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  • EC Law

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    EC LAW ASSIGNMENT Gary Slapper states ¡°that ever since the UK joined the European Community it has progressively, but effectively passed the the power to create laws which have effect in this country to the wider European institutions such¡±(Slapper`99 P.33) So in all practical terms the UK`s legislative, executive and judiciary¡¯s powers are in the main controlled by and operated within the framework of the European community laws. The increasing importance of Uk judges to consider the issues

  • The Importance of the Concept of Citizenship in the Development of EC Law After Maastricht

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    The Importance of the Concept of Citizenship in the Development of EC Law After Maastricht Freedom of movement for persons and the abolition of controls at internal frontiers form part of a wider concept, that of the internal market in which it is not possible for internal frontiers to exist or for individuals to be hampered in their movements. The concept of the free movement of persons has changed in meaning since its inception. The first provisions on the subject referred merely to

  • Public Law

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    Public Law Constitutionalism is the organisation of power within a government to prevent the over-centralization, and possible abuse of state power. Hence, by doing so, upholding the fundamental civil rights of the public. Such beliefs may be manifested within a written document-a constitution, which aims to enact these beliefs by outlining certain terms which the government formed must adhere to. Such terms may address the distribution of power within a government by specifying the organs

  • Article 3: The Three-Level Structure Of The UCPD)

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    stressing that this blacklist is an undivided part of the UCPD, hence, the EC must follow a legislative procedure for revising EC Directive in order to amend the list. The complication in procedure might be to diminish the modification of the Directive because it will lead to the legal uncertainty in contrast with the Directive’s

  • Essay On Parliamentary Sovereignty

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    The doctrine of Parliamentary sovereignty is about the relationship between the parliament and the courts. Parliamentary sovereignty is a principle of the UK constitution; it is the highest authority in the UK. Parliament can repeal or amend any law it wishes. Thus through the procedure of the House of Commons and the House of Lords passing the legislation to the monarch and the monarch gives assent. In result, making the legislation and no court or higher body has legal power to declare the legislation

  • Refugees´ Rights to Life

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    of Mexico. The hosing country, after grating entrance to the refugees from Los Angeles- will become (under the International Refugee Law) responsible in providing shelter, protection and other needs we as refugees might have (Jastram & Ach... ... middle of paper ... ... Circle of rights (2000). Refugees and ECS Rights. Economic, Social and Cultural rigts activism: a training Resource. Retrieved from:

  • The Role of General Principles in E.U. Law as Opaque and Uncertain

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    The Role of General Principles in E.U. Law as Opaque and Uncertain Since the founding European Community Treaties of the 1950’s there has been a noticeable evolution in regards to the lack of provisions concerning the protection of human rights in the conduct of the Community affairs. Primarily this evolution was the work of The Court of Justice, who stated that “the ‘general principles of EC law’ include protection for fundamental rights which are part of the common constitutional traditions

  • The Data Protection Act

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    personal data to one company to the other so that were a danger in case someone tries to access some ones personal details with out permission. The Data Protection Act has 8 principles they are; 1) It must be collected and used fairly with in the law 2) It must only be held and used for the reasons given to the Information Commissioner 3) It can only be used for those registered purposes and only be disclosed to those people mentioned in the register entry. You cannot give it away or sell

  • The Sources of English Law

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    The Sources of English Law In UK there are three main sources of English law, Legislation (Statue Law), Common Law (Judge-made Law) and the European Communities law. English Law was historically based on customs and social traditions. Today Custom Law is a part of Common Law, notably being in cases where there was no judicial precedent but which were known to exist since time memorial (i.e. since 1189). Many of these laws such as the Fisherman's Case (1894) 2 East PC 661( http://wilmington

  • Judicial Review Essay

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    reviewed by the judiciary; which also has the power to render them invalid. The acts of the state may be annulled by the power of judicial review, exercised by certain courts when they are found to be non-compliant to higher power, such as constitutional laws. Therefore, the concept of judicial review essentially represents the accountability mechanisms which form part of the modern governmental system (where various governmental branches are checked by the judiciary). Interpretations of this principle