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  • Technology of the DVD Player

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    it, the now ubiquitous DVD. The acronym “DVD” originally stood for Digital Video Disc, but as this versatile technology found more and more uses in non-video applications, it has come to be known by many as the Digital Versatile Disc. Officially, the members of the DVD Forum (maintained by Toshiba) never came to a decision on the matter, so the name of the format remains “DVD,” and the meaning of the “V” remains ambiguous. But despite the confusion over the acronym, the DVD has taken the world by

  • The VCR: The DVD Player of the Early 1980’s

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    The VCR: The DVD Player of the Early 1980’s The rate at which technology advances, even by today’s standards, continues to amaze and astonish people. Even the simplest of daily tasks are influenced and molded by the increasingly original inventions that continue to explode into the public’s eye. One’s everyday life is constantly updated, reinvented, and (if you will) reprogrammed in order to adapt to the new ways of technology. Yet this phenomenon is not unique to this decade alone. As modern

  • International Copyright Circumvention

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    before the law passed, but it became stronger when the DVD CAA tried to oppress distribution of the DeCSS - code that could bypass the encryption used on DVDs.4 (this was before the Abode case) The intended purpose of DeCSS was to facilitate the development of an open-source DVD player. There were no DVD players for Linux, BeOS, FreeBSD, or any of the other operating systems that now have DVD players thanks to the DeCSS code. However, if the DVD can be decrypted and decompressed, it can also be

  • Netflix Inc.

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    free month of service. These “movie tickets” are given out at cash registers at all Best Buy stores and are included in packing boxes of most of the major DVD player manufacturers (Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, RCA, etc.). Best Buy’s website also has a link directly to Netflix which is under the “DVD rental service” drop down menu. Each DVD mailer sleeve from Netflix includes a tear off “tell a friend” certificate with a promotion code that provides the bearer with a free month of service. At

  • The Impact Of ICT On My Life

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    affect daily life the most, they help me with presenting homework, help me keep in contact with people, and help me to be entertained where ever I go. I also use other technologies in my everyday life at home and at school these range from TV, DVD player, I also use excel and other office software to enable me to complete school work. ICT helps me with an lot of my everyday routine and jobs that I need and have to do during the day, it has a big impact on my life at home and at school as I

  • My First New Car

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    couple shades of green. In addition to the car model and color choices were decisions on options packages. And having seen the "pimped out" SUVs on MTV Cribs, complete with two or three LCD screens (one in the dashboard for the driver, of course), DVD player, speakers costing more than my college education, GPS navigation systems similar to those used in the Space Shuttle, heated seats, and 20 inch chrome wheels, my eyes were wide with opportunity. After checking on financing and whittling down the

  • Laser Surgery

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    Boyle (1962) constructed a continuous lasing ruby by replacing the flash lamp with an arc lamp.(1) Today lasers are much like those of the early ones and they are widely used in many fields, their uses are wide spread, From fusion physics to the DVD player these are common places where lasers are used. Medicine and surgery are no exceptions from skin resurfacing to eye surgery to correct vision. With the development of lasers Physicians have been able to provide treatment for a large number of medical

  • Cyberculture and the Future of Print

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    The technology that is available to the public today is mind-blowing. In my lifetime alone, I have seen astounding technological progress: from the home computer to the DVD player, to truly surreal medical breakthroughs. A new era is taking hold of society. We are faster, better educated, richer, and livelonger. All of these things can be attributed to the technological advances that have occurred within the last fifty years. Thanks to the “modern marvels” of our time, we can watch big-screen

  • The Physics of CDs and DVDs

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    The Physics of CDs and DVDs Everywhere you look now days, you see or interact with CDs or DVDs; whether it is in the car, at work, or at home for pleasure, you deal with these modern marvels. Whatever the use, CD has become a reliable medium in which to distribute information, in a reliable way. The cost of a CD is very inexpensive, making it a popular choice by companies trying to advertise, or teach you about something. American On Line (AOL) is one example of companies who have chose this reliable

  • DVD Vs. VCR

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    differences between the average home Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) and the recently developed Digital Video Disc (DVD) system. These two home entertainment components have very clear differences. It is important for consumers to carefully consider each of these concerns before deciding on the home entertainment component that is right for them.When considering the purchase of a home VCR or DVD system, consumers should carefully examine the varying costs of the two components. If cost is a concern, consumers

