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  • Korean Education Problems

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    In today’s society, education has become one of the biggest parts of people’s lives. In South Korea, studies have shown that the number of hours spent studying by students every day is 3hours longer than those students in other OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries. This demonstrates the social aspect of pressure of achieving perfect grades and a higher level of education (“Korean Youth Study Longest Hours”, Aug. 10, 2009 ). Also, Korean students have suffered very

  • King Sejong the Great

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    King Sejong the Great King Sejong, the fourth King of the Choson Dynasty from 1418 to 1450, is regarded by most Koreans as one of the greatest figures in their country's history. Along with his strong love and enthusiasm for the nation, he enforced many significant reforms, laying the foundation for the Confucian state dynasty that was to rule for more than 500 years. One of the King's ruling feature which I admire the most is his passion for education. He believed that everyone had a right

  • UNESCO Fullbright Fellowship

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    I am completing my Fulbright Grant year as an English Teaching Assistant in South Korea. In this role, I teach conversational English to students and hold teachers’ workshops at Gwangyang High School, an all-boy’s school. Upon my arrival, I was quickly able to adjust to the school environment, feeling integrated with the other teachers and comfortable with the students. I applied specifically to Fulbright Korea because I wanted to gain greater insight into the country’s recent economic success and

  • Study on the Culture of the Deaf Korean Community

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    Unlike many other persons with physical disabilities, people with deafness have the abilities to use their own language and hence create their own culture. The deaf communities have perceived themselves as a minority, rather than disabled, in their society. I will explore on the deaf community of Korea. I will look at their language, interaction, education, and accommodations. Before you read on further, I want note that the word that I will use mostly is Deaf rather than deaf. The difference

  • What Literature Teaches About Different Cultures

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    Our world is full of hundreds of cultures, scattered all over the place, but when we can’t travel to every country on earth, how can we find out about these cultures. We can learn a tremendous amount about a culture, just through studying their literature. First of all, we can learn a great amount about their basic culture; their everyday life. We can also learn what kind of society they live in now, and what kind they did live in hundreds of years ago. And finally we can learn about their history

  • Modesty in Women’s Clothing, Sumptuary Laws

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    Women’s hanbok reflected the Confucian ideal of modesty. Although people generally considered that modesty could be achieved by concealing the female form, the hanbok’s unique design was concealing, yet revealing at the same time. According to Kyung (2010) “the status and rank of their husbands defined the dress of women during the Joseon dynasty” (para. 17). Sumptuary laws mandated that certain fabrics and accessories could be worn only by those who held an appropriate rank. Nonetheless, the

  • Korea: History, Geography Culture and Food Patterns

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    Korea: History, Geography Culture, and Food Patterns Korea is a highly discussed nation because of its delicious food, viral pop music, political unrest within northern half of the nation, and its rapid development in the past 60 years. Overall, the Republic of Korea is a very developed nation that still holds onto its traditional roots and practices. Korean food is extremely varied and is known for its signature red pepper spice. Korea is a very complex nation that has been shaped by its complex

  • My Life Experience: My Adventure For A Better Life

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    Yeah! But, In December 2004, I embarked on the most astonishing adventure of my entire life. Passing high school exam was the magic password of my life experience. Yeah, I shouted loud, yeah, yeah, I passed, now that I have graduated I can traveled. I received a student visa for South Korean one month later. It was a total relief. I whispered in mom’s ears “I have a visa.” The look on mom face changed, she cried, I cried, we both cried for joy. What? She replied with a big surprise on her face

  • Reflection About Diplomacy

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    I have lived in Suwon, Korea. Suwon is one of the biggest cities in Korea, which has over a million citizens. It’s a satellite city of our capital city, Seoul. The most fascinating thing of the city is that we have the world heritage named Hwa sung. It’s a fortress, which was built in the age of king Jungjo in the Joseon dynasty (the era existed just before the republic of Korea). Thanks to the very fortress, Suwon can be a beautiful city which contains both traditional and modern aspects. There

  • Unreached People Group Essay

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    Introduction An unreached people group is one where less than two percent of the population are Evangelical Christians. The Joshua Project defines an unreached people group as “a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without outside assistance.” The Koreans of North Korea are an example of an unreached people group. The North Korean people group is an interesting group because if it were

