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  • The Fifties

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    The Fifties The 1950s are characterized as a decade marked by the Cold War and social conformity. It is hard to generalize the lives of millions of Americans, but the values of Americans in the fifties were shaped by two major events: the Great Depression and World War II. After a period of war and poverty conforming to a suburban way of life was a dream come true for Americans. The 1950s almost inevitably invoke an image of the so called "traditional" nuclear family portrayed in famous TV shows

  • The Fabulous Fifties

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    The Fabulous Fifties Ahhh, the fifties. It was a time of prosperity, fear of destruction, and the typical American family. There was a set way for everything to be, and to vary from that way meant that you weren't a true American. This type of thinking set the stage for the rebellious ideas of the sixties. This paper will discuss the fifties mindset and how the children raised in this time period were ultimately really messed up. The family structure of the time was one of the major influences

  • Television in the Fifties

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    Television Engineers' (SCTE) first full-time president. Cable T.V. was a big improvement among antennas that could be affected by weather and could produce bad signals and as the 1950s came to an end, cable T.V. left its mark on society. In the early fifties, young people watched TV more hours than they went to school, a trend which has not changed greatly since that time. What was portrayed on television became accepted as normal. Shows like What's a My Line debut on CBS, Your Hit Parade premieres on

  • The Fabulous Fifties

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    Some may call it the “fabulous fifties,” but others call it a time of “tensions and insecurities.” Several people think back on the fifties and remember them as the “good old days,” while others think of it as a time of crisis and terror. Although Americans were faced with many hardships throughout the fifties, I think that the positive aspects such as the new technologies, growing economy, higher focus on education, and growing job opportunities of the era outnumber the negative aspects, such as

  • The Fifty - First Dragon

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    “The Fifty - First Dragon” Settings: The first setting is in a knight school where Gawaine is taught how to be a knight. It also takes place in the forest where he beheads all the dragons and is almost fooled into being eaten. Plot: This story is about a student becoming a knight with no spirit at all named Gawaine le Coeur-Hardy. He was considered the least promising of all the pupils. The headmaster of the school thought he make better of Gawaine. He discussed about Gawaine with the Professor

  • Women at the Age of Fifty

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    Women and men go through significant changes mid way through their life. This paper is going to focus on when women reach the age of fifty. This age seems to bring some questions and curiosities for women. There are many characteristics, experiences, and abilities that a fifty-year-old woman will have. The average fifty-year-old woman starts menopause at this time. The most significant change for women at this time is the significant drop in the production of the female hormones (particularly

  • The Fifty-Year Failure

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    intellectual strategies overpowered the Russians and Cubans, winning the war. All wars, nonetheless, come with their consequences. The penalty for Cuba was the Cuban Democracy Act, putting a blockade on the country from the United States. More than fifty years have pasted, and the writer’s question is why is this act still active. The Cuban Democracy’s Act failed in accomplishing its goals, and, thus, it is not necessary. On the contrary, it would benefit the United States if it were removed. It is

  • Fashion Trends in the Fifties

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    Fashion Trends in the Fifties “It was different in the USA, where wartime restrictions had been quickly removed, and where the new ‘consumer society’ was forging ahead – helped by new developments such as the start of the credit card system in 1950. But these differing conditions produced a similar effect on fashion both in Europe and America – a tendency to prefer the safe and normal, a veering away from the radical and extreme. ‘Normal’ felt good, especially with the memory of the war still

  • South Carolina in the Fifties

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    world sufficiency established by Dorothy Allison’s idea of the fifties to that of today’s standards, one would see it as if that world is one out of a fairytale; not so much a fairytale, but as more of a nightmare-tale. To the readers’ surprise, this fictional story is based off personal experience from that of the author. In conclusion, what is said in this novel could be directly compared to life as it was during the nineteen fifties in South Carolina. In particular, white folk of the time period

  • Nineteen Fifty-five

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    Essay question: What message do you think Alice Walker is trying to convey in the short story 'Nineteen fifty-five'? In Nineteen fifty-five, a short story written by Alice Walker, there seems to be a variation of different messages that she is trying to convey. As an author she relates the story to real life issues as well as using the character Gracie Mae to highlight the way in which black people have been exploited by whites. The story is set over quite a vast timespan, from 1955 to