Effort Essays

  • Is College Worth The Effort?

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    Is College Worth The Effort? "College has been a total waste of your time and money!" Imagine telling that to a student who just finished four years of hard, grueling, expensive work; or, even worse, a parent who paid for their child to finish that same grueling work. But, in some ways, that statement can’t be any further from the truth. College can prepare a student for life in so many more ways than for a career. However, in the way that college is supposed to prepare soon-to-be-productive

  • The Efforts to Regulate the Internet

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    The Efforts to Regulate the Internet Abstract “Cyberspace is both the popular media's new darling and new demon, revealing a new, expansive intellectual horizon but simultaneously providing easy access to an infinite, virtual Pandora's box” [1]. This paper shall discuss the situations that have raised the need for the Internet regulations, and in particular, Internet content censorship. Then, it shall review the regulatory efforts worldwide, with respect to the local cultures and governmental

  • Educating Prisoners - An Unnecessary Effort

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    Educating Prisoners – An Unnecessary Effort Crime knows no bound, no race, no social status, no gender. In prisons, all criminals are criminals, whether they have committed felony, rape or assault. White-collar crimes are the same as any other crime. Still, most inmates are from the middle class and lower class of our society. However, committing crime, and what kind of crime, is still the choice of the person, whether he has attained a formal education, a higher degree of learning or not. Still

  • Rehabilitation Of Criminals: A Waste Of Time Or Worth The Effort?

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    Rehabilitation of Criminals: A Waste of Time or Worth The Effort? Since 1960, the number of violent crimes committed per capita in the United States has increased by more than 450%. More than 24,000 murders took place in America in 1991.. With each passing year, rapes, robberies, murder, and other forms of extreme violence has become a way of life for some individuals who fall short of society's norms; however, it is only a small portion of criminals who commit the majority of the crimes

  • Above and Beyond Nursing : The Contributions of Women to the War Effort

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    during World War One that the roles of women in wars began to expand. Most Canadian women stayed on the home front to join the land army, work at munitions factories or support the war in their free time. Canadian women greatly contributed to the war efforts beyond just the role of nursing. A great example of this includes, but is not limited to, their involvement in the farming industry. Women replaced men on the farms to provide money for their families, as well as food for the men overseas. During

  • Plagiarism

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    with ethics. To plagiarize means to steal and pass off the ideas and words of another as oneðs own. It is important to recognize that this definition includes the use of anotherðs production without crediting the source. When a person makes an effort to present an idea that has been taken from an existing source as new and original, he or she is committing an act of plagiarism. Many may not realize the extreme prevalence of plagiarism in our society. The Center for Academic Integrity conducted

  • Motivation

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    words, as it stated in the text, “the expectancy model holds that work motivation is determined by individual beliefs regarding effort-performance relationships and the desirability of various work outcomes associated with different performance levels…Unless an individual believes that effort lead to some desired performance level, he or she will not make much of an effort. ” (Hellriegel, Slocum, Woodman, 2001, p.147) In relation to Barlow, he could not find a reason to be motivated at the TA. First

  • Relationship Roadblocks

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    describes how pop culture; media and even friends relationships can make us want to have the perfect relationship when that perfect relation ship does not exist. I do want the perfect relationship but do realize that in order to achieve this takes much effort on both persons part. The second is holding the believe that a relationship should be easy. This makes the claim that because people communicate everyday that communicating in a relationship should be very easy. I do fall victim to this roadblock

  • School to Work after the School to Work Opportunities Act

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    these partnerships, resulting in differing views on the viability of its programs. Now that federal funding from STWOA has ended, what is the aftermath? What are the chances for sustaining STW now that funding has ceased? To what extent have STW efforts been institutionalized and supported by local business? How do the perceptions and commitment of teachers, educators, students and parents influence the self-sustaining future of school to work (STW)? This Myths and Realities looks at the issues as

  • Science and African Metaphysics

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    Science and African Metaphysics If one takes the African situation as a case study, one finds that serious efforts are made for the sake of scientific progress and exploration. However, the results attained are not comparable to the energy expended. Lack of progress is often attributed to faulty policy formation and execution on the part of African leaders and governments. This essay attempts to shed light on the source of this problem. The heuristic principle I follow holds that the metaphysical

