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  • Dream Job: Starting a New Business

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    Tony Hsieh the CEO of Zappos once said “Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” My dream job is to own my own business someday to become an entrepreneur. “Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision of something and a want to create” once said by David Karp, Tumblr founder and CEO. To take responsibility to be the person that is the leader of my team. To help my vision come to life and be successful at it, I will need to reach my goals and gain knowledge. My wiliness

  • My Dream Job: Being a Lawyer

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    com) I am very out spoken and believe in fighting for what I want or think is right. Being a lawyer means that there are many responsibilities to carry out. It takes a great deal of timing and patience to finish the job,which I'm sure I can handle. Being a lawyer can be a tough job to work on. All you have to do is work as much as you can to succeed on the case. A beginning lawyer makes about $25,000-$128,000 a year. (Pasternak & Thornburg page 17 and 53) Being in this profession comes with many

  • Dave Holmes / Dream Job Winner

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    DARE TO DREAM David Holmes competed for a chance to win Dream Job, a show where contestants compete each week against one another through a variety of challenges. On November 16, 2004, David Holmes won the contest and received a one-year contract with ESPN. He always dreamed of becoming a SportsCenter anchor and he never gave up on his dream. David Holmes is working today for one of the fastest growing networks in television. David Holmes had to take trivia tests and write essays for the audition

  • My Dream Job Becoming a Reality

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    Having a dream job must be that certain job that you have always reached for. It is that job that you promise you would do anything to have. I am currently one of the Calumet City Swat Team members. Being an important part of the community is something great to have achieved, especially being a part of the law enforcement. There are plenty of benefits that come with being in the Swat along with seeing children smile in a safe and productive environment. Climbing the ranks takes time and leads to

  • What Is My Dream Job Essay

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    As of this moment, everyone my age is either not in college with or without a job, or they are in college trying to work their way up the success bar. Now I do not judge anyone for what kind of life style they want to choose, but I am definitely one of those people that pretty much has their whole life planned out. From what college I go to and what I major in, to what dream job I will one day have ten, maybe even five to six years from now. Success is my middle name and I plan to own it. In present

  • Personal Statement Essay: Accounting The Dream Job

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    Accounting the Dream Job Ryan L. Linebaugh Angelo State University Abstract Accounting is often seen as a dense and lifeless field, but is considered by all the life blood of Corporate America. The purpose of accounting is to provide information about an economic substance transaction of a company or organization. Countries around the have become integrated with each other due to transactions involving an exchange between economic substance for a service or good. The parties that have a stake in

  • Work in my Life

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    As I was growing up I learned my work-ethic from watching the way my father worked, at his job as an engineer and around our home, which taught me that work is hard but necessary and that you get what you earn. The poems that I liked most and contained figurative language, perspective, and/or scene are “To Be of Use”, “Men Throwing Bricks”, “The Jobholder”, and “My Father Teaches Me to Dream”. Throughout my life I have been surrounded by, and been a part of the working class and know the problems

  • My Dream Job To Be A Store Manager (SM)

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    My dream job is to be a store manager(SM). Being an excellent SM should take responsible for leading a team of store staff to manage daily store operations and to drive store key performance indicator (KPI). First, I meet customers with different wants and needs. My strengths can help them with caring and patient. In a retail store, customer service is the most important part since it is related to image, profit and competitive advantage. Second, I am good at assimilating information. There are

  • the jungle essay

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    deals with many issues that went on during the early 1900’s. During this time the unemployment was very high, working conditions were awful, wages were low and crime was high. It was not an easy time to be living in America, even though “The American Dream” was on the minds of every immigrant coming to America. In the novel, Jurgis Rudkus and Ona Lukoszaite immigrate to America from Lithuania. They went to Chicago where they met up with some of their family that had already immigrated to America. The

  • Persuasive Essay On My Dream Career

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    environmental specialist, and secondary teacher. Then I also choose to research my dream career which is the job of a dentist. The other results revolved around the subject of math and I think this is due to the fact that I do enjoy math, but I do not enjoy it enough to get a career that revolves around it. Personally I did not think the first two career options suit me well, but I was interested in the statistics behind