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  • The Diver

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    “The Diver” Robert Currie’s “The Diver”, on the surface, recounts a diver’s descent and ascent into a river as onlookers eagerly anticipate his fate. Beneath the surface, this poem is actually very spiritual. The diver’s descent into the water, and his arising from the water, can be compared to the crucifixion of Jesus. Through the masterful use of imagery and Biblical comparisons, Currie depicts the message that rebirth and hope can captivate and revitalize our spirits. An essential key to the

  • The Descent of Dick Diver in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night Essays

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    The Descent of Dick Diver in Tender is the Night Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald chronicles Dick Diver's long descent (or "dying fall," [Letters 310]) to ruin at the hands of women. Diver, the novel's protagonist and antagonist, seeks to overthrow feminine power. Dick needs to control the women in his life. To him, women want to be dependent; they are weak, lost souls who need the guidance only a man can give. In turn, women are parasites who feed on him and ultimately destroy

  • Dick Diver as Control Freak in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night Essays

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    Dick Diver as Control Freak in Tender Is the Night In Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, Dick Diver is assigned the role of doctor, but he does not play this role convincingly. In modern technical terms, Diver is a control freak, more dysfunctional than his star patient and wife, Nicole Diver. As Diver loses control of more and more situations and begins to assume Nicole's instabilities, his integrity lessens -- he becomes more of a drunkard and less of a psychiatrist. Diver's profession

  • Similarities Between Dick Diver and Abe North in Tender is the Night

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    Similarities Between Dick Diver and Abe North in Tender is the Night Dick Diver and Abe North are characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, Tender is the Night. As presented in the beginning of the novel, Dick Diver and Abe North did not seem to have much in common.  As the character of Dick Diver developed, the reader found the characters to be parallel to each other. There were numerous unexpected similarities as the novel progressed. The presentation of Abe North's character “served as a

  • Disintegration of Dick Diver in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night Essays

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    The Disintegration of Dick Diver in Tender is the Night The exact nature of Dick Diver¹s descent throughout the course of Tender is the Night is difficult to discern. It is clear enough that his disintegration is occasioned by Nicole¹s burgeoning independence, but why or how her transformation affects him this way is less than obvious. Moreover, it is not at all apparent what is at stake, more abstractly, in this reciprocal exchange of fates. In this paper, I will propose a reading of this change

  • Comparison of the Presentation of the Characters Jay Gatsby and Dick Diver from The Great Gatsby

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    Comparison of the Presentation of the Characters Jay Gatsby and Dick Diver from The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald is known as a writer who chronicled his times. This work has been critically acclaimed for portraying the sentiments of the American people during the 1920s and 1930s. ‘The Great Gatsby’ was written in 1924, whilst the Fitzgeralds were staying on the French Riviera, and ‘Tender is the Night’ was written nearly ten years later, is set on, among other places, the Riviera. There

  • Carl Brashear: Navy Master Diver

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    Carl Brashear was the first black man to become a Navy Master Diver. Carl was a man that wouldn’t give up. He just keeps push on anything that comes in his way. He went to a Navy Dive school in Bayonne, New Jersey. Carl had to deal with racism in the Navy. Carl had racism at the Navy Dive school he went to. When Carl was starting Navy diving school no one had any respect for him because he was a black man. Carl keep try not to show no fear and keep pushing forward. People at the dive school were

  • Cosquer Cave

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    cave is through a tunnel that is 125 feet below the water and 575 feet long (“Cosquer Grotto”). This long, sloping tunnel leads to the large, air-filled main chamber of the cave. Cosquer Cave is named after its discoverer, professional deep-sea diver Henri Cosquer. Cosquer discovered this cave by accident while on a dive in 1985. Although he visited the cave several times after the initial discovery, he was unable to reach the main chamber until September of 1985. Upon discovering the main chamber

  • Physics of Springboard Diving

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    The Hurdle Before a diver jumps off of a springboard, he does a sort of hop-skip step called a hurdle. After doing a few steps, the diver leaps up into the air with his arms raised. When he lands back down on the tip of the board, he swings his arms down past his legs and then up, leaping into the air and off of the board. The purpose of this hurdle is as follows: A diver cannot simply stand on the end of board, step off, and expect to have the power to go up or the momentum to rotate his

  • Carl Brashear

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    Carl Brashear is. The Navy's first African-American Master Diver, Brashear faced difficulties that would have defeated most people. His spirit and determination resulted not only in his overcoming great odds to become a U.S. Navy diver, but also in his surviving the loss of a leg in an accident on the USS Hoist in 1966 - and more amazingly - in his attaining the rank of Master Diver. In the fall, Twentieth Century Fox will release The Diver, the story of Brashear's struggle. Cuba Gooding Jr. stars

  • Symbolism In The Pearl

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    Kino is thought of as 'a wise, primitive man' who is hungry for fortune because of the great pearl, which he discovers and later in the story he becomes 'an angry, frightened, but resolute man, determined to keep what he has earned'. He is a young diver who lives in a small village on the coastline of Mexico. In the beginning of the story he has come to o...