  • Political Correctness

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    the nation’s vocabulary for only a short period of time but has changed the way that we view life and communicate with one another. Political correctness, politically correct, and P.C. are terms that refer, to a social idea that is characterized by efforts to redress, mainly by the use of language, real or supposed discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality, disability or any other criteria that could offended a particular group .The main goal behind political correctness is to

  • Conflict Resolution

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    the Recommended strategies, the importance of using them to improve the productivity of employees, how is the implementation of the same, the potential advantages and disadvantages , If any, of its use. Today, much of the Companies direct their efforts towards effectively manage their employees, their time and tasks to be performed. Where is the combination of what is the daily work together to situations that arise from the interaction between people, there are several times clashes of ideas, outlooks

  • Open Silences in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

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    end of his work, and in view of his reward, he shortened the labour, to snatch the profit. He therefore remits his efforts where he should most vigorously exert them, and his catastrophe is improbably produced or imperfectly represented. [Preface, in Sherbo VII: 71-72.] That Measure for Measure, in particular, was taken to be an example of Shakespeare's tendency to "remit his efforts," and that these failures created problems about the ending of the play symptomatic about larger issues of genre

  • Reversing The Aging Process, Should We?

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    By attempting to slow down the aging process man is using himself as the ultimate canvas, to play the role of the omnipotent. Research into the process of aging began in 1961(Rose, Technology Review:64). Since then a great deal of time, money and effort have been appropriated into discovering the causes of aging, it can therefore be inferred that humanity has an almost "personal" interest in aging. Of course the culmination of discovering how we age, is discovering how to stop it. An intrinsic characteristic

  • The Metaphysics of Performance

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    The Metaphysics of Performance Something extraordinary has happened to metaphysics. At the very moment when philosophy is focusing its efforts at bringing metaphysics to an ‘end,’ metaphysics finds itself flourishing in the theatre, which speaks of itself as ‘metaphysics-in-action’ and publishes treatises carrying such titles as The Act of Being: Toward a Theory of Acting. The irony of the situation appears to have been lost on postmodern philosophers. What this paper sets out to do is explore

  • Kant's Theses: Unknowability and Non-Spatiotemporality

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    first that insofar as the Non-spatiotemporality Thesis supposes the validity of the Singularity Thesis, and this supposes the validity of the Apriority Thesis, the whole force of proof reposes on this latter. Secondly, it is shown that, despite his effort, Kant could not justify satisfactorily his claim to the formal apriority of space and time because of his failure to demonstrate necessarily the Apriority Thesis. We have already given a detailed account of this question in another place, (1)

  • Nothing is free.

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    think the best things in life are not free. There are so many examples I can name. For one, every thing you want in life you have to work hard to earn it. Nothing is given to you for free. Everything in life costs you or someone else money, time, or effort. This includes all the important things in life like air, freedom, life, living, love, children, marriage, jobs, and friendships. However, if we consider the meaning of free, "without cost of any kind to anyone at any time--past, present or future"

  • Stress

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    relate to them because if I get a low grade I get disgusted because I put a lot of time and effort in doing that assignment. But I think that a lot of the stress from school is caused, not only by the teachers, but also from the students to do well. Students put too much stress on themselves. A student just has to learn to manage their time well and just do as good as possible. Stress management involves the effort of that student to make emotional and physical changes. The degree of stress and the desire

  • Informative Speech: The Problem of Overpopulation

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    We as individuals do NOT understand the problems with overpopulation. We do not take the time or the effort to be educated enough; therefore we do not help in the prevention of future problems to keep our society as it is now. We may not do this, but I researched of three sociologists that do; Lester R Brown, Gary Gardner, and Brian Halweil. These 3 men decided to put together their intelligence to try and educate America the problems that come with overpopulation. These 3 men proved

  • Reasons For The Anticipation Of Claudiuss Suicide

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    love Gertrude as Hamlet's father once did and probably never will. To the plotting king, his only regard for her is purely to serve his own selfish needs. Most of Hamlet's efforts to make the king want to kill himself fail because of Claudius's strong hold on his mother, which is Hamlet's weakness. Hamlet puts off certain efforts to kill Claudius for various reasons. At one point, Hamlet does not go through with Claudius's murder because he does not want him to enter heaven at the time of his death: