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  • Buy Essay Online: Dishonest Odysseus of Homer's Odyssey

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    The Dishonest Odysseus of Odyssey Once he returns to Ithaca, Odysseus displays dishonest behavior and does not once tell a person who he actually is when first meeting him. Odysseus hides his identity at first, whether by actively lying or passively not correcting their erroneous beliefs. He tells Pallas Athena, first, that he is from Crete, had killed a man there, and had gotten a ride with some Phoenicians to Ithaca. He tells Eumaios that he grew up in Crete, went to Troy for the Trojan

  • Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby - Nick Carraway, Detached or Dishonest?

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    The Great Gatsby  Nick - Detached or Dishonest? The Great Gatsby is a difficult book to interpret, particularly because of the style in which it is written. Not only must the reader differentiate between the separate views of Nick as the narrator and Nick as the character, but he or she must also take into consideration at what time period, relative to this story, are these views being expressed. After all, Nick the narrator is presently evaluating the manner in which his character behaved the

  • The Dangers of Shirking Responsibility in Arthur Miller's All My Sons

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    responsibility. The Keller family, as a whole, is severely dysfunctional in that they keep secrets and tell lies at every turn. Chris, the most reliable character, understands that his family has "made a terrible mistake with Mother . . . . Being dishonest with her" (Miller 620). He realizes that there are consequences to such behavior. Indeed, as a result, Kate is on the verge of being delusional. She clings to the unrealistic hope that her son, Larry, will return from the war and marry his childhood

  • A Separate Peace

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    Gene refuses to admit that he isn’t tall while Finny openly admits it. Gene refuses to admit that he isn’t brave or that his motives for injuring Finny where entirely false. Gene cannot face what he is and this leads to tragedy. Because Gene is dishonest he imagines that everyone else is as well. Gene imagines that Finny’s character is exactly the same as his, which of course it isn’t. Gene builds up hate, anger and fear of the character that he has given to Finny. Since this is his own character

  • Analysis of Academic Dishonesty

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    research into the topic and stating some changes that I have made I can better explain the reasoning of someone who is dishonest. In the University of Louisville's student handbook, the term "academic dishonesty" means obtaining or seeking to obtain an unfair academic advantage for oneself or for any other student; it includes lying, cheating, stealing, or engaging in otherwise dishonest conduct in the course of or related to a... ... middle of paper ... ...ce, determinants, techniques and punishments

  • Free College Essays - Othello and Honesty

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    very little honesty actually present in the play the term is most commonly applied to Iago, who also happens to be the most dishonest character in Othello.  Due partly to the other characters naiveté, Iago is capable of manipulating, brainwashing, and molding the other characters to satisfy his need for revenge against Othello. Iago would most commonly be referred to as dishonest, however beyond that he is also downright amoral and uses other’s weaknesses to manipulate them into doing what he pleases

  • Tradgedy:The Scarlet Letter

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    characters as living. Finding enlightenment or knowledge from this book is a bit more difficult. In a specific section of this book, Hawthorne tells the reader right out what the knowledge to gain from this book is, he says that to lie and to be dishonest to oneself and to the public and to carry guilt, as Dimmesdale and Hester did, is the worst possible thing that a human can do. Dimmesdale carried his guilt for so long that it deteriorated his physical and emotional state and drove him nearly mad

  • The Issue Of Sport

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    Ballroom", dirty tactics were used due to the competitive pressure. At the State Final Championship Scott and Liz were blocked by Ken Railings and Pam Short. It was also unfair competition, Barry Fife (The Dance Ferderation President) was being dishonest. Wayne overheard Barry setting it up so that Scott didn't win the Pan Pacific Grand Prix. The Sport weekly magazine article " Shirley knows her tables" printed on 14th May, 1996 dicusses her determination and preparation for the competition in the

  • The Search for Self and Identity in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road

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    Quest for Identity in On the Road In Jack Kerouac's novel On the Road, the author tries to convey to the audience that everybody is naturally dishonest and morally deceitful. Morals are defined by one's religion, the laws of the country, or some combination of the two. One's identity captures and plays out that individual’s moral. My morals follow the Christian beliefs, Texas state laws, and the laws of the United States. Although one's own morals can change, basic things such as stealing and murder

  • Cheating

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    behavior. A common rationalization that many students use is, “ That’s the only way I’ll get anywhere in life.” Many students also tend to incorporate reasons, such as parental pressures, the aim to be the best, and the lack of time, with their dishonest behavior. Since cheating has been a problem in our society, there have been many attempts to rid the world of this problem. Such attempts include creating an honor code, forms of punishment, and possibly a computer-integrated classroom. The terms

