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  • The Everglades for Dummies

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    namely, that it is endangered and that ‘warped politics' are part of the reason. If an individual delves into the novel, knowing little to nothing about Florida 's Everglades, they get a crash course about Florida 's environment in an Everglades for Dummies kind of way. Skinny Dip is a great read for various reasons. It is packed with a murder mystery plot full of vengeance, plenty of shootings, and lots of scheming. It provides some ridiculous situations, hilarious sex scenes, and enough drama to

  • A Dummies' Guide to Women

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    A Dummies' Guide to Women Since the beginning of time (or so it seems) the human male has been known to spend hours contemplating the complexities of the female mind. Prehistoric man would sit on his rock, hands folded against the chin, with the all too familiar look of complete confusion and bewilderment, as he tried to understand what it was exactly that the prehistoric female wanted (or perhaps how to trick her into scampering off with him to his little leaf-filled bed to reproduce). The

  • Beer Pong for Dummies

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    Beer Pong for Dummies Throughout the many years, college students have engaged in many activities to either entertain themselves or pass endless time. These activities have ranged from sports, either intramural or varsity, to various clubs and organizations devoted to students personal interests. While these have sparked interest and lasted a long time, none has exceeded the expectations of the wonderful game of beer pong. As I began to think about ways on approaching this topic I became

  • Cyborg Imagination in the Age of Electronic Incunabula

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    imagination? Let me begin with a confession: I'm a technodummy. By "dummy" I mean the kind of person targeted by books such as IDG Books' HTML for Dummies, Javascript for Dummies, and C++ for Dummies. I notice that the series has extended past the technical fields: there is now a Dieting for Dummies, an Entertaining for Dummies, and so forth. There is not only a Dating for Dummies but also an ABRIDGED version of Dating for Dummies, which I guess is for people who want to skip the movie. There is even

  • Losing Humanity Essay

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    bitterly. "There's irony for you," her gaze drifted once more - but to the sky this time rather than the protesters "We're no better, y' know. We've been looking down on these people the same way that they've been looking down on us. We don't burn dummies in the streets, but it's still the same." Her dark eyes shifted once again, this time searching for something in David's gaze. Understanding perhaps. "'Them and us', David. That's what this is all about. It should be just 'us', but it's not. That's

  • The Origins of Life

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    it is quite plausible and possible that the early earth had the suggested “hot” environment providing heat and monomers that can combine to become polymers, the main step to come into question is, when did these polymers amount to life? “Life for Dummies” would suggest that life requi... ... middle of paper ... ...dial Peptide Cycle”. Science 301 (15 August 2003): 938-940. Leman, Luke, Leslie Orgel, and M. Reza Ghadiri. “Carbonyl Sulfide – Mediated Prebiotic Formation of Peptides”. Science

  • inertia and car accidents

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    or toy cars 4.     Plasticine 5.     metre rule Method: 1.     Two plasticine dummies weighing 20g each were made and placed on the trolleys. 2.     Trolley B was placed 30-40cm in front of the ramp. 3.     Trolley A was placed 100cm from the end of the ramp. Directly in line with the other trolley. 4.     Trolley A was released and was let to collide into Trolley B, observations were made on what happened to the dummies. 5.     The experiment was repeated twice making sure everything was in the same

  • Eulogy For Dummies

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    A widowed mother and her son stand on the area outside of their apartment thinking of the times they had with the father. It had been about 3 months since they were last with him. Tough times led after he died, food shortages, income decrease, and Donny felt like he was living in poverty. They were living in a one bedroom apartment, and it was hard to get the smallest of privacy. Donny and his mother were very lucky to get this apartment, even though the stench of spoiled milk overpowered the fresh

  • Eulogy For Dummies

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    It’s the day, every little kid dreams of. The day where you become one of the big kids! Also to some point parents enjoy this day as well. Yes, it may make them sad to see their baby grow up, but the joy of seeing them slowly become more independent brings so much joy. I remember the day like it was yesterday. So much excite me! I remember picking my school supplies and my backpack. So many styles so many colors! Where do I choose from? All the colors plus the designs like; disney princesses, polka

  • Crash Test Dummy Essay

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    crash test dummy As the data from the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2015, there had been 38300 people being killed on U.S. road. Nowadays, car accidents have become an extreme potential danger to people’s life so that those crash test dummies gradually play essential roles in development of transportation. Crash test dummies are Human-Simulated test devices which is used to assess human possible injuries in different kinds of accidents. Before crash tests, every dummy will undergo

