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  • Instructions

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    It is also necessary to change your oil filter every time you change your oil. The oil filter is what filters out the particles before they reach your engine. A new filter will filter out particles a lot better than an old and dirty one. These instructions will take you through the steps so that you will be able to change your oil in your own driveway. Caution: Changing your oil can be very dangerous. Never lay under a vehicle only supported by a jack. You must use jack stands or you will be putting

  • Web-Based Instruction

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    Web-Based Instruction The use of computers and communication technologies in learning has a history going back more than 30 years. Along the way, it has been called by many names, such as computer-mediated communication (CMC), computer conferencing, on-line learning, Internet-based learning, and telematics. The advent of the Web provides a new and interesting environment for CMC that offers a host of new possibilities together with the advantages of previous incarnations. (McCormack & Jones

  • Pros and Cons of Differentiated Instruction

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    Pros of Differentiated Instruction Differentiated instruction is a way of thinking about teaching and learning. It means using a variety of instructional strategies that address diverse student learning needs. It places students at the center of teaching and learning and student needs drive instructional planning. Differentiated learning is a way to enhance learning for all students by engaging them in activities that respond to particular learning needs, strengths and preferences (Wikipedia

  • Philosophy Of Literacy Instruction

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    lessons are hitting on as many standards as possible. Working With Children with Special Needs In my classroom I will make sure that the children with special needs are benefiting from instruction. I will pair this student up with someone who is capable of helping. The student will be getting my instruction as well as help from one of their peers. I will be aware that this student is a learner with special needs and I will teach this student at a level in which he/she is comfortable. I will make

  • Literacy Instruction Data Collection Tool

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    Literacy Instruction Data Collection Tool This lesson observation data tool is for the observation and support of literacy instruction and learning. Any data collected is to be used for instructional planning, modification, and/or reflection upon instructional practices. Data collected is based upon observation of a single literacy lesson. Teacher: _________________________________ Date: _________________________________ Instructional Objective(s): 1. Evidenced in Daily Instruction Phonemic

  • The Effect of Fine Arts Instruction on Cognitive Development

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    The Effect of Fine Arts Instruction on Cognitive Development Does participating in the fine arts really improve a students’ intelligence? Many researchers have conducted tests to see if music instruction has an effect. “The arts traditionally have been valued as enriching a person’s life, but new research has found that music and art also stimulate brain development and enhance cognitive development” (Ferguson, 2000, para. 1-2). Cognitive is defined as relating to, being, or involving intellectual

  • Measuring Progress in the Technological Transformation of Writing Instruction

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    Measuring Progress in the Technological Transformation of Writing Instruction The most provocative rhetorical moment for any new enterprise is the moment in which someone opines what the enterprise will do, will cause, or will enable. Inventor Dean Kamen claims that the Segway will revolutionize personal transportation. But we must wait and see, with varying degrees of anticipation, whether this comes true. In any popular cultural innovation one cares to name, there is an explicit or implicit

  • Differentiated Instruction Essay

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    Differentiated instruction seems to be a philosophy that has captured the attention of many over a long period of time. Yet, when speaking to teachers about differentiated instruction, many don’t know what it entails. According to Carol Ann Tomlinson, differentiated instruction is a teacher’s response to learner’s needs. The differentiated instruction is guided by principals such as respectful tasks, flexible grouping, and ongoing assessment and adjustment. Teachers can differentiate the content

  • I am Intrigued with Psychological Research and College Instruction

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    I am Intrigued with Psychological Research and College Instruction. Having enjoyed psychology-related activities in both the academic and community settings, it is with enthusiasm that I pursue a career in clinical psychology. An important part of this pursuit is attending graduate school. In order to obtain the necessary knowledge and to define my areas of interest, I wish to enroll in a doctoral program in clinical psychology. Throughout my undergraduate work I have engaged in a variety

  • Board Policy Review: History of Technology Instruction/Viability and Validity

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    Board Policy Review: History of Technology Instruction/Viability and Validity The Board of School Directors set District policies upon recommendation from the Superintendent. Many policies have a set of procedures, which are approved by the Superintendent. Each policy and procedure is thoroughly reviewed by the appropriate staff before making any recommendations to the Superintendent or School Board. BOARD POLICY CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND ADOPTION The Board recognizes its responsibility