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  • Elian Gonzalez

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    Elian Gonzalez Is it possible for a six-year-old boy to successfully seek asylum in the United Sates against his father’s wishes? This is the main point of exploration in the April 21, 2000 article (off the wire) that appeared in The Plain Dealer. The article relates, “to be granted asylum, people must show that they were persecuted or had a legitimate fear of persecution in their home country because of race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group or political opinions.” According

  • The Fight Over Elian Gonzalez

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    The Fight Over Elian Gonzalez It began on Thanksgiving day, in November, 1999, when two fisherman pulled the body of a five year old cuban boy out of the waters off the coast of Florida. The boy was Elian Gonzalez. He was one of three survivors of a group of Cuban refugees seeking political asylum and freedom from communist Cuba under Fidel Castro's rule. Elian's mother, Elisabeth Brotons, along with her common-law husband and nine others, drowned when the boat carrying them to the United States

  • Elian Gonzalez Should Stay In The U.s.

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    Dear Rosa Delauro,After reading many articles in the newspapers and magazines that all state, 6 year old Elian Gonzalez has been in the middle of an international tug-of-war since he was found on Thanksgiving Day. Clinging to an inner tube at sea for two days drifting after his family and him were trying to escape from Cuba for freedom. I have decided that it is the right thing for little Elian to stay in the United States. The phone rings: "Your 6-year old son has just been found in the ocean, shipwrecked

  • Should Elian Gonzalez Go Back To Cuba Or Stay In The United States?

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    Should Elian Gonzalez go back to Cuba or stay in the United States? This seems to be the question drenching the media on a constant bases. Every newspaper, news broadcast, and magazine seem to have a story about Elian. Titles like “Elian’s Grandmothers are coming to the US”, seems kind of silly if you read the headline literally. I don’t mean to be cold but why do we care if Elian’s grandmother is coming to the US? Thousands of grandmas have come to the US everyday, but we don’t hear about them

  • Border Culture

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    Traditions are passed on generation to generation in every culture. The U.S-Mexico border consists of numerous customs that have lived for hundreds of years. This essay examines Jose’ Pablo Villalobos and Juan Carlos Ramirez-Pimiento essay “Corridos and la pura verdad: Myths and Realities of the Mexican Ballad” which discusses the corrido. Chapter six, “Everyday Border Heroes” of Patricia L. Price’s book Dry Place which illustrates the reasons to the devotion to unofficial saints. Futhermore

  • Santeria and Lukumi Religions Practiced by Hispanic Caribbeans

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    theri Gods the angry Africans had to find a way to practice thier religion. They astutely hide theri religion behind Catholic religious practices and saints. The religion is therefore called "Santeria" or the way of the saints. According to Migene Gonzalez-Wippler Santeria is neither a cult or a sect. "It is a monotheistic religion, where God is seen as the creator of the Universe and of humanity. The orishas, syncretized with catholic saints, are repositories of God’s powers and the mediators between

  • The Watergate Complex

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    Central Intelligence Agency and the Committee to re-elect the president. (Watergate) Four of these men, that were arrested on the morning of June 17, 1972, came from Miami, Florida. They were Bernard L. Barker, Frank A. Sturgis, Virgillio R. Gonzalez, and Eugenio R. Martinez. The other man was from Rockville, Maryland named James W. McCord, Jr. The two co-plotters were G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt. (Watergate) The senate established and investigative committee headed by Senate Sam

  • Cansecos Steroid Allegations

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    a name for himself with hitting the long ball. He and Sammy Sosa, another alleged user has a hit an impressive amount of homeruns over the span of their careers. Canseco also called out former Texas Ranger Rangers teammates, Ivan Rodriguez, Jose Gonzalez, and Rafael Palmeiro. All the players named above are potential Hall of Famers. The reports made by Canseco have sparked another issue as to where the integrity of the sport lies, which is very significant to sport management. Baseball is America’s

  • Spread of Christianity Among People Groups

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    Europe and Southwest Asia. As Christianity was later adopted by the Roman Empire, much of Europe became the focus of conquest for Roman Christianity, though much of this was due in part to the fall of Western Rome. Rome and beyond Justo L. Gonzalez documents this spread of Christianity into Europe through the avenue of Rome’s influence. He quotes from a Roman Citizen, Paulus Orosius who condenses this historical phenomenon into his own words. He thoughtfully writes, "If only to this end have

  • Biography of Pablo Neruda

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    Pablo Neruda Pablo Neruda was a poet who used his work to educate people on what life was really about, and that choice made him a controversial figure in South America. Like every author he did face criticism, but his wasn’t negative. He was a great political figure, and many people looked up to him for wisdom. BIOGRAPHY Nefali Ricardo Reyes Bausualto was born on July 12, 1904 in Parral, Chile. Less than a month after his birth, his mother Rosa lost her long battle with Tuberculosis and died. From

