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  • Shakespeare, Loncraine, Donaldson, Richard, and Me

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    Shakespeare, Loncraine, Donaldson, Richard, and Me Act 2.4 of Loncraine’s Richard III is where I started furiously scribbling notes in the margins of notes. After Rivers is shockingly murdered, Loncraine films a still shot of the countryside. A farmer leads an ox in the foreground, while a train noisily passes in the background. There is a quick cut to the train, smoke billowing from its engines, entering a dark tunnel and then another cut to a toy train in the palace. The young Yorks are playing

  • Mary, Queen of Scots by Gordon Donaldson

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    The biography that is being reviewed is Mary, Queen of Scots by Gordon Donaldson. Mary Stuart, was born at Linlithge Palace on December 8, 1542, sixs days later she became Queen of Scotland. Mary became Queen of France and soon her greediness grew and she wanted to take over England. Mary was unwilling to stay in France, so she went back to Scotland. There her second husband died and she was imprisoned in England for the suspicion of the murder. Mary had a bad ending to her life. Mary got caught

  • An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Poetic Devices in Beowulf

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    principal stresses, two on each side of a strong medial caesura, or pause. “At least one of the two stressed swords in the first half-line, and usually both of them, begin with the same sound as the first stressed word of the second half-line” (Donaldson 67). Such stressed alliterative binding together created hundreds of pairs that are used over and over, such as halig/heofon holy/heaven, dryhten/dugud lord/troop, fyren/feond sin/enemy. The pairs need not be complementary, but rather can be contrastive

  • Michael Schumacher

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    started to compete in many regional kart championships where he would win frequently. His parents, realizing his son's potential, arranged many sponsorship deals with wealthy enthusiasts that helped the young Michael to work his way up the ranks (Donaldson). Between 1986 and 1990 Michael won many national and European competitions, including the German and European Kart championships, his greatest triumphs yet. His winning streak continued through much of the late 80s, he also won many races in Japan

  • Hemingway & the Crack-Up Report

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    Scott Fitzgerald suffered a mental breakdown, which would be referred to as the “Crack-Up.” Many things precipitated this meltdown including tuberculosis, alcoholism, Zelda’s deteriorating condition, and “his [troubled] sense of himself as a man” (Donaldson 189). During this period, Fitzgerald had been advised by his doctors to take time off work for the sake of his health. Heeding their advice, he decided to relocate to western North Carolina, most notably, Hendersonville, for some fresh mountain air

  • Teaching Adults: Is It Different?

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    a different style of teaching is based on the widely espoused theory of andragogy, which suggests that "adults expect learner-centered settings where they can set their own goals and organize their own learning around their present life needs" (Donaldson, Flannery, and Ross-Gordon 1993, p. 148). However, even in the field of adult education, debate occurs about the efficacy of a separate approach for teaching adults. Some believe that adult education is essentially the same process as education generally

  • Donaldson's Beowulf

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    -Beowulf (Donaldson, 12) The passage that I analyzed spans the action when Beowulf returns to the halls of Heorot after a harsh battle with Grendel’s mother. He returns to king Hrothgar in the great hall of Heorot to say that he has successfully completed his boast and killed Grendel’s mother. Beowulf states that it has been a very difficult underwater battle and that he has barely escaped with his life, “The fight would have been ended straightway if God had not guarded me” (Donaldson, 29).

  • A Farewell To Arms By Ernest Hemingway

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    Catherine cares for Frederic liek a mother cares for her child (Hays-52). Frederic Henry remains selfish despite his love for Catherine, and never comes close to the self sacrificing devotion that his friend, the priest, characterizes as true love (Donaldson-56). When Frederic gets shot in the knee, Catherine is the nurse that takes care of him. When Frederic decides to desert his post, he leaves with Catherine. Frederic does not fall in love with Catherine when he starts telling her he loves her, it

  • Comparison of Seven Beowulf Translations

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    discrepancy exists here. Howell D. Chickering translates the troublesome part of the passage:  “must know the distinction between words and deeds, keep the difference clear” (Chickering 65). E. Talbot Donaldson: “who thinks well must be able to judge each of the two things, words and works” (Donaldson 6). Kevin Crossley-Holland: “one whose mind is ... ... middle of paper ... ... multiple synonyms, vague references, etc. BIBLIOGRAPHY Alexander, Michael. Beowulf A Verse Translation. New

  • Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: Exploring Injustice in the Knight's Tale

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    In "The Ending of 'Troilus,'" E. Talbot Donaldson writes in response to the conclusion of the "Knight’s Tale," one of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, "What it does suggest…is that Providence is not working justly." Though Donaldson correctly points out the fact that the "Knight’s Tale" ends in injustice, he confuses the role of sin in the injustice with the role of God. He asserts that God is to blame for the injustice in the "Knight's Tale" rather than exploring the role of human sinfulness. The

