Dungeon Essays

  • Baldwin's My Dungeon Shook: A Letter to my Nephew

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    Baldwin's My Dungeon Shook: A Letter to my Nephew Does the American Dream belong to every one or does it exclude some individuals? The American Dream is a very powerful force that molds America. It has existed for many generations but has it changed over time? The foundation of the Dream tends to stay the same that is the pursuit of happiness, hope, freedom, justice and equality. The concepts within the American Dream should alter to fit the changes of society. The breakthroughs and obstacles

  • Fundamentalist Christians and Negative Conceptions of Dungeons & Dragons

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    Negative Conceptions of Dungeons & Dragons This paper is an attempt to explain the negative conceptions about role-playing games, especially claims that the games are Satanic. I will be using many primary sources from the Internet, most of which are from Christian websites, to determine precisely what is being claimed about the games. I will be using more academic sources in order to try to explain where the claims are coming from. As the websites primarily focus on Dungeons & Dragons (henceforth

  • Othello: Metaphor and Contrast in Lines 299-318 in Act III, Scene iii

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    the vale of years—yet that's not much— She's gone, I am abused, and my relief Must be to loathe her. O curse of marriage, That we can call these delicate creatures ours And not their appetites! I had rather be a toad And live upon the vapor of a dungeon Than keep a corner in the thing I love For others' uses. Yet 'tis the plague (of) great ones; Prerogatived are they less than the base. 'Tis destiny unshunnab...

  • Darkness and Evil in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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    described Macbeth has changed from "noble" and "kind" to the diction of Act 4 witch describes Macbeth as "black Macbeth" and a "tyrant". The Castle that Macbeth lives in, Dunsanine is also indicative of darkness. Dunsanine is similar to the word dungeon a dark and dirty place. In Act 4 Macbeth is an agent of disorder, he murders and he consults witches,  because of this he is described using dark imagery. Scotland under the rule of Macbeth is described as, "shrouded  in darkness", by Malcolm.

  • Comparing Virginia Woolf and Emily Bronte

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    had bred bad feeling in the house” (WH 30). The Heights became a place to dream of for Catherine (1) when she married Linton and moved to the Grange.  For her it held the memories of Heathcliff and their love.  For her daughter, Cathy, it became a dungeon; trapped in a loveless marriage in a cold stone home far away from the opulence and luxury of the home she was used to. Then, upon the death of Heathcliff, I can almost see, in my minds eye, the Heights itself relax into the warm earth around in it

  • Honest Betrayal in Othello

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    vale of years-yet that's not much- She's gone: I am abused, and my relief Must be to loathe her. O curse of marriage, That we can call these delicate creatures ours And not their appetites! I had rather be a toad And live upon the vapour of a dungeon Than keep a corner in the thing I love For others' uses. Yet 'tis the plague of great ones; Prerogatived are they less than the base. 'Tis destiny unshunnable, like death: Even this forked plague is fated to us When we do quicken. Desdemona

  • Internet Addiction

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    available people will show signs of anxiety, depression, irritability, trembling hands, and restlessness. There are five types of internet addiction. The first is Net-Gaming. People with this addiction participate in online games, Multi User Dungeon Games (MUDs), will visit virtual casinos, and my become obsessed with e-auctions and online trading and shopping. Another type of internet addiction is Cyber-Relational Addiction. People with this tend to make chat room relationships more important

  • The Symbolic Use of Nature in Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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    day; She bore in her arms a child, a baby of some three months old, who winked and turned aside its little face from the too vivid light of day; because its experience, heretofore, had brought it acquainted only with the gray twilight of a dungeon, or other darksome apartment of the prison (49). The sunlight gives the reader a feeling of exposure and scrutiny.  This feeling is later reveled to the reader by Hawthorne, Her prison-door was thrown open, and she came forth into

  • The Fallen Angels in John Milton's Paradise Lost

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    skill with which the individual leaders perform their tasks and speeches, we are never left in any doubt as to the truth of G-d, and the futility of their debates.  By examining the angels as a group, Milton is able to leave the infernal dungeon, to take a flight throughout history, giving his own point of view.  It is thus that Books I and II of "Paradise Lost" are so unique, as the alternative, and less-frequently explored world of the devils, is probed in such a fascinating

  • Vengeance in The Count of Monte Cristo

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    Vengeance in The Count of Monte Cristo The corpse of Madame de Villefort lay stretched across the doorway leading to the room in which Edward's lifeless body resided. Eyes filled with tears, the miserable M. de Villefort revealed the sorrowful scene to Dantes. After beholding the results of his revenge "Monte Cristo became pale at this horrible sight; he felt he had passed beyond the bounds of vengeance, and that he could no longer say 'God is for and with me.'" Set in France during the turmoil

