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  • Do You Have What It Takes? A Breakdown Of The Educated Person

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    Do You Have What it Takes? A Breakdown of the Educated Person An educated person is a well rounded person. To be educated is to knowledgeable in many areas. Diversity is essential in the sense that many different things inspire thought, which then derive permanent conclusions from these experiences. Anyone who has the audacity to call themselves educated needs to have a firm grasp of many different areas. These categories span through Science, Technology, Language, Art, Feelings and Values

  • Why Be An Educated Person

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    Why be an educated person? The term ‘education’ can mean many things. An education is the collective knowledge a person has, but what does an education mean? Although an education can be paid for, no one can physically give you an education, so it is not a gift. There are societal situations where an education is a necessity, but not many globally. Education is a tool to be utilized differently in every part of the world. Knowledge is power, but some knowledge is more powerful depending on your

  • Well Educated Person

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    Per Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, a literate person is one who can read and write. Although this definition is valid and true, maybe the better definition comes from the Oxford dictionary. This definition states that the literate person is one who has competence or knowledge in a specified area. Whereas the literate and well-educated person of the middle ages was a person who could read and write, the twenty-first century student knows that these two skills alone are not the only ones required of

  • Conception Of An Educated Person

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    When asked what an educated person is, several people would probably think of someone who has had many years of schooling or maybe someone like a doctor, lawyer, or teacher. Others might say one doesn’t need a college degree to be educated. But is the term “an educated person” limited to those who have a plaque hanging on the wall? Truth be told, the answer is no. An illustration of an educated person can range from Einstein, to people who have worked at the same company for 40 years, to someone

  • Therapy, Not Punishment

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    are directed toward a wide audience of generally law-abiding citizens. This article first appeared in Harper's Magazine, a general-interest magazine that provides collections of essays and fiction. The type of person who would read a magazine such as this would probably be an educated person who is interested in the affairs of the world around them. Menninger reveals his impression of the audience in his introduction, where he says, "And from these offenses the average citizen, including the reader

  • Domitian

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    died and Titus sought a second wife. Marcia Furnilla, daughter or niece of Vespasian’s amicus Barea Soranus, was an excellent choice, with consular senators in her father’s and mother’s family.'; (Jones, 1992) Domitian was an educated person, although it is unknown where he got his education. He loved to write and wrote poetry. His poems were very sensitive no matter what the topic. Later on Domitian even wrote and published a book about baldness. Apparently, Domitian was interested

  • One Man, One Vote?

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    certain person or why they aren't voting for another. He says that a vote cast by a person with no or very little knowledge in the election should not count as much as a vote cast by a person who knows alot about the election. The people who care about who has an important role in the government should have a bigger say in who is going to have that important role. The votes cast by a person who doesn't really know why they are voting for someone should not equal as much as an election educated person

  • Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - The Nun Prioress of the General Prologue

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    The Nun Prioress In the reading "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer, there is a detailed description about the nun Prioress in the "General Prologue". Chaucer uses physical and spiritual relationships to show the characteristics of a person. When we see the nun in relationship to other characters, for example the Knight, Chaucer makes the reader see two types of people. On one hand, the nun who gives much importance to minor things. On the other hand, the Knight who gives much importance

  • Comparison (J. Swift & A. Pope)

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    with illogical conclusions. Besides exhibiting illogical conclusions, they also show the selfish, prideful, rebellious, jealous, and the ungrateful characteristics of man. The narrator in Swift’s, “A Modest Proposal” appears to be a logical, educated person who has been studying the subject of impoverished citizens, primarily women and children, for years. He does this by informing the reader of his working relationship with scholars, as well as thought out and gathered calculations, followed by

  • Free Essays - A Lesson Before Dying

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    Grant Wiggins goes back to live with his grandmother. Being that he is a very educated person, Grant was elected by his grandmother to try and get Jefferson to realize that he was a man and not an animal like the white people had led him to believe. Throughout the entire novel, Grant is battling this idea in his head because he doesn’t feel that even he knows what it is to be a man. He doesn’t believe that he is the right person to talk to Jefferson. But by the end of the novel, he figures out what it

