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  • Female Characters Of The Female Video Game

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    Even though I found solace in the female video game characters of my childhood as these icons of Amazonian womanhood, with age I have come to realize that many of these female characters often rely on dated stereotypes. So much so, that many of these female characters become walking tropes, displaying only the most basic of female stereotypes: a love for shopping, makeup, and shoes. Anita Sarkesian, a feminist blogger who critiques anti-woman tropes in video games, created the name of this particular

  • Female Directors Portray Female Characters

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    How do female directors portray female characters within the Romance genre in relation to their portrayal as a whole? In our modern day society, it would be fair to say that media has largely influenced our perception of ourselves and others. This global medium has for years showcased idealistic qualities and values and moulded the way in which the public functions, whether it is through print media, television, radio or film. With an estimated ---- hours spent watching movies a ----, it is hardly

  • Female Characters Of The Aeneid

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    The Aeneid is essentially about Aeneas and his pietaś to find Rome. Within this poem there are many female characters that play important roles towards Rome’s future; the female characters in the Aeneid are primarily figures of chaos, hostility and opposition in the Roman future. Juno, the queen of the gods plays a major role in the chaos Aeneas faces when finding Rome. Juno does not like the Trojans and attempts to stall Aeneas from his pietaś at every step. Dido is the Queen of Carthage, she falls

  • The Importance Of Female Characters

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    woman. Soon there was nothing females could not do; no dream to big, no star to high. These changes in attitude were also seen on the big screen. “Fictional characters are of great value in the ongoing process of creation and serve as building blocks for the development and expansion of our culture.” (Kurtz, 2013) Lead female roles took on a stronger action role; no longer are the princesses waiting in the tower now they are rescuing Prince Charming. Today’s female action heroine is nothing like

  • The Female Characters Of Movies

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    The lack of or invisible female characters in movies seem to have an unhealthy outlook for young children especially girls. Many of the movies that are directed towards children suggest the male characters to be heroes that strive for perfection as well as values supporting male dominance. Many of the male characters especially the father figures, have somehow taken the spotlight. The male characters have even gone as far as filling the shoes of the female characters, especially the mother figures

  • Female Character Influence

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    past years have brought much attention to young female celebrities who resorted to drugs, sex scandals, and extreme alterations to their bodies as a way of gaining media attention. As a result of this, females have been degraded and extra expectations come from men for them to be perfect which creates the status quo of going crazy and swinging on a wrecking ball in the nude as perfectly appropriate and arousing. Leading female cinematic characters like Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga, Katniss Everdeen

  • Female Characters Of ' The Odyssey '

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    to never step out of line. If they did go against the arbitration of men, then they were faced with serious consequences. However, female characters play a huge role in both aiding, and delaying Odysseus’s journey home. I will proceed to analyze, and interpret the actions and intentions of every major female character in The Odyssey. The first major female character that is introduced in this epic is Penelope. Penelope is the wife of Odysseus, and the mother of Telemachus. She is portrayed as a

  • Female Characters in Hamlet

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    Ophelia is only one of two female characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and when viewed by a modern audience she is seen as timid, meek, innocent, and submissive to the males that surround her. To an audience at the time of the play she would have been seen in a different light, as those traits would have made her an ideal woman. In trying to understand Ophelia’s character one can simply browse the pages of the play and study the few scenes of dialogue she has and examine her language, or lack of it

  • The Role of Female Characters in "Frankenstein"

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    imagine Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein, the great work of literature, without, for example, such female characters as Mrs. Margaret Saville, Elizabeth Lavenza, and Justine Moritz? In this case the novel will have no meaning. All the women help to develop the plot, and without them Frankenstein will lose its spirit. Although these heroines have a lot in common in their characters: they are all strong-willed, kind, careful, and selfless, at the same time, each of them is unique, and each

  • The Things They Carried Female Characters

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    understood" (Oscar Wilde). In the novel The Things They Carried several female characters that are present in parts of the book are not clearly understood by the main characters. These females have some relation to the main characters whom are at war, but have a more significant symbol in the novel rather than just a character. The author, Tim O 'Brien uses these females to show different sides to the war and the interpretations that the females have compared to the males whom are living and breathing the war