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  • The Estate Tax

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    The Estate Tax Have you heard the phrase "No taxation without representation"? It was the common cry of the colonists before the revolutionary war. The colonists did not want to be taxed by England if they were not allowed to vote in the English elections. England’s refusal to allow them to vote was a major reason the colonists decided to create their own government. When this new government was first created it did not tax those people that were not allowed to vote. Then things changed; in

  • Estate Tax Essay

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    The Estate Tax, known as the ‘death tax’ as well as the ‘anti-birth tax’, has been one of the most controversial parts of the United States tax code since its introduction in 1916 (Cagetti & De Nardi, 85). The estate tax is a tax imposed upon assets transferred at the time of the estate holder’s death. Those opposed have named it the “death tax” as they claim it hurts business activity as well as job creation. However, according to those in favor, the estate tax is an effective way to tax the richest

  • Repeal of the Estate Tax

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    Repeal of the Estate Tax On June 9, 2000, 279 members of the House of Representatives wholeheartedly supported the repeal of the federal estate taxes. 136 members voted against the repeal, most of them being Democrats who where in support of reform, not abolition. Estate taxes yield roughly $30 billion dollars a year for the United States Government, also Federal estate taxes affect only about 2 percent of estates, which represents at most the top 5th percentile of families in this country

  • The Estate Tax Should Be Controlled

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    right to have our accumulated wealth, also called Gross Estate, transfer over to our designated beneficiaries. However, before we die there are some considerations that must be made. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has stated that the filing of an estate tax return is necessary for amounts over certain thresholds. These federal thresholds have exempted many Americans from having to worry about filing for estate tax. Yet, there are state estate taxes that can be particularly burdensome as Forbes magazine

  • Estate Tax Case Study

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    Estate Taxes Student Name University Affiliation In order to understand the ethics in tax preparation and AICPA Code(s) of Professional Conduct rules, the essay will answer 4 questions based on estate tax case study. The discussion below highlights some of the application of ethics and principles in practice. 1. Under Circular 230, does Charles have any responsibility to inform the widow that she is being significantly overcharged by the attorney? Be sure to cite research that

  • History of the Federal Estate Tax and its Relationship to De Tocqueville's Views

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    when you are taxed the most. To understand the "Federal Estate Tax" one must understand how it started. The Estate Tax in its earliest form was instituted in 1916 at that time it was called an "Inheritance Tax" and this tax was levied against the beneficiary of the estate. In most cases this tax was levied against people, whom could least afford this type of tax. The "Inheritance Tax" was eventually restructured to be levied against estates and was protected by a deductible so the people who got

  • Estate Tax: What Is Legal Estate Tax?

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    WHAT IS FEDERAL ESTATE TAX? A tax levied on an heir's inherited portion of an estate if the value of the estate exceeds an exclusion limit set by law. The estate tax is mostly imposed on assets left to heirs, but it does not apply to the transfer of assets to a surviving spouse. The right of spouses to leave any amount to one another is known as the "unlimited marital deduction." 1 AN OVERVIEW OF ESTATE TAX IN THE UNITED STATES The estate tax in the United States is a tax imposed on the

  • Theodore Roosevelt's Estate

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    Roosevelt ensures that they do not receive any money or property until they are mature enough to handle it, which, in this case, is 21 years old. As far as taxes are concerned, Roosevelt was probably not concerned with estate tax consequences with the design of his estate plan, since the estate tax was not enacted until 1916.

  • Essay On Will And Testament

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    Last Will and Testament. A Will is a legal document which declares your last wishes and how you wish your Estate and Property to be distributed after you are deceased. A Testament is your last wish as to how you wish your personal belongings to be devised. This action is in truth your last declaration made at your demise. A Will and Testament informs your loved ones what to do with any real estate that you may own, how to separate and give any personal property that you have such as clothing, jewelry

  • Advantages Of Estate Planning

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    A. Estate Planning Strategies Estate planning is an effective tool for looking ahead and preparing for the present and future. One of the many benefits to estate planning is that it helps allocate property to the recipients written in the will. Besides putting a will together, Mr. Jones can investigate the possibility of opening a few trusts for his loved ones. These trusts could continue to mature until the listed beneficiaries are of legal age to inherit their share(s). He might also be able to