko Tadic Case Study

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    FROM: Mathilde Renou TO: Ms. Charlotte Irwin RE: Memorandum on Prosecutor v. Dusko Tadic, Decision on Interlocutory Appeal on Jurisdiction, ICTY Appeals Chamber DATE: December 06, 2013 FACTS Dusko Tadic is a Bosnian Serb accused of crimes against humanity amongst which the foremost were the collection, the mistreatment and the killing of Bosnian Muslims and Croats in the former Yugoslavia in 1992. Also known as “Dule” Tadic, this former leader of Serbian paramilitary forces has been indicted in

  • Culture Shock

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    Culture Shock 1 Definition of Culture Culture as the most complex terms has countless different definitions ranging from complicated phrases to the simple statement describing culture as "the way we do things around here". The widely used definition of culture is that of Meads (1951), "A body of learned behaviour, a collection of beliefs, habits and traditions, shared by a group of people and successively learned by people who enter the society"(Joynt and Warner, 1996, P. 33). Hofstede(1980)