  • The Museum Experience

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    much more specific way. Some fine examples of these kinds of museums include the Pez Museum, close to San Francisco, dedicated to the little candy dispenser, the Muzeum hracek in Prague, dedicated to toys of the world, both past and present, the Dungeon, a history of Medieval torture, also in Prague, and the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, dedicated to all things Liberace--and I mean all things. The Pez Museum is not actually in San Francisco, but is located south of the city in a town called Burlingame

  • Othello’s Diversity of Imagery

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    spider catching a fly, beating an offenceless dog, wild cats, wolves, goats and monkeys. To these Othello adds his pictures of foul toads breeding in a cistern, summer flies in the shambles, the ill-boding raven over the infected house, a toad in a dungeon, the monster ‘too hideous to be shown,’ bird-snaring again, aspics’ tongues, crocodiles’ tears, and his reiteration of goats and monkeys.’ In addition, [. . .] . (79) The play’s imagery is oftentimes reflective of the fortunes of the protagonist

  • Film Comparison- Shawshank Redemption VS Murder In The First

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    bringing public humiliation to the sadistic associate warden, Milton Glenn (Gary Oldman). In violation of the federal guidelines that mandate 19-day maximums for solitary confinement, Glenn orders three years of physical torture and isolation in a black dungeon five feet high. No light, no water. The broken, twisted man who emerges three years later immediately murders fellow inmate Rufus McCain, the informer who betrayed him, and is now on trial.Christian Slater portrays the young lawyer assigned to deal

  • Inner Depths of The Dwarf

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    Death was wiping out Europe, the dwarf experiences many instances in which he must commit wicked crimes for the Prince. He does so willingly, considering his lack of conscience. Ultimately, these crimes force him into eternal imprisonment in the dungeon under the fortress, where he can only write daily recordings of his empty life during the hours when the sun shines through the cracks, and hope to be called upon again by the Prince. From the beginning, the dwarf condemns human beings as "a pack

  • People's Obsession With MUDs

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    shin. Krista pirouettes and falls down laughing. Cislynx seduces Missworld. Ralphie shouts, "who wants to tango"?! I am not having a nightmare, and I do not live in a mental institution. I am simply witnessing the typical behavior of a Multi User Dungeon (MUD). MUDs have become all the rage in the rapidly increasing world of computer technology. MUDs put you in a virtual space where you can create an identity and "chat" with other people. In this virtual world, you are represented by a self-composed

  • Othello Seminar

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    goes through events which now have answers, "She's gone: I am abused, and my relief must be loathe her. O curse of marriage, That we can call these delicate creatures ours And not their appetites! I had rather be a toad And live upon the vapour of a dungeon Than keep a corner in the thing I love For other's uses." (III,iii, 264 - 270) Othello is getting angry: "Villain, be sure thou prove my love a whore; Be sure of it: give me the ocular proof," (III, iii, 356-357) Othello hears Iago's predictions:

  • Literary Critique - Midnight For Charlie Bone

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    noble. For example, to lead a more responsible life you need to have some acquirements. Among them are courage, manner, unselfishness, and caring for another even though someone might dislike you. When Charlie is in the old and dark school dungeon alone, he realizes that no one is going to rescue him because they do not know if he is under there. If he can not be courageous here, he will probably die. To survive he must keep going. Lucretia is can be considered a bully in school. But

  • Individual Beauty

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    bouncing with charming confidence as I transcend all muddied doubts of myself. I am effortlessly and naturally beautiful. I am—“Don’t forget to pluck the hair from between your eyebrows,” my mom’s brassy voice of reality plummets me back to my Mary-Kay dungeon of anxiety. “Mom, pl-ea-se stop. I do not need you telling me what to do.” I innocently crank up the volume two notches on my stereo in hope that River Cuomo’s electric guitar can silence her motherly concerns and rattle away my “I don’t want to

  • Creative Writing: The Dungeon

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    that blows theouout the dungeon cells. I open my eyes slightly to the surprise sight of a torch being lit up near what seems to be the dungeons main door. Wiping my eyes I look around and see prince Nerian sleeping with his back to the wall. He doesn't seem that old. I'd assume 20s? He wears worn out clothing, one a civilian would wear. His face is covered in dirt scars and bruises. Clearly they do not practice subtlety here. I look around memorizing outline of the dungeon where we are being kept

  • Getting a job done

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    Getting a Job From I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings My room had all the cheeriness of a dungeon and the appeal of a tomb. It was going to be impossible to stay there, but leaving held no attraction for me, either…. The answer came to me with the suddenness of a collision. I would go to work. Mother wouldn’t be difficult to convince; after all, in school I was a year ahead of my grade and mother was a firm believer in self-sufficiency. In fact, she’d be pleased to think that I had that much gumption