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  • Fernando Botero

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    Fernando Botero The art of Fernando Botero is widely known, revered, paraphrased, imitated and copied, For many, his characteristic rounded, sensuous forms of the human figure, animals, still lifes and landscapes represent the most easily identifiable examples of the modern art of Latin America. For others, he is a cultural hero.To travel with Botero in his native Colombia is to come to realize that he is often seen less as an artist and more as a popular cult figure. In his native Medellín

  • Fernando Botero: Exaggeration with a Purpose

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    many ways to depict art. It can range from photography and paintings to sculptures. One artist, Fernando Botero, is known for painting oversized and exaggerated figures of humans and animals. His works do not just exist for the humorous aspect of it but also consists of political criticism. Botero is able to reflect his beliefs of politics and social ideals in his paintings and sculptures. Fernando Botero was born on April 19, 1932 in Medellin, Colombia (Biography.com Editors). Like many people his

  • Analysis Of The Film Fernando Nation

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    Fernandomania: The Mexican-American Dream The film Fernando Nation is a documentary highlighting the Major League baseball Career of Fernando Valenzuela. This movie illustrates a new type of American dream through the eyes of Mexican Americans by showing their historical struggle to be accepted in society, portraying the humble beginnings of Fernando, and highlighting the national fame which he acquired throughout his Major League career. In so doing, Fernando Nation helps viewers to understand the Mexican

  • Analysis Of Blindness By Jose Saramago

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    There are many different fictional novels that I have read; however, one that is the most memorable is Blindness by Jose Saramago. The novel tells a story about a spontaneous, unexplainable epidemic of blindness that occurs in an unnamed city. The first part of the novel follows the experiences and misfortunes of the seven main characters, the first humans affected by the blinding disease. Then they are put into a filthy, overcrowded asylum where they and other blind people have been quarantined

  • Violence In City Of God

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    Violence is a big factor in City of God. It is almost the main narrative of the film as one murder or death sparks another at continues to cause a chain reaction throughout the film. Brazil favelas is common knowledge around the world as being highly dangerous place to dwell or inhabit. The film does well in a certain extent to portray the violence that would occur in such a poor society as the favelas but the film embellishes the murders so it attracts more viewers. It stylises the violence in such

  • Journalistic Coverage In City Of God

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    City of God: Temporal Compression through Journalistic Coverage Fernando Meirelles, in his Brazilian gangster film City of God, depicts the rise of adolescent crime within the city of Cidade de Deus, a slum of Rio de Janeiro. The picture, loosely based on factual events, implements a subjective perspective to document the activities of the favela’s opposing drug factions. This narrative perspective, indicated via voice over, and regularly aided by instances of montage and fast cutting techniques

  • F1 Team Case Study

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    For F1 team, points and championship is the key criteria to measure whether they are successful or not. However, from a management perspective, there are following criteria to value the decision. 1. Operation performance. Whether this decision improve the operation performance or not will be the key criterion to evaluate it. Operation performance can be digitized. 2. Budget efficiency. How much you invest will not have corresponding return. To evaluate the budget efficiency will help the leadership

  • Three is Better Than One: An Analysis of Fernando Pessoa and His Heteronyms

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    Writer Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa had a very dynamic way of writing poems because of his countless personalities. Pessoa was known to write poems as different personas, which made each of his works very different from each other. Pessoa had a total of 72 different heteronyms, which “were individuals with their own history, biography, personal characteristics and unmistakable literary style” (5).These heteronyms included himself, because even his own person was a heteronym on its own” (3). Some

  • The Symlar San Fernando Valley Earthquake of 1971

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    Earthquakes are best described as a shaking or vibration of the ground caused by breaking of rock. Sometimes they are very strong and other times you would hardly notice them. This shaking occurs when stress that builds up in the crust is suddenly released as the crust breaks free and/or slides against the other pieces of crust. Earthquakes may also be thought of as the breaking of a popsicle stick by applying pressure to both ends at the same time. Should you try this experiment , you will feel

  • An Analysis of Brazil's Economy and Finance

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    high inflation, economic decline, domestic and foreign debt. In 1993, country’s Inflation reached 30 percent a month and as a result the country wouldn’t sustain growth. After many unsuccessful plans to control the inflation, finally Real Plan of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, minister of finance, worked out and brought the inflation down to a single digit. Today, Brazil with a GDP of $2.533 trillion is the 7th largest economy in the world and it is also considered as one of the most successful emerging