  • Surviving Earthquakes For Dummy: The Earthquake

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    Working flashlight. Check. Canned food. Check. These emergency necessities were part of the apartment supplies during one of the most traumatizing, memorable, and scary part of my life. Little did I know that a copy of “Surviving earthquakes for dummies” should have been part of this inventory as well. I was only six years old when this personal and natural disaster happened. We lived in a small, mildly sturdy seven-story apartment made of bricks. Seated in my room doing homework, I heard a rumbling

  • Are We Digital Dummies Analysis

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    that too much technology is affecting social interactions and our basic development. “Technology…is a queer thing, it brings you great gifts with one hand, and stabs you in the back with the other.” (Carrie Snow.) The CBC Documentary “Are We Digital Dummies” displayed the pros and cons when it comes to modern technology that we use in the western world everyday. From the documentary I learned that although our phones and computers may be very helpful when it comes to work and education, they

  • Analysis Of The Uncanny In Rod Sterling's 'The Dummy'

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    psychologist Sigmund Freud calls “that class of the terrifying which leads back to something long known to us, once very familiar” (2). One specific episode, “The Dummy,” exemplifies this definition of the uncanny through the story of small-time ventriloquist Jerry Peterson and his inexorable descent into madness at the hands of his dummy, Willie. Through these characters, uncanniness is portrayed through animism, the idea of heimlich and unheimlich

  • Jeff Kinney's Struggle For Dummies

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    The trials and travails of childhood follow each one of us; looking at the concept of how children see themselves, their whole of existence is developed through interactions with others. Someone’s perspective and outlook on life can be changed by their experiences in life. Jeff Kinney Struggled to syndicate his comic strip to becoming popular by meaning he was failing or not succeeding. This relationship is a true basis of everyday life. As one looks at the whole of Kinney’s works, the following

  • Gun Control For Dummies By William Warren

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    situation from all angles. “What should the United States do on this situation?” is a common question that is heard on the streets of America almost daily. One artist, named William Warren, created a political cartoon about this titled “Gun Control for Dummies”. In the image Warren uses the example of the people (criminals) that pro-gun law activists get guns away from. Through his illustration the artist conveys the message that creating stricter gun laws would create more problems than it would solve

  • My Dummy Twin Short Story

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    The Protection From My Dummy Twin When my twin brother and I were little, we played imaginary games almost everyday.; such as an imaginary dog or imaginary enemies, it was fun. We were close, but we were not close at school because ever since we went to elementary school. I didn’t want him to be around me at school or accompany me when I was going somewhere, but now I have changed, and this is the story about how did I change. In the summer of 2014, the day that the bright sun was blazing, and

  • The Puerto Rican Dummy And The Merciful Son Analysis

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    Reading #1: The Puerto Rican Dummy & the Merciful Son The Puerto Rican Dummy and the Merciful Son, is a narrative about watching a TV show with his four year old son, Clemente. While, watching the television a ventriloquist appears on the screen with nothing less than “Puerto Rican'' dummy.” This figure was polished off with the characteristics of a, “pencil mustache, greased hair and a jaw breaking Spanish accent'' (page 34). As you read on, you realize that Martin has become quite disturbed by

  • First World War For Dummies Chapter Summary

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    TThe Title “First World War for Dummies” is self-explanatory that it is about World War 1. The author of the book, Sean Lang describes the war in detail of how this war differs from others, whether the war was worth it till describing the best places to visit to learn more about World War 1. The countries’ leaders (especially in Europe) desire to be “Great Power” of the world is the main reason why the war started. But, “the Sarajevo assassination in 1914, however, was the spark that finally set

  • Summary of "Grant Writing for Dummies" Overview

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    Part I Setting the Stage with Grant Basics Chapter one helped clarify grant terminology that I may run into while conducting grant research and filling out grant applications. I found this useful because I now have a better understanding of what certain grants are looking for and the grant language that is needed. This chapter also helped me learn how to set up a plan for keeping track of the grants I am working on and helped set up the process. The second chapter goes over how to create and complete

  • Roswell

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    US Government have passed the Roswell incident off as a closed case - their investigations declared the incident to be nothing more than a crashed weather balloon from the top secret Project Mogul and the alien bodies merely to be crash test dummies. This essay will argue the point that there is other life in the Universe and that the crash landing at Roswell in 1947, was an alien space craft and not a weather balloon. Leading up to the 'Roswell Incident' UFOs were spotted all over New Mexico