  • Euthanasia

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    a lot worse than this, it had strange marks all over it and the paragraphs were everywhere. I fixed it a bit, but I would go crazy if I stared at a computer screen any more!!!! Euthanasia, is one of the most controversial issues of our time. This diver issue raises many questions such as: how should decisions be made, and by whom? What should be determined as a matter of law and what left a matter of discretion and judgment? Should those who want to die, or who are in a "persistent vegetative state"

  • Distorted Perceptions in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night

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    Distorted Perceptions in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night Any visitor to the French Riviera in the mid-1920s, the setting of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, would describe Dr. Richard Diver as a charming, respected, well-mannered physician. Dick is a noble man who has dedicated his life to the health and protection of his beloved wife without thought to himself. Furthermore, he gives wonderful parties and is a reliable source of help to any friend in need. In fact, "to be

  • Dick as Tragic Hero in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night Essays

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    Dick as Tragic Hero in Tender is the Night Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night tells the story of an American psychiatrist Dick Diver and his wealthy, schizophrenic wife Nicole. We follow the deterioration of the seemingly wonderful, happy marriage of the stylish couple presented in the first book, to the finalizing divorce of the newly empowered and relatively stable Nicole and the somewhat broken, yet content Dick. Dick’s fall from grace is not entirely surprising considering the weaknesses of

  • The Role of Alcohol in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night Essays

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    life of leisure. One of the main activities of this lifestyle is drinking. Drunkenness causes and is the result of many negative things that happen to the characters. This is evidenced the most by the actions of Abe North and Dick Diver. The first time we meet Dick Diver in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night he is "going from umbrella to umbrella carrying a bottle and little glasses in his hands"(Fitzgerald, 11). From that point on there is alcohol involved in almost every scene. The first time

  • Implications of Modernist Thought in Tender Is the Night

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    often end in despair, such as the marriage of Dick and Nicole Diver. Similarly, seduction and dissimulation are not often met with ensuing punishment. Actions, whether they be morally right or wrong, tend to remain in a staid state without the traditional response. The modernists place characters in various moments and situations that do not necessarily conclude in the set conception of "punishment." Nicole and Dick Diver both commit "crimes" of infidelity during their marriage. While

  • The Subculture of Scuba Divers

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    characteristics, and history regarding the subculture of scuba divers. Scuba divers get to explore new, exciting, and breathtaking regions in the ocean that many people never get to experience in their whole lives. Scuba divers hold important roles in society because of the discoveries they make on a daily basis. They provide much needed research that is important in the scientific community regarding newly discovered marine species. Scuba divers get the opportunity to explore exceptionally beautiful ocean

  • Analysis Of The Diver By Robert Hayden

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    Cole-Leonard English 102 3 October 2017 The irony in the need for survival by a suicidal diver in Robert Hayden’s “the diver”. Robert Hayden is an African American poet whose poems, most of the time portrayed the ill-treatment and pains of the African America. This poem takes a turn from his usual racial theme and perspective. I will be referring to the diver as a male character to avoid repetition. In this poem the diver or the speaker tried to commit suicide at first but when he got close to death and

  • Coral Divers Resort Case Study

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    Problem: Coral Divers Resort is a safe and knowledgeable scuba diving resort with a beach front location. Over the past three years revenues have declined and Greywell suffered a $5, 174 in losses in 1994. Coral Divers Resort needs to do something before business gets worse and Jonathan Greywell and his resort go out of business. The first option that Greywell has would be to move Coral Divers Resort to New Providence Island in the Bahamas. The island has a large population, and Nassau the

  • Need for Control in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night Essays

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    Need for Control in Tender is the Night Dick Diver's love for his wife, Nicole, in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, is based purely on his need to assert control and act as care taker to her due to her illness. He assumes this role in order to feel validation for his own lack of achievement in his professional life. The only true success he can be credited is Nicole's 'cure,' achieved through his devotion and care; thus he continually tries to replicate this previous success in his