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  • Homelessness And Discussion Paper

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    Acknowledgments My most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation is extended to my supervisor – Siobain O’Donnell – for always kindly finding time to support, question, and inspire my research, particularly during the writing process. Siobain significant guidance was essential to complete this thesis. I wish to express a sincere thank you to the seven women who so graciously agreed to participate in this study. In the course of gathering this material, interviewing the participants, and collecting the

  • Picture This

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    Picture This Picture this: you are trying to hold a class discussion, You're writing like mad on the chalkboard; you have some great questions, ones you've picked especially for discussion purposes; and you've even brought in the overhead projector. And yet they are sitting there like stones. One in the back row is snoring and two in the front are doodling on your handout. This is not how you pictured it when you were planning it. You pictured everyone eager to say something. They disagree with

  • Main Street

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    Carol is frustrated with the progress of the town, and she soon feels rejected by the social elite at the Jolly Seventeen club on page 78. Her attempts to open the minds of the Jolly Seventeen to the issues of the lower class, backfires into a discussion of foreign incompetencies and laziness. Her reputation becomes the antithesis of Gopher Prairie social beliefs and structure. After presumably months of social reclusion, Carol is coe...

  • Hegel and The Libertarians

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    Hegel and The Libertarians ABSTRACT: This paper aims to show how the Hegelian philosophy can contribute to the conceptual discussions between the two strains of contemporary ethical-political philosophy. I argue that the Hegelian political theory is of central import to the discussion between communitarians and libertarians, both in the communitarian criticism of the libertarian — mainly in Michael Sandel's criticism of Rawls — and in the Rawlsian project of a society founded in justice as equality

  • The Elements of Style and Style Toward Clarity and Grace

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    series of set rules. Joseph Williams book Style Toward Clarity and Grace expanded the seed that was planted by the Strunk and Williams book and took my thoughts on style to a higher level. With his sometimes exhaustive examples and in depth discussions Williams paints a much more vivid picture of what writing with “style” is. Perhaps what made Williams book clearer was the way he laid out his book. Williams book is not laid out like a reference book like the Strunk and White text.

  • My Development as a Writer

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    appreciation, enjoyment, and knowledge of both American and British Literature. As a high school AP English student, I struggled through great works like Hamlet and To the Lighthouse. My teacher’s daily lectures (there was no such thing as class discussion) taught me merely to interpret the works as critics had in the past. I did not enjoy the reading or writing process. As a freshman at Loras, I was enrolled in the Critical Writing: Poetry class. For the first time since grade school, my writing

  • Discussion on Iridium

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    Iridium, a satellite mobile system which cost $5 billion to build, began to provide commercial telephone service on November 1 1998. This paper aims to use the Iridium Project, which I have participated at Motorola before, to illustrate the incremental benefits and the pitfalls from creating competitive advantage through technology and activity system. Discussion of incremental benefits & industry analysis by using five force model Competitor ¡V Mobile Satellite System (MSS) companies The largest competitor

  • Edith Hahn Beer

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    ordeal, perhaps her biggest fear was that her identity would be revealed and lost at the same time. Yet despite the risk it posed to her life, Edith Hahn created a remarkable collective record of survival: She saved every set of real and falsified papers, letters she received from her lost love, Pepi, and photographs she managed to take inside labor camps. Edith Hahn returned to her home of Vienna, Austria, after fourteen months in Nazi labor camps to find her mother had been deported. Her father

  • Discussion of Margaret Atwood's Rape Fantasies

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    Discussion of Margaret Atwood's Rape Fantasies The author of the short story Rape Fantasies is Margaret Atwood - She is a renowned Canadian writer of poetry and fiction, she is best known for her novel The Handmaids Tail. The short story that I chose Rape Fantasies comes from Atwood?s first collection of short stories called Dancing girls and Other Stories. ?Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent? Eleanor Roosevelt The story Rape Fantasies is about a bunch of

  • Feelings of Incompetency

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    as far as tutoring the students that come in search of writing assistance. I feel that I am a very inadequate means of relief for these people, yet they still come to me for help. In this paper, I will explore these thoughts and try to find out what it is that makes me feel so ineffective. In recent discussions with my peers at the Writing Resource Center, I have found that, though these feelings of inadequacy are somewhat consistent throughout the center, I feel that my feelings are a bit more

