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  • Enemy at the Gates

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    Enemy at the Gates Cast: Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Bob Hoskins, Ed Harris, Ron Perlman, Gabriel Thomson Written by: Jean-Jacques Annaud and Alain Godard Directed by: Jean-Jacques Annaud Running Time: 131 minutes Synopsis: Enemy at the Gates was inspired by a true story and set against the siege of Stalingrad during World War II. This is the tale of a young Russian sharpshooter, Vassili, who becomes a legend by shooting numerous high-ranking German officials. When his friend, Danilov

  • Cars and their Enemies

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    Cars and Their Enemies Summary In the July 1997 issue of Commentary, James Q. Wilson challenges the consensus among academia’s finest regarding the automobile in his bold article, Cars and Their Enemies. Directed towards the general public, his article discredits many of the supposed negatives of the automobile raised by experts, proves that the personal car is thriving and will continue to thrive because it meets individual preference over other means of transportation, as well as presents solutions

  • enemy of the people

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    An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen is a theatrical drama which portrays important characteristics such as honesty, integrity, and courage. All of which could be seen as hazardous to European politics at the time. Dr. Thomas Stockmann is a common man who attempts to create a revolution in his town. With the help of his naturally defiant personality the doctor makes a discovery that he hopes will better the town. This discovery was meant to lead a change in the physical structure of the water source

  • Internal Enemy

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    The Internal Enemy A good novel’s theme is often proven by the character’s actions. A novel in which this occurs is Lord of the Flies by William Golding. In Lord of the Flies Golding uses various characters to portray that man is basically evil because of his violence and irresponsibility. One can see that Golding’s theme of the novel is that man is basically evil because of his violence when the savages steal Piggy’s glasses and when Roger kills Piggy. When the savages come to steal Piggy’s

  • Spying on the Enemy

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    was done early in the morning before too much cloud coverage came. This provided the best photography to get better information on the activity of the Soviet Union. It was quite dangerous being the pilot of the U-2 planes. First, you are flying over enemy territory and second, there was only one engine. Kelly Johnson, the designer of the U-2, also said that the plane was very fragile and compared it to an egg, which would not be a fun thing to fly over risky territory. This plane was designed to fly

  • Their Common Enemy

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    Their Common Enemy It is known that a number of students dislike school. School is a big topic of conversation in every student's life. Some students enjoy the work but most talk about how horrible it is. Take a random group of students; have an open discussion on school work and you will find that students will be agreeing with each other about how stressed they are. The students found a common enemy and it brought them closer because they could talk bad about school and agree with each other

  • A Friendly Enemy

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    A Friendly Enemy "Death is my wish for myself, my enemies, my children" (Euripedes translated by Robinson Jeffers, Medea 11). Medea is hungry for death. She wants to taste it on her lips and wishes others to do the same. The value which Medea gives death is to use it as a weapon against her enemies. On the other hand, the women and the nurse fear death. Death,to the women and to the nurse is something that should not be wished for. "O shining sky, divine earth, Harken not to the song that this woman

  • Constructing the enemy

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    their enemy (Memmi 190). The construction of an enemy, as described by Stein, is evident in response to hurricane Katrina, stripping middle easterners and African Americans of the American ideals of equality and opportunity. Balancing the war on terror and the impact of Hurricane Katrina, America began to intertwine its fears on the frontline with fears faced at home, depriving innocent foreigners of their earned citizenship by referring to the past. In her article, “Construction of an Enemy”, Eleanor

  • Understanding the Enemy

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    “If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner”. By speaking these words Nelson Mandela shines a light into what should be the goal of every peace treaty. After a war a treaty must seek peace, not through subjugation of the losers, but by bringing both sides of the war together, to unite for a better tomorrow. However Mandela’s words are difficult to follow after a period of war. Following much death and despair it would be hard for anybody

  • Sleeping With The Enemy

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    Sleeping With the Enemy Summary Oppression of women in our patriarchal society is seen daily. Men dominate women in so many ways it becomes hard to distinguish one form of oppression from another. In the movie Sleeping With the Enemy, a young woman battles daily with an abusive, domineering husband. Although the outside world may view Laura's life as perfect, the viewer sees the whole truth. Laura's perfect life consists of an attractive, wealthy husband who would do anything for her-even kill. They