  • Character of Nick Carroway in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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    occur in the story begin with Nick meeting Jordan Baker at Gatsby's party. It was this meeting that causes Nick to mention the topic of honesty. Nick learns about Jordan's cheating in a golf tournament, and he realizes how dishonest Jordan really is. "She was incredibly dishonest," (Page 58) Nick said, adding, "Dishonesty in a woman is a thing that you can never blame deeply." (Page 59) Jordan seemed to contrast her own dishonesty with Nick's honesty. On the night of the party, Jordan leads Nick to

  • Fraud

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    defrauded suffered a injury or damage from the act. Who commits a fraud and why? It is generally accepted that 20 percent of employees are honest. Another 20 percent are dishonest and don't mind doing wrong. That means the remaining 60 percent are potentially dishonest, that's a total of 80 percent of employees which may be dishonest. To understand fraud you first have to determine the contributing factors to why people commit fraud. Some people commit fraud for the sport and thrill of it. There are

  • Vanity In The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg by Mark Twain

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    money. Yes money – that age-old evil that causes men to cheat, lie, steal, and even kill to consume its pseudo sense of security and power, is at the very root of the theme of the story, which is: when money is obtained through some evil act or dishonest deed, there is no escaping the moral punishment – even if the acts or deeds are unknown. Mark Twain, in my opinion, does an excellent job in supporting the theme of the story by using characterization to bring out the vanity of the town of Hadleyburg

  • Plethora of Fools in Twelfth Night

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    about her. FESTE Better a witty fool than a foolish wit' - God bless thee, lady. OLIVIA Take the fool away. FESTE Do you not hear, fellows? Take away the lady. OLIVIA Go to, y'are a dry fool: I'll no more of you; besides, you grow dishonest. FESTE Two faults, Madonna, that a drink and good counsel will amend: for give the dry fool drink, then i...

  • Drugs in Our Society

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    business people and often very dedicated students for a number of reasons. For a long time the common misconception that only youths use drugs and those who do are disrespectful and dishonest has become out dated and inaccurate. Teenagers can use drugs and there are certainly individuals who do who are disrespectful and dishonest however this is more likely to do with an individual’s personality than their use or experimentation of drugs. The survey we conducted showed that most people believed it was

  • Julius Caesar Essay: Brutus as the Tragic Hero

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    was guided by his firm decrees of honor, yet he was unconsciously hypocritical. He praised himself for refusing bribes and not acquiring money through dishonest means, "For I can raise no money by vile means" (Act IV Scene iii) yet he rebuked Cassius for refusing to share with him his own fraudulent gains. He strove for uprightness using dishonest and corrupt ways to accomplish his supposed morals. In Julius Caesar, Cassius approached Brutus with the idea of assassinating Caesar. Cassius needed

  • Animal Farm, by George Orwell

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    were sharing power. Snowball was good with words, honest, good at arguing, was inventive, and believed in technology. He stayed in touch with the animals, and wanted to make things better for them. Napoleon, on the other hand, was bad with words, dishonest, hated arguing, and was not inventive. He wanted to be above all the animals; he didn't care about making things better. He only believed in serving himself. In order for Napoleon to be above all the animals, he had to get Snowball out of the way

  • Loss of Innocence

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    Also, he begins to fear that he would be caught. Bigger becomes very paranoid after the murder and ultimately is caught and executed anyway. The case of Bigger Thomas is almost tragic. His loss of innocence, an accident, causes him to become a dishonest and dishonorable person. He is unable to forget the event and bears guilt and fear until he is executed. Knowing a victim of an unforgettable and unforgivable crime will cause a person to lose a type on innocence. However, witnessing the heinous

  • George Orwell's Animal Farm

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    obvious of Orwell’s stereotypes is exemplified by the pigs. They represent the government officials and political figures. A great number of people would find that a quite suitable representation. Politicians have always been reputable as dirty, dishonest, and simply undesirable individuals. Pigs are among the filthiest animals to roam the earth. Some would say the same about politicians. I, for one feel that this comparison is very fitting. The second main comparison Orwell makes uses Boxer, the

  • Free Essay on Macbeth - The Guilt of Lady Macbeth

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    he meets three witches who tell him three prophecies; that he will become thane of Cawdor, that he will become king and that Banquo’s sons will become kings. These three prophecies slowly change his opinions on life and turn him into a greedy, dishonest, tyrant, full of ambition. Lady Macbeth’s thoughts change as well when she is told about the three prophecies that were told to Macbeth. In the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is ambitious, controlling and domineering. She is the one who encourages