Domestic Dilemma Essays

  • A Domestic Dilemma

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    McCullers takes the reader on a journey into the lives of a family plagued by alcoholism in "A Domestic Dilemma". The realism of the story is astounding, as most people will often find themselves torn when facing difficult family decisions. The Meadows’ family is torn by both compassion and suffering, and Martin Meadows is faced with one of the most difficult decisions of his life. In A Domestic Dilemma, the author conveys the idea that individuals facing difficult decisions in marital relationships

  • Theme Analysis of Carson McCuller's A Domestic Dilemma

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    Theme Analysis of Carson McCuller's “A Domestic Dilemma” Carson McCuller’s story “A Domestic Dilemma” depicts a family torn by both compassion and suffering. Martin, a loving and understanding husband must deal with his family’s problems. Martin’s wife, Emily, distraught by her new environment, initiates her family’s difficulties with her drinking habits. The story examines a family’s severe problems, and yet also illustrates the depth of love and loyalty that allows people to survive adversity

  • Saddam Hussein: The U.S Portrayal of Evil Encarnate

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    Saddam Hussein: The U.S Portrayal of Evil Encarnate When Iraq invaded and occupied the country of Kuwait in August 1990, the Bush administration was faced with several dilemmas. From a foreign policy point of view, this action could greatly destabilize the balance of power in a part of the world that was vital to U.S. interests. The United States was dependant on a continuous flow of oil to drive its economic machine, which Kuwait supplied greatly. In addition, this move would put more power

  • The Skinny Dilemma

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    Anorexia Nervosa "Anorexia nervosa... strike(s) a million Americans every year and... one hundred fifty thousand die annually" (Brumberg 20). This outrageous number of deaths has unfortunately been increasing since the 1970's. This deadly disease focuses its attention on young teenage girls. The media gives out messages to promote their products and, knowingly or unknowingly, sends the message to young girls that they should and can look like the models on T.V. Immense pressure put on young girls

  • W. B. Yeats, George Hyde-Lees, and the Automatic Script

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    (Ellmann 224). Not only did the material within the automatic script (AS) help alleviate his anxieties about his marital choice, but it also pointed his poetry in a new direction, bringing together the separate remnants of his life and thoughts. Dilemmas over women and rejection, the frightening politics of his time, years of dabbling in the occult for answers, older ideas found in Blake, his own musings over Mask and Daimon, and the loose system of spiritual thought gathered in Per Amica: all these

  • The Dilemma: An Open Or Closed Pedagogy

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    The Dilemma: An Open Or Closed Pedagogy With lifelong effects, teachers impact the quantity, quality, and overall enjoyment of the educational experience. Their effect dilutes itself the classroom, into present life, and even the future. In the classroom, they mold and guide youth in their lifelong quest to search for the truth and their own voice in the world. Yet their influence does not stop at the classroom door. In fact, teachers have a profound impact on morals, creativity, and even

  • Robert Sirico's Samaritan's Dilemma

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    In the essay Samaritan’s Dilemma, Robert Sirico claims that charity is not always helpful to society. He implies that some people take advantage of others kindness, in this case, soup kitchens. To support his claim, Sirico told a story of when he was training to be a priest. He states that each Friday he would help set up and serve a free meal to those in need, usually 200 to 500 people. One Friday after the meal, he and a friend cleaned up then went to a seafood pub just down the street. While eating

  • The Silent Partner: A Canadianization Dilemma

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    The Silent Partner: A Canadianization Dilemma Works Cited Missing As a student of Canadian film, I find great appreciation in films that work to culturally enrich Canada's movie screens. I feel that an honest portrayal of Canadian values and culture is beneficial not only by enhancing the credibility of Canada's film industry, but also by maintaining a voice for the customs held by the Canadian people. For these reasons, among others, it had become very easy for me to dislike Daryl Duke's 1978

  • Essay on Fame in Djerassi’s Cantor's Dilemma

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    Dreams of Fame in Djerassi’s Cantor's Dilemma Opportunistic scientists, the most hypocritical deviants of the modern age, revolve around the scientific method, or at least they used to. The scientific method once involved formulating a hypothesis from a problem posed, experimenting, and forming a conclusion that best explained the data collected. Yet today, those who are willing to critique the work of their peers are themselves performing the scientific method out of sequence. I propose that

  • Hobbes, Conatus and the Prisoner's Dilemma

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    Hobbes, Conatus and the Prisoner's Dilemma ABSTRACT: I want to show the importance of the notion of conatus (endeavor) for Hobbes' political philosophy. According to Hobbes, all motion of bodies consists of elementary motions he called 'endeavors.' They are motions 'made in less space and time than can be given,' and they obey the law of persistence or inertia. A body strives to preserve its state and resist the causal power of other bodies. I call this the conatus-principle. Hobbes' argument