  • The Importance Of Being An Educated Person

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    Paper If you look in the dictionary, you’ll find the definition of educated to be something close to this: having undergone education; characterized by or displaying qualities of culture and learning; based on some information or experience. But I haven’t found this to be particularly specific, or really helpful at all. As I’ve come to understand, being educated is transient, unless you learn to be, as a truly educated person is, a life-long learner. True education comes from yourself, from gaining

  • Three Characteristics Of An Educated Person

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    What is an educated person? What charateristics does he or she possess? In my opinion an educated person possess these three charateristics: leadership, open-mindedness, and communication. Most people consider themselves educated yet do not possess these charateristics. Throughout school I was always encouraged to improve theses three skills because that 's what employers were looking for. You need these three skills to not just be employed, but to also have a social life and to go far in life. There

  • Women in Education A Look at Southern Arizona in the Early 20th Century

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    opportunity for women to become better educated and to educate others. This form of a women's movement began in the home and pushed its way through the public system. We have the men and women in southern Arizona of the early 20th century to thank for the opportunities in education presented to both genders, but more specifically women, in the present day. It is important to say why education is such a necessity. History has shown that the more educated person is the one who survives the longest

  • Effective Teaching of Abstract Algebra

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    Effective Teaching of Abstract Algebra Abstract Algebra is one of the important bodies of knowledge that the mathematically educated person should know at least at the introductory level. Indeed, a degree in mathematics always contains a course covering these concepts. Unfortunately, abstract algebra is also seen as an extremely difficult body of knowledge to learn since it is so abstract. Leron and Dubinsky, in their paper ¡§An Abstract Algebra Story¡¨, penned the following two statements,

  • Buddhism in Sculpture

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    Allah. Religions iconography and gods represented in sculptures always have a great deal of symbolism involved in them. Nothing ordinary person would look into these days until the topic is confronted unavoidably through a class or a show in a museum, which I was lucky enough to take a part of recently. Every Buddhist statue tells a story of its own. Educated person can say where the statue comes from and which time period it comes from just by looking at certain features, which proves the unique developments

  • Educational Programs In Prisons

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    Programs in Prisons “It is not a surprise to see that prisoners all have a low education level. I guess a more educated person has enough sense not to be involved with crime…the relationship between crime and education is easy to see when viewing these facts” (Cordes 1). This is the view of most people when asked why people are in prison. People simply say that criminals were ill educated. As hard as we may try, we cannot do a lot about what happens before they enter prison, but there are many programs

  • Television and Media Essay - Four Arguments for the Elimination of TV

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    any controversial issue, one must be presented with both the pro and the con sides of the issue. One must understand and be able to argue both sides of the issue in order to become a successful and well-educated person. Being a member of the pro-technological society, one is well educated on the pro side of this issue. That is, the positive effects that television technology has on society: Television's entertainment value, the ability to get "up to the minute" news coverage from around the

  • Society in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Thomas More's Utopia

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    the public outcasts. These people had necessarily done anything wrong, they just were unhappy with their way of life and had glimpsed something better. This mirrors the daemon in Shelley's "Frankenstein." Although he was an extremely well educated person, who aspired for nothing more than love and happiness, they would never be his to have. The sole reason the monster was abhorred by all that knew of him was his appearance. This singular feature was the reason he was beaten by Felix, and

  • Being Nice to Strangers

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    You are able to do so because these literature works are masterpieces, and masterpieces last forever. They aren’t just stories told only for the times when they were written, they are for all times: past and present. Even if it does take an educated person like Dr. Fajardo-Acosta to get the deepest meaning across to us, once you understand it, everything clicks. You think to yourself, "That’s like the situation I went through last week," or "That’s how I feel." And you begin to realize that these

  • My Education

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    My Education When speaking of the topic of who a person is and their past, a massive part of this includes their educational background. Isn’t this what forms people, their education? Of course, this doesn’t always have to refer to their organized education. Everything that a person learns is something that educates them; these words being synonymous. Even something like first learning to tie your shoes is a part of your education. Which method works better for you: loop, swoop, and pull