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  • Class, Exile and Trauma In Rebecca West’s "The Return of the Soldier"

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    out on the front lines. West took this information in full stride and wrote about the emotional turmoil it causes the women back home waiting for their men to come back. She makes mention by focusing and bringing to attention the elements of class, exile from being deployed and the trauma that war causes on the soldier. The approach West uses to capture her readers is through the voice of her narrator Jenny, in which her voice gives the novel an authentic feel of the torment that the women went

  • Exile

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    The poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez dramatizes the conflicts of a young girl’s family’s escape from an oppressive dictatorship in the Dominican Republic to the freedom of the United States. The setting of this poem starts in the city of Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, which was renamed for the brutal dictator Rafael Trujillo; however, it eventually changes to New York when the family succeeds to escape. The speaker is a young girl who is unsophisticated to the world; therefore, she does not know

  • Ezekiel’s Vision of the Dry Bones

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    Introduction: Ezekiel was an exiled priest sent to live in Babylonia in 597BCE. He began his prophetic ministry while in exile and it is during this time that he received the vision of the dry bones. In this essay I will address the background, form, content and meaning of Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones. Background to Ezekiel’s Prophecy: Before Ezekiel began his prophecy there was widespread conflict in the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Israel at the hands of the Assyrians, Egyptians and

  • Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy and Into The Wild, by Sean Penn

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    In Sean Penn’s film Into the Wild the importance of understanding ones sense of identity is expressed through the character Christopher McCandless, the protagonist of the story. He vanishes from his mainstream life and ventures alone to the great Alaskan wilderness, we emphasis with him as he journeys for the search of freedom and happiness. Through representations of panning camera shots and verbal expressions throughout, the responder can easily relate to Chris’s revelations and views on society

  • Description of Aga Shahid Ali as a Daisporic Poet

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    country without a post office’, the poet articulates diasporic experience of exile, loss, pain and creates possibilities of Kashmiri diaspora in America. Key words: Aga Shahid Ali, The country without a post office, Diaspora. Diaspora:- Exile or Diaspora is a broad theme and has been widely discussed in literature. Indeed, William Safran calls it an academic growth industry. In the context of literature, the theme of exile is often marked by a divided loyalty towards both the host country and the

  • Exiles

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    Exiles Exiles Response In the essay "Exiles," Carolyn Steedman uses different voices throughout the story. Steedman uses her mom, dad, and grandma's voice to speak her essay to the reader. She does this by either using someone else's memories of the instant by referring to what their mom did, told by the father or grandmother. She also uses memories or voices that her mom or dad said. An example of this would be the telling of Steedman mom's story, which was told by her father at the time "in

  • Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    over the years, which strengthened his own belief in his masculinity. Okonkwo views his exile as a tragedy, yet he is welcomed and accepted by his uncle, who provides a new beginning for him and his family. However, this is mostly unappreciated by Okonkwo, who continues to consider himself as part of the Iguedo clan and focuses on his return, where he is going to build himself an even greater life than before. Exiles are often considered to be punishments after a serio...

  • Speak, Memory by Vladamir Nabokov

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    sets off again. One such theme that resonates throughout the novel is that of exile and deteterritorialization, both physically and spiritually, acting as the catalyst that drives Nabokov’s feelings of misplacement and nostalgia; an orphan of Russia wishing to reclaim what has been already lost. Exile is the state of one who lives away from his native land, either voluntarily or unwillingly. However unlike most exiles, refined Nabokov is met with less cultural or linguistic clashes when being in

  • Room 101 by George Orwell

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    recently, as well as consistently, irritated me in my life time up to the point that I feel I could single handedly go on a crusade against these tiresome items. So, without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce my candidates for exile as; metal beds, the way the elderly think about youth, young children’s annoying behaviour, computers when they crash and cheap cola. My first choice is metal beds, which I have to endure on a fortnightly basis. To be honest, I would rather endure

  • Contrasting Outlooks in Dream of the Rood and The Wanderer

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    loneliness. The characters' differing outlooks greatly influence how they view their exile, their ultimate destination, and the journey to this destination, their "homecoming." The characters of both works face exile: the dreamer's friends have "gone hence from the delights of the world," the Cross is "taken from [its] stump," and the wanderer is "far from dear kinsmen" (Rood 20-1; Wanderer 69). This exile saddens all of the characters: the dreamer is "all afflicted with sorrows," the Cross