  • Sports Cause the Discussion of Ethical, Social and Cultural Issues

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    Sports Promote Discussion of Ethical, Social and Cultural Issues Abstract:  In contemporary American society, the pervasiveness of sports has become the vehicle for the discussion of important ethical and cultural issues. The typical American is included in this discussion due to this cultural saturation. This saturation plays an important role in public discourse. Sports provide an egalitarian platform for the daily discussion of important ethical, social and cultural issues. Throughout

  • Discovering Communities on the Internet

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    people to share ideas. To my understanding, the main difference between the two is that someone posts an idea on the board, and another person responds to the inquiry or statement by posting his response. Both of these places allow people to have discussions of all kinds and for a variety of reasons. Some people may think that an online community is where they met their significant others. Other people think an online community allows them to find the house or car of his dream. Also, people will ask

  • Chicanos

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    documentary, I have encountered a variety of representations of Mexican-American history. However they are not all of the same quality for the video and web site do not give as much information as the readings in Vargas= book or the class lectures and discussions do. Both the video and web site touch on a very small portion Mexican-American history, however, they only refer to the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo established in 1848 and that Mexicans are of Aztlan heritage. Chicano Park, is an area seventeen

  • Personal Interest

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    participate in the discussion which followed the reading. It became apparent the first week I was in the class that she was not an active participant and had difficulty answering questions during class discussions. Although she was quick to raise her hand, she became very distressed when called on in class. I noted that my cooperating teacher often bypassed her, calling on other students who were more outgoing. As a teacher, I want to develop tools to help my student... ... middle of paper ... ...Bibliography

  • Albert Einstein

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    in pants that were too short and he had his notes on a single scrap of paper. But after talking for a few minutes, his students knew that they had a very special teacher. He cared about physics and about his students. He enjoyed talking to his students and would interrupt his own work just to help them. He was always welcoming questions and often invited his students to a local cafe or his home to continue classroom discussions I found that teachers I had in the past who were friendly made learning

  • Technology - Digital Video and Copyright Fair Use

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    attaches, are issues worth considering. This paper explores the possible and actual, reputable and less reputable uses of this technology in an attempt to stimulate discussions about how “well-intended” technologies can be utilized by users in unethical and harmful ways. The paper also attempts to see where possible infringements of copyright’s fair use doctrine has occurred or could possibly occur through use of this technology. A n... ... middle of paper ... ...pinions. Despite the many issues

  • Personal Narrative- Following God's Will

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    rarely formally witness). I have attended SEMP (Students Equipped to Minister to Peers), where I learned about evangelizing, specifically, to my friends. In addition, we went out on the streets of Chicago a few days and witnessed... ... middle of paper ... ...guing Christianity these days. God has used the ability to write (that He gave me) and my skill with computers (which He also gave me – "Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above" - James 1:17, including all our talents)

  • My Philosophy of Education

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    create. Some discussion topics for my class would include animal testing, cloning, genetic research, DNA research, water and air pollution, and overpopulation. My students would research the topic and its effects, prepare a paper, give a speech, and lead the class discussion of the topic sharing their own viewpoint. This process would develop my students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills. By employing class discussions, cooperati... ... middle of paper ... ...ial

  • Holding Onto Reality

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    on to the realest, most relatable ideas about the Information Age, and refuses to let go. I have had a difficult time talking and writing about Borgmann. For our class listserv responses, I felt like I had nothing to comment on. In our class discussions, I had a hard time figuring out what everyone was talking about. Borgmann’s writing style (and diction and even content) is clear and straightforward, and it leaves me at a loss for anything to interpret or explicate. Borgmann writes sentences

  • Richard Wright's - Black Boy

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    the literature that Wright produced. In that sense, the documentary synthesizes a great amount of historical, social and cultural information about the twentieth century. It can be used to prompt extensive discussions, to stimulate students to undertake special research projects, to write papers or combine the arts and/or cultural knowledge into a learning experience. Since the documentary is ninety minutes in length, planning and scheduling viewing time for students is essential so that the documentary