  • The Joseon Dynasty in Korea

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    The Joseon Dynasty has emphatically changed Korea so much that it is called “Choson”, same as Joseon, in the North Korean language. The dynasty came after the Goryeo Dynasty, which was starting to crumble due to the neighboring Mongol Empire. General Yi, a renowned general at the time, took over and ascended the throne as emperor, officially ending the Goryeo Dynasty and starting the Joseon Dynasty. Between 1392 and 1897 CE, the Joseon Dynasty started in Korea and inspired new modifications of

  • Blind Shim Ch Ong

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    The Faithful Daughter Shim Ch’ong is a carefully crafted Korean folk tale, intended for fourth to fifth graders. The tale follows Shim Ch’ong, the daughter of Blind Shim, who works to provide for her and her father. Late at night, Blind Shim falls into a stream, and is rescued by a monk. Blind Shim promises to give the monk 300 bags of rice, which he doesn’t have. To help her father, Shim Ch’ong sells herself to sailors to help her father, and sacrifices herself. She wakes up later in the palace

  • Exploring the Journey of K-Pop Group Cosmic Girls

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    Cosmic Girls are group in Hangul, Wu Ju So Nyeo, pinyin, also known as WJSN, there is a South Korean-Chinese girl group formed by Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment in 2015 and there are also debuted in 2016. Cosmic Girls released their debut mini album Would You Like with double title tracks “Mo Mo Mo” and “Catch Me” on February 25, 2016. Cosmic Girls’ first member to be revealed to the public was SeolA, who, in 2012, made a cameo in Boyfriend’s “Janus” music video. Cosmic Girls’

  • Essay On Korean Immigration

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    May 16, 2014 The United States of America is a nation of immigrants. The American culture has been enriched and strengthens through the influxes of immigrant; although immigration itself has created some controversy in the political cycles. According to the U.S Bureau of Census (2002), there are 1,228,427 Korean Americans residing in the United States, representing 0.4% of the total U.S (Giger & Davidhizar, 2008). Mr. John Kim is a 25 year old Korean- American male with a college graduate degree

  • Sookan In The Year Of Impossible Goodbyes

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    dies. This all happens on page (29 choi), "Aunt Tiger continued to cry bitterly as the police began hacking our tree to pieces. I wondered how Captain Narita knew that destroying the tree was the best way to punish Grandfather for writing Chinese and Hangul.” This changes Sookan because she realizes how she is never truly safe from the Japanese. She finds the anger to fight back and stand up for what she believes

  • Sun-Shin's Diary Of Sun-Asian War

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    The untitled poem found in the dairy of Sun-Shin Yi, one of the most heroic Admirals in Korean History, is assumed by scholars to have been written the night before a major battle at Hansan Island. During the late 1500’s, the Chosen Dynasty, the dynasty prior to the Republic of Korea, was in danger of collapsing due to Japanese invasion. After the Japanese mobilized the invasion and brought large numbers of troops to Korea, Hansan Island became a very important tactical location. The Japanese army

  • How Culture And Background Affected My Educational Experience

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    As the son of two Korean immigrants, my educational experience consisted of exploration and experimentation. My entire extended family is comprised of immigrants and first generation Asian-Americans, so our knowledge on the US education system was very limited. With each grade I surpassed, I not only learned the academics but also how the education system functions. As an Asian-American student I can be the one to say that the experiences I have had differ drastically from my Caucasian, African-American

  • South Korean Culture: Culture Adaptation Of South Korea

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    Culture Adaptation South Korea has come to make its own mark not only in their home country but also across the globe breaking cultural, religion, traditional and linguistic barriers. This Korean-pop music, Korean culture and dramas became a global fad, catching the attention of all ages all around the world which became a part of people, especially those fan's lives. A survey conducted revealed that most of the fans of K-pop, drama and culture were female proven by the gender ratio of the random

  • Persuasive Speech

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    can only see what we're really capable of if we make the effort to go over our pre-conceived limits. Don't limit the challenges that you encounter in life - challenge the limits that your "lizard brain" crafted instead: 1. Learn a new language. Hangul, Nihonggo, French, Filipino, Mandarin, Spanish: these are just some of the languages that you can discover as you strive to challenge yourself. Learning a new language isn't just another way to pad your resume; if you really get into it, you can even

  • Planting the Seeds of Nationalism: An In-depth View of Korean Newspapers

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    The story surrounding the rise in nationalism within any nation is a very powerful and significant story to tell. Korea isn’t any different. For Korea, the notion of nationalism and independence can be traced back to the late 19th century when China, Korea and Japan were in the midst of a power struggle. The power struggle involved the ‘decentralization’ of China and the significant increase of power and influence of the Japanese administration. Amidst this shift in East Asian powers and the breakdown