  • The Rural Landless Workers Movement of Brazil

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    The Rural Landless Workers Movement of Brazil The MST, or the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra ( the Rural Landless Workers Movement) is the largest social movement in South America, with about 5000,000 supporters (Epstein 2). Under the slogan of "Ocupar, Resistir, Produzir" ("Occupy, Resist, Produce"), the MST uses non-violent civil disobedience to pressure the government to speed up agrarian reform and close the gap between the rich and the poor. The goal of the MST is to provide

  • Brazil on the Rise, The Story of a Country Transformed by Larry Rohter

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    Brazil on the Rise The Story of a Country Transformed Larry Rohter was a journalist in Brazil for 14 years and from his experiences he offers in this book some unique insights into Brazilian history, politics, culture and more. In 10 topical chapters Rohter’s easy-to-read book provides a look at Brazilian history and the extraordinary changes the country has undergone -- and is still undergoing. Rother covers many significant issues, but several stand out more than others. Namely: the country’s

  • Essay On Common Pool Resources

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    Common pool resources have long stood as the obstacle for human’s domain over the Earth. Humans have successfully conquered many frontiers, whether it has been the vast and almost endless open oceans or the dry and arid deserts across the world. With persistent exploration, discovery, and through new science advancements, humans have learned to not only become familiar with these new frontiers but have learned to exploit them. But when it came to utilizing these frontiers, common pool resources often

  • Macro Economic Situation In Brazil Essay

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    Introduction Brazil is the largest economy in South America. Under the leadership of former president Henrique Cardoso in the 1990's, the country's macro economic situation stabilized significantly. As the new millennium began, the leadership of president Cardoso's successor, former president Lula da Silva saw the country's economy accelerate significantly such that the Lehman scandal effect failed to significantly affect its growth (The Economist). Brazil economy reported an economic growth rate

  • The big day

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    The big day I really hated the sound of that alarm clock, that piercing, irritating repeated beeping. After a second or two I slowly started realizing that it was not just another day, it was the day. I felt the movement in the bed as she reached for the clock and then the beeping stopped allowing me to slip back towards tranquillity again. "Love you," I whispered. "Excuse me, you were saying?" she said sarcastically. "You heard me," I said a little louder yet trying not to strain

  • Northridge Earthquake

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    Ever since the catastrophe centered in Northridge, resources have been allotted to prepare people in the event of another situation like the Northridge Earthquake. In elementary school, children are taught how to protect themselves from earthquakes. The main technique used is drop, cover, and hold on. Students were taught to drop under their desk, cover the back of their head and neck area with one of their hands and grab one of the legs of the desk with their other hand. This position was to be

  • Los Angeles Research Papers

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    My selected city is Los Angeles located in the southern part of California. Los Angeles is very famous for the work and production of film and television industry. Not only is Los Angeles the biggest city in California, but also the second biggest city in the US, right after New York City. This paper will go over the urbanization analysis, green options, and global warming issues in the city of Los Angeles. This paper will be divided into different topics. The first section will cover the physical

  • The Valley Girl in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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    from her first appearance on the big screen in 1992. For my purposes, the term “valley girl” is useful in reference to a limited spectrum of popular teen girls in film and television, who, despite originating in name from the location of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, [1] are not strictly limited or restricted to being natives of this particular site. Often alarmingly oblivious to many basic concepts of social etiquette, the valley girl is the ultra-feminine, two-dimensional character identified

  • The Ahmanson Ranch Development

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    The Ahmanson Ranch Development It all started back in 1989 when Home Savings of America announced to build a giant new community consisting of 3,050 homes, two schools, two hotels, two golf courses and 400,000 square feet of commercial and industrial areas on the 5,400-acre Ahmanson Ranch located at the eastern end of Ventura county, adjacent to Los Angeles County. Even though the Ahmanson Ranch has been owned by Home Savings of America since 1963, the nature remained undisturbed all these past

  • The National Alliance To End Homelessness In The San Fernando Valley Case Study

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    The San Fernando Valley is an urbanized basin situated in the County of Los Angeles, California, bordered by mountains its home to about 1.69 million people. Yet, amidst its cool mountain breeze residents of the Valley have learned to recognize its environmental hazards. Experiencing great impacts from its larger more celebrated neighboring cities undergoing urban gentrification. As a consequence, it has led a number of people to make their way to the San Fernando Valley. Unfortunately, many of them