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    the late John"Doc" Holliday. Part of the reason Doc has enjoyed such a famedhistory is because of the overall descent man he was, that is when hewasn’t gambling, drinking, and gunslinging. When Doc died he mighthave had a handkerchief, a pocket knife, a deck of poker cards, a flaskhalf full of whiskey, and a small essay entitled "My Friend DocHolliday" by Wyatt Earp. 	The most important item Doc would have had on him when he diedwas a handkerchief. Doc most likely had a handkerchief

  • Synopsis Of The Movie 'Thoughts On Doc Holliday'

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    Spencer Penk Masucci 12/2/2017 Doc Holliday Paper Thoughts on Doc Holliday Dr. John Henry Holliday was born on August 14th, 1851. was a gambler, dentist, and gunman. He was also a good friend of Wyatt Earp. He is best known for his role as a temporary deputy marshal in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. When he had tuberculosis, "Doc" decided to travel west. The Doctors had told John that the drier air of the west would be good for his disease. He was only given

  • Dr. John Henry doc Holliday

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    1851 in Griffin, Georgia, John Henry Holliday was born to Henry Burroughs and Alice Jane Holliday. Their first child, Martha Eleanora, had died on June 12, 1850 at six months of age. When he married Alice Jane McKay on January 8, 1849, Henry Burroughs was a druggist by trade and, later became a wealthy planter, lawyer, and during the War between the States, a Confederate Major. Church records state: "John Henry, infant son of Henry B. and Alice J. Holliday, received the ordinance of baptism on

  • The Gunfight at the OK Corral

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    incidents and confrontations that may have very well contributed to the outcome in Tombstone. The film begins in Fort Griffin, Texas with "Doc" Holliday in trouble after he killed a man in a saloon. Although it was clearly self-defense, a lynch mob gathered to hang Doc. This is when Wyatt Earp sets up a distraction and arranges for Doc Holliday's escape. Doc felt he was in great dept to his savior and wound up in Dodge City, Kansas, where Wyatt is marshalling. After some talk between the two,

  • Biography of Wyatt Earp

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    the man with a gun shooting bad guys, now he was the man behind the desk trying to figure out who robbed th... ... middle of paper ... ...veral members of the "Cowboys" including, Frank Stilwell, Florentine Cruz, and gang member Jonny Barnes. Doc died of tuberculosis shortly after the Vendetta. Wyatt was said to have illegally taken the law into his own hands. He was charged with murder and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Wyatt was never caught and tried because he moved away to Los

  • Analysis of "The Thematic Paradigm"

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    In the article “The Thematic Paradigm” exerted from his book, A Certain Tendency of the Hollywood Cinema, Robert Ray provides a description of the two types of heroes depicted in American film: the outlaw hero and the official hero. Although the outlaw hero is more risky and lonely, he cherishes liberty and sovereignty. The official hero on the other hand, generally poses the role of an average ordinary person, claiming an image of a “civilized person.” While the outlaw hero creates an image of a

  • The Clanton Gang

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    In the middle and late part of the nineteenth century, the West was a harsh and dangerous place to live. Bar fights and murders were being committed in every town. This was acceptable behavior however in those days. Men settled their problems face-to-face, and normally, the slower man ended up dead. Gunfighting in the West was started and carried on by a group of men known as the Clanton Gang. Old Man Clanton was the leader and founder of gunfighting, his sons carried some of his fights and continued

  • Morgan Earp Research Paper

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    Wyatt Earp’s dad was Nicholas Porter Earp and his mom was Virginia Ann Cooksey Earp she died before Wyatt’s dad. Wyatt’s dad was a deputy sheriff of Warren county, Illinois, he was a sergeant in the civil war. Wyatt’s mom just stayed home to do chores around the house and work on the garden. Wyatt’s brothers are Newton Jasper, James Cooksey, Virgil Walter, Warren, and Morgan S Earp. Wyatt’s sister’s are Adelia Douglas, Mariah Ann, Martha Elizabeth Earp. Virgil was the second real brother Virgil

  • The Film Analysis Of Ford's Romantic Action Western Film

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    peace in Tombstone and begins to build a romantic rapport with Clementine Carter played by Cathy Downs (1924 - 1976). However, “the most important relationship in the movie is between Earp and Doc Holliday” (Ebert 304) played by stage, film and television actor Victor Mature (1913 - 1999). The character of Holliday is stricken with TB and is slowly dying. Mature excellently plays him as a miserable ex-criminal doctor who gradually likes and respects Earp enough to help him in his fight against the tyranny

  • Doc Holiday

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    Doc Holiday Doc Holiday could be known as the most skillful gambler, the nerviest, fastest, and deadliest man with a six-shooter. John Henry Holiday was born on August 14, 1851 in Griffin, Georgia. His father was Henry Broughs, and mother Alice Jane Holiday. Their first child Martha Elenore, had died at six months of age on January 8, 1889. Holidays father was a druggist by trade and later became a wealthy planter, lawyer, and during the civil was he was a confederate Major. Holiday suffered a