  • Study of optical drive under two-photon optical data storage

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    Fault Tolerant Control of CD-players] In 1972 Philips announced a technique to store data on an optical disc. First in 1981 Philips and Sony proposed the Compact Disc Digital Audio standard (CD-DA) which was coded in the so-called Red Book [Philips and Sony Corporation, 1991]. The development of this technique revolutionized the audio world by introducing truly digital technology for the first time. It was in the year 1982 that Philips and Sony launched the first players and discs on the market. The

  • The DVD Revolution

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    The DVD Revolution Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the features and advantages of DVD video. Central Idea: The DVD video format has superior audio and visual quality to VHS, as well as more special features, which is why it should eventually occupy the place of the VCR in American households. Introduction I’d like to start things out by taking a survey. How many of you remember having a CD player in your house fifteen years ago? Not very many of you, I see. Of course, we all have

  • Flash Drives and Optical Storage

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    backed up or transferred to the Flash drive. Optical discs! What are optical discs? An optical disc is a flat round portable metal disc with plastic coating. CDs, DVD, and BLU-RAY discs are three types of optical discs. (Gary B. Shelly). Optical discs are Storage devices that are read by light. The most common optical discs used are CDs, and DVDs. These discs are removable media. Optical discs weigh little to nothing and have high capacity for storage. (PCmag.com) Optical discs like stated above are read

  • The Decline of DVD Sales

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    DVD sales have declined causing a current problem for Sony Corporations subsidiary Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. has seen a severe decline in revenue in the past recent months. DVD sales have declined to a level of severe concern, and as such left financial analysts and specialists in the industry deeply worried. We have taken to the field and conducted a number of interviews to decipher the basis of the rationale behind lack of DVD sales. Through the course of the

  • DVD or Blu-Ray ?

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    tapes to DVDs and many consumers found the change difficult to acclimate to. It seems as if as soon as we were familiar with DVDs a new home video technology was introduced. With the recent addition of Blu-ray disks to the mix, countless consumers are finding themselves confused and inexperienced with the different video technologies. Though DVDs and Blu-rays share several similarities, they also possess their own individual pros and cons. A Blu-ray disk is the exact same size as a DVD. When holding

  • Difference Between BD and DVD

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    BD and DVD both have pits and bumps. The difference between the two is that the BD pits and bumps are smaller and packed closer together. A blue laser is used to read the BD. The BD has spiral tracks running from the center of the disc out to the edges. The information is stored in these tracks in the form of audio and video. The blue laser used to read this information has a wavelength of approximately 405 nanometers and must be much more accurate than that of a DVD as the pits and bumps are smaller

  • The History of Netflix

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    location, pay a certain amount for each movie they rented, and were given a deadline in which to return the movie. Instead of using a method established by other video markets “to attract customers to a retail location, Netflix offered home delivery of DVDs through the mail” which eventually led to a booming business towards streaming forms of entertainment (Shih, Kaufman, & Spinola, 2009, p. 3). Today, Netflix exists along with several competitors; however, offers the most streaming content available

  • Netflix Case Study

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    Netflix Today A. Adding additional distribution centers to increase DVD delivery lead time B. How agreements and partnerships helped Netflix to lower their costs IV. Outside influences creates financial risk A. Netflix and its competition B. Relationships with major studios and electronic firms V. How might financial trends hinder Netflix’s performance? A. Netflix’s desire to improve streaming services B. A rapid decrease in DVD subscriptions may cripple Netflix financially VI. What does the

  • Flash Drives and Optical Storage

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    computers to read software and consumer media distributed on disc, and to record discs for archival and data exchange purposes. (Wikipedia) An optical disc is a flat, round portable metal disc with a plastic covering. The most common of these are CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs. Nearly every computer these days has an optical disc drive installed. Many different formats for the optical disc exist. The format of the disc specifies whether a user can read from the disc, write on the disc, or do both read

  • How Does Netflix Stand In Society?

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    Sometimes I really miss video stores; the experience of walking into a huge store filled with shelves of films, TV shows and video games was lost in the upheaval of modern technology taking the lead in entertainment. Now you can simply walk up to a Redbox and choose from a semi limited selection of films and games at a far lower price, but like video stores there is a late fee if your item is not returned on time. Though if you are looking for a larger catalogue there’s always Netflix who’s fully