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  • Gear Essay

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    chains and couplings but gears form very important part of power transmission. With the help of gears definite velocity ratio is achieved and they found applications in many machines such as transmission of automobiles, machine tools, rolling mills, and clocks. A gear is a toothed circular part which mesh with another toothed part to provide specific output. The output may be in the form of speed or torque. The purpose of projections or teeth is to reduce slipping. Two or more gears working together is

  • Gears Essay

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    historical development of modern gears Gears, also known as cogs, sprockets, ratchets have existed since the invention of rotating machinery, providing machines with constant mechanical advantages increasing torque or speed of the shaft. Some of the fist gears developed were wooden pegs fitting onto slots. These setups were often greased with animal fat or wax to allow smooth operation. Since then the main advances in gearing technology is the material they are manufactured from as well as the theory

  • An Introduction to Plastic Gears

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    An Introduction to Plastic Gears As an employee of a world-class plastic gear manufacturer for many years, I see how this is an undeniably growing part of the gear industry. I hope to briefly describe how something seemingly simple as a plastic gear requires the culmination of many very state-of-the-art processes. Within one word I’ll say that at every level precision is required. Initially, a gear engineer must design a gear that meets the design intent while remaining cognizant of all variables

  • LA Gear Case Sudy

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    L.A. Gear is an athletic shoe manufacturer that is struggling in the athletic footwear industry. The company is ranked number three following Nike and Reebok. L.A. Gear is well known to its female customers due to their fashionable shoe line. To be able to gain some ground on the other shoe manufacturers L.A. Gear is going to have to develop a men's shoe line and capture some of the male buyers. This is not going to be an easy task since Nike and Reebok spend an extensive amount of money on their

  • Principle Of Gear Hobbing Machine

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    for gear cutting, cutting splines, and cutting sprockets on a hobbing machine, which is a special type of milling machine. The teeth or splines are progressively cut into the workpiece by a series of cuts made by a cutting tool called a hob. Compared to other gear forming processes it is relatively inexpensive but still quite accurate, thus it is used for a broad range of parts and quantities. • It is the most widely used gear cutting process for creating spur and helical gears and more gears are

  • Mechanisms that Have Been Around for Ages: Gears

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    Background information on Gears Gears are one of the oldest equipment known to mankind. They can be traced back to The Chinese South-Pointing Chariot in the 27th century B.C created by Ma Jun a mechanical engineer. The earliest explanation of gears was that the “direction of rotation is reversed when one gear wheel drives another gear wheel”- Aristotle in the 4th century. As well as Greek engineers used gears in clocks and water wheels. (2010 Ronson Gears)Early gears were made from wood, they were

  • Skate Boarding - Skate Boards and Protective Gear

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    Skate Boards and Protective Gear The notion that protective gear reduces the injuries suffered in accidents seems at first glance to be an obvious conclusion. After all, it is the intent of these products to either prevent accidents from occuring in the first place or to reduce the injuries suffered by the wearer should an accident occur. However, the conclusion that investing in high quality protective gear greatly reduces the risk of being severely injured in an accident may mask other

  • Gears for Thought

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    2006, known as Gears of War. Epic Games, having already had a good reputation for the development of its PC entertainment up and through the 1990s, was held at expectations for its pairing with Microsoft Studios to produce a quality product for the new Xbox 360 platform. Having been released only a year prior, the Xbox 360 was continually increasing in popularity and profits, and had countless customers just waiting to pay for all and any new, exciting games. On the release of Gears of War, it became

  • Fixed Gear Bicycles

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    the popularity of fixed gear bicycling. Fixed gear bicycles or “fixies” are bicycles that have no free wheel (meaning that they cannot coast or ride without pedaling and that the pedals are always moving when the wheels are in motion). At first, these bicycles were mainly used as race bikes used on a track. Now however, fixed gear bicycles are used as street bikes and are seen on city streets and on college campuses. This drastic increase in popularity of fixed gear bicycles among the younger

  • Eastern Flight 401

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    The aircraft was destroyed. Of the 163 passengers and 13 crewmembers aboard, 94 passengers and 5 crewmembers received fatal injuries. Two survivors died later as a result of their injuries. Following a missed approach because of a suspected nose gear malfunction, the aircraft climbed to 2, 000 feet mean sea level and proceeded on a westerly heading. The three flight crewmembers and a jumpseat occupant became engrossed in the malfunction. The National Transportation Safety Board determines that