  • Personal Narrative: My Childhood Adventure

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    Ah! I see you have come to hear my story. Well, I warn you now; I am advanced in years and might forget some parts. My story is filled with adventure, new beginnings, and confusion. But enough! I will begin. I was a girl of just 15, ready to explore the outside. I lived in an ancient city, named Baktrahkpi. This city was on a mysterious island, where many centuries ago, it was decided by the gods that each quarter moon the island would vanish and appear in a new spot, never quite the same one. One

  • All Quiet On The Western Front Literary Analysis

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    The two classic war novels ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ by Erich Maria Remarque and ‘Catch 22’ by Joseph Heller both provide a graphic insight into the life of soldiers serving their country in the historic world wars. One distinct theme of interest found in both books, is the way in which war has physically and mentally re-shaped the characters. Remarque creates the character Paul Baümer, a young soldier who exposes anxiety and PTSD (commonly known as Shellshock) through his accounts of WW1’s

  • Theme Of Insanity In Catch 22

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    Sanity, the one thing every person in this world strives to achieve, but they will never conquer, because behind the sad truth of sanity is, we are all a little insane. No, insane is not running around with your clothes off yelling “we don’t know”, insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting something to change. Shown in this book are men who wake up every day, get in their planes and go to war. They all go up, and some of them return. Those that return, mourn for their losses but they

  • Character Analysis: The Incredible Hulk

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    Next on the list of heroes to analyze is Dr. Bruce Banner or, as he is called when in hero form, The Incredible Hulk. Dr. Banner is a man victimized by something living in his own psyche. He has a monster that his must mentally, and often times physically, control; otherwise it will escape and wreak havoc on anything or anyone nearby and pave a path of destruction in its wake. Whether one uses the comics, the TV show, or the movies, the back-story is always the same. Dr. Banner has a lab accident

  • The Atrocity Of War

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    The Atrocity of War More than an end to war, we want an end to the beginning of all wars - yes, an end to this brutal, inhuman and thoroughly impractical method of settling the differences between governments (Franklin D. Roosevelt). In some people’s minds, war is glorified. The romanticized perspective that society bases war on is reversed in the book Catch-22. The Vietnam War established the book as an anti-war classic because of the war’s paradoxical nature. Heller perceives war as a no win situation

  • Dc Holliday Biography Essay

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    Who was Doc Holliday? Was he just an old western figure who went down in history to be remembered as a famous gunman and gambler who was apart of the legendary shootout at the O.K. Corral, or was he more? Doc Holliday’s father, Henry B. Holliday was a pharmacist who served in several wars. One of the wars his father served in was the Mexican War, where he found an orphan boy named Francisco Hidalgo and decided to make him apart of his family. On January 8, 1849, Henry B. Holliday married Alice

  • Slang In Tombstone

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    because that is how they really talked back in the day, but it as well can be confusing for viewers which can be a downfall. Doc Holliday definitely uses a lot of slang. He uses the words and phrases, “You’re a daisy if you do,” and “I’ll be your huckleberry.” Those are just a few of the famous lines of Doc Holliday in the movie. Daisies represent death, so when Doc Holliday said, “You’re a daisy if you do,” he was really threatening and warning that person he was in a bind with. When he said, “I’ll

  • What Is The Significance Of Holliday's Speech

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    John Henry “Doc” Holliday was born August 14, 1851 in the booming city of Griffin, Georgia. The son of Alice Jane Holliday and Henry Burroughs Holliday; his birth was truly celebrated by his parents due to the loss of his infant sister six months earlier. He was raised in a middle class family, with his father making a living as a druggist. Holliday was adored by parents specifically his mother who spent much of her time with him. Holliday was born with a cleft palate and has undergone surgery

  • Biography of Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp

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    Apr. 2001 Tombtown. 2 May 2001. 2 May 2001 Tefertiller, Casey. Wyatt Earp: The Life behind the Legend. Wiley, John and Sons. 1998 West, Paul. O.K. Corral, the Earps and Doc Holliday. Simon and Schuster Trade. 2000

  • Wild West Flaws

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    One of these was Billy the Kid. He was shot dead in 1881 by his friend a sheriff named Pat Garret and mind you he was only 21 and had shot 21 men by that time. In 1881 again in Tombstone, Arizona Marshall Wyatt Earp and his brothers along with Doc Holliday shot to death the Clanton gang members in a famous shoot out at the O.K Corral. And in 1882, another notorious outlaw, Jesse James, who is also a legend, was shot in the back by a close relative who wished to collect a reward of $ 5000 offered