  • Beowulf and the Dragon

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    he is so angry, he does like the idea of battle: “Yet he took joy in the thought of war, in the work of fighting” (Donaldson 40). The dragon cannot wait to ravage the land of the people where one man has stolen from him: “The hoard-guard waited restless until evening came; then the barrow-keeper was in rage: he would requite that precious drinking cup with vengeful fire” (Donaldson 40). The dragon destroys the land and kills everyone around. The dragon even destroys Beowulf’s home. When Beowulf

  • How War was Portrayed in Beowulf

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    the warrior that “fully fixed is his fate”(Norton 100). There can be no meandering on the path of one’s fate, no matter his mindset or resolve. Beowulf also echoes this sentiment in the line “Hrothgar was given success in warfare, glory in battle”(Donaldson 4). Glory in battle is not something that is won or achieved. The virtues of success in battle and glory are not given out by lords, save but One. Only the Almighty may bestow the honor and glories of battle. Another passage in Beowulf further reveals

  • Warfare in Beowulf

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    killing spree in order to put an end to the warriors’ happiness. Because of Grendel’s attack upon the Danes, Beowulf arrives in order to put an end to the killing spree: “And now alone I shall settle affairs with Grendel the monster, the demon” (Donaldson, p.8). The author offers no other solution to solving this issue with Grendel but battle, and after the battle is fought and Beowulf wins, Grendel’s hand is preserved as a trophy. Beowulf is rewarded with gifts for his courage, and now the Danes

  • The Parable of the Sadhu

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    not done for the Sadhu (Donaldson 280). There are three general approaches in examining a moral issue and making a decision, those being consequentialism, deontology and virtue ethics. The essay does not clearly indicate which method was used to assess the situation. In my opinion, the best method would be Kantian deontology. Let us discuss consequentialism first. Consequentialism focuses on consequences as the most important factor in the decision making process (Donaldson 3). For consequentialists

  • Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - Emily's Strength in Knight's Tale

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    thoughts, actions and emotions of her own (Donaldson 49). However, although Emily does lack an individual nature and depth of mind, she still has a certain power and dynamic nature about her that is unusual for a woman in the time period during which Chaucer wrote her story (Spearing 43). Through her prayers to Diana asking to remain chaste, some may argue that Emily is, once again, merely reacting to an event, rather than having thoughts of her own (Donaldson 49). A stronger point, however, is made

  • Epic of Beowulf Essay - Prosody of Beowulf

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    Prosody of Beowulf The prosody of Beowulf is the art of Old English versification, made to be chanted orally, not read silently. Therefore it uses alliteration and accent to achieve the poetic effect which Modern English poetry achieves through the use of poetic feet, each having the same number of syllables and the same pattern of accent (Wilkie 1271). Theory on the prosody of Beowulf is evolving. In the manuscript version of the poem, alliteration is employed in almost every line (or

  • An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - The Style of Beowulf

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    alliterative words in the half-lines, both consonants and vowels (Tharaud 34). “At least one of the two stressed words in the first half-line, and usually both of them, begin with the same sound as the first stressed word of the second half-line” (Donaldson 67). When a word was stressed in the first half-line, its alliterative counterpart was stressed in the following half-line; the words could either complement each other, like holy/heaven or sin/enemy, or they could contrast each other like happy/wretched

  • Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiments

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    Experiments Biography of Elton Mayo George Elton Mayo was born on 26th December 1880 in Adelaide, South Australia. He was brought up by his respected colonial family. His father was a civil engineer who was married to Henrietta Mary nee Donaldson. They wanted their son, Elton Mayo to do well in his education and to succeed something in life. Mayo was looking forward to follow his grandfather’s path in medicine but, he failed his studies at university in Edinburgh, Scotland. In Great Britain

  • Movie Essays - Loncraine's Film Production of Shakespeare's Richard III

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    Richard gives completeness to the character that the text in some ways lacks. The short but intriguing stable scene in the film makes this clear. The first thing I noticed about the stable scene in the film was the monochromatic color scheme. As Donaldson noted, the muted browns, grays, and beiges are reminiscent of the several death scenes. The colors befit the place where Richard meets Tyrrel, Clarence's murderer, and receives Tyrrel's vow of loyalty. Both characters' connections to the following

  • Ernest Hemingway and A Farewell To Arms

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    closing of the 19th century, Hemingway soon abandoned the Land of Lincoln and exposed himself to the pain, suffering and defeat of humanity as a reporter for several American newspapers. Characterized as a "robust, belligerent American hero" (Donaldson 13), his experience in the arenas of deep-sea fishing, bullfighting, boxing and hunting, coupled with his professional life as a war correspondent and ambulance driver in the battlefields of the First and Second World Wars, the Greco-Turkish War