Educational Experience

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  • My Educational Experience

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    Education Not all education is learned in school or taught by teachers, rather learned and obtained through personal endeavors. My educational experience has been quite a roller coaster. Something I have always told myself is ,"I wish I would have just stuck in school and finished right away." If it wasn 't for the fact that my perception of 'learning ' is much different from most people. Most people can read something and retain that information right away. And on the other hand, if you have

  • My Experience: My Educational Experience

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    Educational Experience While she makes a good point, I disagree on the grounds that students may have growth mindsets on a subject and a fixed on another.Carol explains to us that students with a fixed mindset are worried about facing a challenge because they don 't want to fail or feel dumb. Students have different ways of learning with different subjects. Like for example some might learn more in math than in english.Some might even struggle more than others and they need certain help for them

  • A Educational Experience: Reflection: A Teaching Experience

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    Reflection 3: A Teaching Experience High school was incredibly difficult for me. Although I loved learning and was a dedicated worker, my inability to accept anything of my self other than perfection often crippled my ability to do any sort of work. As a result, one of the most significant learning experiences that I have had in school was being shown that perfection is impossible, and that my best effort is enough. My English teacher Miss Pressman facilitated this experience during my senior year

  • My Educational Experiences In Education

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    influential, it is important that we have the very best on the job. Though my past experiences as a student, I have come to find that there is much more that goes into a great teacher than simply credentials. As a child, my family moved around a good amount of times. That, in turn, meant moving from school to school. Therefore, I experienced a vast amount of different teachers and their teaching techniques. My educational experiences began in the Bay Area. Although it was only Kindergarten, I remember the

  • Educational Experience of African Americans

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    students’ experiences. The findings, as published in the Journal of College Student Development showed that students who attend HBC’s report greater levels of good practices than their peers at other institutions of higher education. These findings suggested a greater emphasis on the teaching of students, as defined by the mission statements of these particular institutions. Critique The authors highlight the main purpose of their research, which was to compare the educational experiences of African-

  • Personal Narrative: Personal Experience: Stressful Educational Experience

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    Stressful Educational Experience Looking back to your high school years, what do you remember? Do you think of that one night that you got to get all dressed up, wear high heels, and spray pounds of hair spray onto your loose curly hair? Or, maybe you think of your best friend? The person who is supposed to be your partner in crime and always there for you when someone hurts you. Your best friend is not supposed to be the one who hurts you the most. In my case, I had exactly the opposite. I was

  • An Essay About My Educational Experience

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    Throughout my high school years, my educational experience had its ups and downs. Being in college has given me a lot of flash backs from high school. Some of these flash backs include the challenges, the changes, and the different maturity levels which has had a major impact on my educational experience in life. After realizing that there are differences between high school and college, I began to see that high school was just preparation of being in college. When you look back at your high school

  • My Least Favorite Educational Experience

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    observing a one eyed bald eagle. I loved to read as a child more than most children. Harry Potter and Nancy Drew consumed my life on the side of the playground in elementary school while others were on the swings. My parents were the backbone of my educational success; they pushed me as hard as possible and never let me skip an optional reading program or science fair project. I was privileged to grow up in a gifted class setting where we were allowed to do projects that explored our creativity through

  • Importance Of Educational Experience On Social Work

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    Educational Experience. My path to McGill University took a slight detour in the beginning; I started with a Bachelor degree in Political Science at Ryerson University. My advisor and one of my professors commended my success in the program and shared his observations on my liberal and social justice perspectives and suggested that I explore direct social work (this is also when I learnt the difference between direct and in-direct social work). As a political analyse, he proposed that social workers

  • My Educational Experience: A Trip To Japan

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    trip I had never travelled to Asia, regardless, I was excited, and nervous, about the different culture I would soon experience. After coming back from the trip I can say that it was the best choice I have ever made. I would recommend anyone to go on an exchange program, even if it is a quick one. Going to Japan and visiting a foreign country was an incredible educational experience and it has broadened my understanding of people from another culture. I wouldn’t leave for Japan until noon but I still