  • Lycius' Dilemma

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    Lycius' Dilemma The Master and Margarita and Lamia are the vastly different works of two men from far flung times and places. Though the histories and plots of these works diverge, their thematic elements resonate. Each text invokes a dualism of worlds: the world of the imagination and the world of reality. The imaginative realm is a mythic space of love, creativity and magic. Paradoxically, the characters that speak for the realm of imagination are those aligned with the devil (Lamia and Woland)

  • Hamlet The Central Dilemma

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    HAMLET ESSAY “The central dilemma in Hamlet is the character and life’s journey of a man whose mind is in paralysis. To what extent is this an adequate summary of Hamlet?'; Hamlet certainly is a play with complex themes and issues. As we read through the rich script we uncover many dilemmas and issues that have great bearing on the direction of the play, and the consequences of the character’s actions. One such character is, of course, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. It is around

  • The Old Maid - My Delia Dilemma

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    The Old Maid  - My Delia Dilemma In my first reading of The Old Maid, I found it hard to dissect the character of Delia.  Edith Wharton made me work hard to figure Delia out by not spelling her out directly, but bringing her on gradually.  After subsequent readings however, I saw this story as a sort of coming of age story about Delia Lovell and not about an old maid. Although the title is surely meant to reflect our feelings for the character of Charlotte, whom it seemed was destined to become

  • Ophelia

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    Ophelia A play with great value and quality would best describe one of Shakespeare’s intriguing plays, Hamlet. Events, dilemmas, action, and the characters all contribute greatly to make the play interesting and appealing. Every event that occurs leads to the outcome of dilemmas and action. The characters personalities is what makes the action is even more exciting. Each character has got their own special significance in the roles they play. However Ophelia, the daughter of the Lord Chamberlain

  • The Theological Dilemma of Pain and Suffering

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    The existence of pain and suffering in a world created by a good and almighty God is a fundamental theological dilemma and may be the most serious objection to the Christian religion. In the book, The Problem Of Pain , author C.S. Lewis addresses the issue of pain as a mere problem that demands a solution; he formulates it and goes about solving it. "If God were good, He would make His creatures perfectly happy, and if He were almighty He would be able to do what He wished. But the creatures are

  • Wittgenstein's Dilemma

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    Wittgenstein's Dilemma Either language can be defined or it can be investigated empirically. If language is defined then this will be mere tautology. If language is investigated empirically then this will lead to a substantial yet contingent truth. The cure for this dilemma for Wittgenstein in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus was to submit the doctrine that the structure of language cannot be said but only shown. This doctrine is vague and misconceived. In this essay, I will show that

  • The Cloning Dilemma

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    The Cloning Dilemma Cloning is one of the most widely talked about topics in this world. It is one topic that evokes a great public response worldwide. The defenders of cloning believe that cloning and genetic engineering will be the answer to most of the diseases in the future. On the other hand, the people against cloning view it as ‘ playing God ’. Cloning is unethical because people will lose their identities if their clones come into this world. We are taking nature into our own hands

  • Emma's Dilemma

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    Emma's Dilemma In my investigation I will investigate the number of different combinations a word can be put in. For example the word… Tim. The letters in this word can be mixed up to show all the possible variations of combinations the letters can be put in. So a variation of the name Tim would be… Mit. E.g. TIM, ITM, MIT, TMI, ITM, MTI. …this shows all the possible combinations the letters can be put into. A total of 6 different combinations can be achieved. I will begin

  • The Electrician's Dilemma

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    The Electrician's Dilemma An electrician has been asked to repair an old radio. He believes that he needs a resistance of 1.9 ohms which is not easily obtained. You are provided with some reels of resistance wire and are asked to plan and carry out an investigation to help the electrician solve this problem. When your investigation has been concluded you discover that a resistance of 28.5 ohms is also required to complete the repair. Show how you use the data from your investigation

  • Emma's Dilemma

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    Emma's Dilemma In my investigation I am going to investigate the number of different arrangements of letters for names and words and try to find a formula that can be used to predict this. For example: TOM is one arrangement and OTM is another arrangement First, I am going to investigate the number of different arrangements of letters for the name LUCY (a 4-letter name, where all the letters are different). LUCY ULCY CLUY YLUC LUYC ULYC CLYU YLCU LCUY UCLY CULY YULC LCYU