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  • Essay On Electric Current

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    An electric current is flow of electric charge in electric circuits this charge is frequently carried by simply moving electrons inside a wire. It can be carried by simply ions with in the electrolyte, or by simply both ions and electrons like plasma. Ohm’s law states the current all through a conductor among two points directly relation to the optional differences across two points. Introducing this constant of proportionality, the resistance one get to the usual mathematical situation that identifies

  • Making an Electric Current in a Wire

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    Making an Electric Current in a Wire You can make an electric current in a wire if a wire is at right angles to a magnetic field and the magnetic field is changing. We say that the electric current has been induced. You can change the magnetism by moving the wire past the magnet, or moving the magnet past the wire. It will show up better on a meter if you use a coil of wire. A current is generated only when the magnet is moving. The current stops if the magnet stops moving - even

  • The Relationship Between Resistance, Potential Difference and Current in an Electric Circuit

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    difference will have on the current of an electric circuit. Investigative Question: What would the effect of the change in potential difference have on the current of the circuit, if the temperature in the circuit remains constant? Hypothesis: By decreasing the resistance in the electric circuit we will be increasing the total potential difference in the circuit and will therefore directly strengthen the current in the circuit. The relationship between potential difference and current strength will be directly

  • An Investigation Into The Effect Of An Electric Current On Copper Sulphate Solution

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    An Investigation Into The Effect Of An Electric Current On Copper Sulphate Solution Aim In this experiment my aim is to enforce and develop ideas about the investigation into the effect of an electrical current through copper sulphate solution. Safety - Electricity is dangerous - Aware of coppers sharp edges - Long hair tied back - Use of acids in experiment Diagram 1) Weigh the cathode 2) Set up apparatus below 3) After a minute, remove the copper and shake off the excess copper sulphate

  • Hans Christian Oersted

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    the heating of a wire by an electric current. He also wanted to demonstrate magnetism. In order to do this, he provided a compass needle mounted on a wooden stand. Oersted noticed that every time the electric current was switched on the compass needle moved. This is a new discovery because previously no one had known that when electric current passed through a wire, it produced a magnetic field. Before this, it was generally accepted that wire carried an electric current. The compass needle’s movement

  • Secret of Magnetism

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    a temporary magnet formed when electric current flows through a wire or a conductor. Most electromagnets consist of wire wound around an iron core. This core is made from soft iron that loses its magnetism quickly when the electric current stops flowing through the wire. Electromagnetism is the branch of physics that studies the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Electromagnetism is based on the fact that (1) an electric current or a charging electric field produces a magnetic field

  • Electromagnetism

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    wrapped to lots of turns of copper wire. They are placed in the guitar’s pick guard. b. The guitar pickups function when the magnet attract the steel strings of the guitar and when these vibrate they convert to moving magnets and this transfer in a current that passes through a coil wire. Then it passes from the wire to the amplifier that then release the sound c. The knobs are composed by a capacitor and a potentiometer. This potentiometer it’s used for the volume when it alters the electrical resistance

  • Superconductors and Superconductivity

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    Before Kamerlign Onnes, in 1908, was able to liquefy helium and bring its temperature down to about 1K, it had been known that the resistance of a metal falls when cooled below room temperature. However, it was not known what value the resistance would approach if the temperature was reduced towards 0K until Onnes, while experimenting with platinum, discovered that, its resistance fell when cooled to a very low value that depended on the metal’s purity. As the temperature of mercury was reduced

  • Finding the Internal Resistance of a Power Pack

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    taken in class. E.M.F or Electro Motive Force is the opposite of potential difference, in that; it is the situation where a voltage is gaining energy. This seems unlikely, but it is required in order to allow an electric circuit to function. An electric current is a flow of electric charge, the charge flows around the circuit, transferring some of its energy to areas of resistance along the way (resistors, filament lamps, buzzers). At some point along the way the energy must be initially supplied

  • Electrical Resistance

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    electrical circuit that opposes the flow of current. Resistance involves collisions of the current-carrying charged particles with fixed particles that make up the structure of the conductor. Resistance is often considered as localized in such devices as lamps, heaters and resistors in which it predominates, although it is a characteristic of every part of a circuit, including connecting wires and electric transmission lines. In circuits where the current (I) and voltage (V) are related by a simple