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  • English Poetry: The History Of English Poetry

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    2 History of the English Poetry According to (en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/English poetry), the dating of the Earliest English Poetry is difficult and controversial because the earliest surviving English poetry was transmitted orally. The term English Poetry is ambiguous because it may mean the Poetry is written in England or the Poetry written in the English language. The earliest Anglo-Saxon poetry was composed in the 17th Century. The Anglo-Norman conquest of England started in 1111, and French became

  • English Poetry

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    English Poetry 2. What are the symbolic significances of the candy store in Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "The Pennycandystore Beyond the El" (Geddes, 318)? The candy store in "The Pennycandystore Beyond the El" is symbolic of a child's youth. This poem is referring to the fact that our childhood passes by too soon and the candy store is a reminder that we need to seize every moment to enjoy it. The pennycandystore offers as a retreat or refuge to the bad weather outside and the stresses of everyday

  • Prose as Poetry in The English Patient

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    Prose as Poetry in The English Patient "Never again will a single story be told as though it is only one." John Berger. The English Patient consists of the stories of its four characters told either by themselves or by Ondaatje. Two stories, the accounts of Kip's military service and the many-layered secrets of the patient, are developed while Hana's and Caravaggio's stories are less involved. However, none of these stories could stand alone. The clash of cultures and changing

  • The Old English Poetry Room

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    The Old English Poetry Room The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles were written by a number of unknown monks and covered events starting with pre-Roman Britain. The Chronicles are seven manuscripts and two fragments. They were compiled sometime in the last decade of the ninth century. Since there were few sources of history open to the monks, it is speculated that they relied heavily on Bede's An Ecclesiastical History of the English People for information on the period between

  • Modern Indian English Poetry: An Overview

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    Poetry has always been the most popular genre in the literature and it’s said that the language of poetry exits when there was no language. The language of poetry delves deep into the sensation that’s why it’s defined as the spontaneous overflow of emotion and actions recollected in tranquility. Modern Indian poetry in English can be defined as poetry written/published from 1947 onwards (the year India gained Independence from British rule), by poets of Indian origin, born or settled outside India

  • G.C.S.E English and English Literature Coursework Poetry Assignment

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    G.C.S.E English and English Literature Coursework Poetry Assignment We have been set the task to compare the ways in which the poems I have studied deal with the passing of time. The three poems are “To his Coy Mistress”, “Ozymandias” and “To the Virgins to Make Much of Time”. All three of the poems clearly deal with the passing of time in different ways. “To his Coy Mistress” is about a man telling a woman that if he had all the time in the world, he would spend it with her. In the “To

  • Gcse English Poetry: Auden compared with Calrke

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    Gcse English Poetry: Auden compared with Calrke GCSE ENGLISH POETRY The two poems that I will be analysing are ‘Stop all the Clocks’ by W.H. Auden and ‘The Vet’ by Gillian Clarke. My discussion will be based on the theme of the poems and look at how the poets used form and language to help his readers understand and make meaning out of the poem. STOP ALL THE CLOCKS THEME The theme of this poem is about grief. The poet takes his readers through a simple but complex journey that

  • William Wordsworth: One Of The Romantic Age In English Poetry

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    William Wordsworth is considered one of the most influential poets of his era. He helped lay the foundation of the Romantic Age in English Literature. Focusing his talent in poetry, he became one of the most known English Romantic poets. William was a well-educated and travel man who brought his life experiences, joys and tragedies into his work. Born to John and Ann Wordsworth, William was born on April 7, 1770 in Cockermouth, Cumberland, England. He was the second born of five children, three

  • Search for Identity in the Poetry of Modern Indo-English Women Poets

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    Paper: Indian women poets like their counterparts in the world literature show their concern for the freedom of woman on a par with the freedom of man in the social, political and spiritual contexts. In their poetry, sometimes, it appears that they are a little too bold as poets. The boldness of women poets is natural when they look at inequality they have to suffer at the hands of men. Therefore, they constantly search for their identity as independent women. Feminism in literature is an interpretative

  • Indo-English Women Poetry: A Journey From Feminism to Post-Feminism

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    Indo-English poetry began to be written and until rather recently continued to be written under the influence of the English romantic poets such as Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats, Byron and even Walter Scott. The poetry of the period is marked by a highly subjective tone and uninhibited expression of personal feeling. Also, nature and its variegated scenes form a background, especially nature in its natural untamed manifestations. Witness for example these lines from Toru Dutt’s (1856-1877)