  • Oscar Romero: School of the Americans

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    Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez was a bishop from the Catholic Church in the Salvador. He turned out to be the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador after Luis Chavez in February of 1977. Bishop Romero was born in August 15 of 1917 and dies March 24 of 1980 in the Salvador. During his youth, he got accepted into a minor seminary in San Miguel when he was thirteen, then he was also got accepted to the national seminary in San Salvador but he got the opportunity to finish his studies at the Gregorian

  • The Important Message in Romero

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    The Important Message in Romero [1] Can film as a medium make any sense of History? Most of the time that seems not even to be the issue. So-called “historical” movies such as Pocahontas and Glory have been attacked for straying from the recorded facts of the events they portray in an attempt to tell a more attractive story. This practice has its roots in the movie-making process. Hollywood exists to make money, do not be fooled. Movies cost millions of dollars to film, print, release

  • Oscar Romero

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    Remembering a Hero You can only describe him as a man of determination. Someone who demonstrates extraordinary courage in the face of injustice and inhumanity. He had a resolute intent to do what is right, true, and just, which made him the Archbishop that people remember and make movies about. Because of him, the world was informed about basic human rights and dignities and how this was being ignored in his country of El Salvador. He took it upon himself to use the church as a light

  • Oscar De La Renta Essay

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    Oscar de la Renta’s Childhood and Journey to Happiness On July 22, 1932,s one of the world’s most renowned fashion designers, Oscar de la Renta, was born to his parents Carmen Maria Antonia Fiallo and Oscar Avelino Renta in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. De la Renta is the eldest and the only boy of seven children. Despite living in a politically corrupt country, Oscar lived a relatively happy life in a financially secured and overprotective Catholic family. The only bad thing la Renta complained

  • Archbishop Romero: A Hero or Not?

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    Oscar Romero was born on August 15, 1917 in El Salvador. He was appointed Archbishop of El Salvador on February 23, 1977. When Romero was appointed as an Archbishop many priests were disappointed, especially those openly aligning with Marxism. On 12 March 1977, Rutilio Grande, a progressive Jesuit priest and personal friend of Romero who had been creating self-reliance groups among the poor campesinos, was assassinated do to what he was doing to help out the poor people in the community. His death

  • Media Ethics By Philip Rawls Theory Of Justice?

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    On November 25, 1999 a pair of sports fishermen found a raft floating with immigrants aboard off the Fort Lauderdale coast. Aboard were two adults and one young boy. The young boys name was Elian Gonzalez, he was five years old. Case 9A in the textbook Media Ethics by Philip Patterson and Lee Wilkins (2008) on page 213 provides the following information. Elizabeth Brotons Rodriquez and fourteen other Cuban natives were in hope of immigrating to the United States in hope of escaping the Castro Government

  • Transcendentalism in the Modern World

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    Transcendentalism is a philosophy that declares the primacy of the spiritual and transcendental over the material and hypothetical beliefs. It focuses on non-conformity, optimism and passive civil disobedience. Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson were models of these ideas. They focused on the fact that you should do something because it feels right to you not because its what everyone else is doing. Emerson believed that optimism exercised with confidence if the best way to achieve what

  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Sponsoring Immigrants

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    There are people who aren’t fully educated on the topic of immigration. This can lead to a naive view of a facet of their lives and terrible misconceptions on their entire presence. Many of these misconceptions are inherently negative; they concentrate into unsightly slums, the people can’t contribute to society because they don’t care, they bring their country’s problems with them. The truth is, these people are coming to seek a better life, and more opportunities to have that better life. Because

  • Elizabeth Vargas

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    Elizabeth Vargas Bio, Wiki, Net worth, Affair, Divorce, Married, Children Short Bio Elizabeth Vargas is a well-known American television journalist who is known best for her work as an anchor in ABC News. Elizabeth Anne Vargas was born on 6th September 1962 in Paterson, New Jersey, U.S. She was born to father Rafael Vargas and mother Anne Vargas. Her father is a Puerto Rican colonel who worked in the U.S> Army while her mother is an Irish-American. Elizabeth Vargas attended the University of Missouri

  • Essay on One Hundred Years of solitude

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    Márquez. Serenade – García Márquez tells the story of his parents’ courtship and marriage in the New Yorker. The Power of García Márquez – A New Yorker article from September 1999. Shipwrecked – García Márquez’ New York Times op-ed piece on Elián González. Love in the Time of Cholera Film – July 22, 2004, The Guardian. Stone Village has acquired the...