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  • A Discourse on Inequality

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    A Discourse on Inequality In Rousseau’s book “A Discourse On Inequality”, he looks into the question of where the general inequality amongst men came from. Inequality exists economically, structurally, amongst different generations, genders, races, and in almost all other areas of society. However, Rousseau considers that there are really two categories of inequality. The first is called Natural/Physical, it occurs as an affect of nature. It includes inequalities of age,, health, bodily strength

  • Discourse Analysis In Discourse

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    1.2- Critical Discourse Analysis CDA considers language as a social phenomenon. Not only individuals, but also institutions and social groupings have specific meanings and values that are expressed in language in systematic ways. In CDA, texts are seen as the relevant units of language in communications, readers and hearers are not passive recipients in their relationship to texts, and there are similarities between the language of science and the language of institutions, and so on. However, a

  • Gender, Parody and Discourse

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    marginalization of women, and an apparent absence of sexuality”. The films Shaun of Dead and Hot Fuzz directed by Edgar Wright on the surface appear to be comedic genre films. However, they are not simply parodies, but rather satires of social discourses reproduced by the film genres. One of the most prevalent theme in these films is the focus on male relationsh...

  • Discourse And Discourse Analysis

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    ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES (ESP) MPhil English Linguistics Programme 2011-2013 Lahore Leads University ASSIGNMENT 3 Register, Discourse & Genre Analysis Name: Zulfiqar Ahmad ID # 4025 Submitted to: Dr Zahid Javed Chaudary 1. Introduction 2. Register The concept of special language: register analysis • This concept departed from the principle that English of a specific science differs from each other in terms of its grammatical and lexical features of the registers. • Register analyses

  • Critical Discourse Analysis

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    Critical Discourse Analysis Jan blommaert and Chris Bulcaen makes a brief introduction to the study of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). CDA intends to use social-theoretical method in discourse analysis and is primarily linguistically based (Blommaet & Bulcaen, 2000, p.447). It intends to analyze the structural relationships of dominance, discrimination, power and control through a textual study (Blommaet & Bulcaen, 2000, p.448). Based on the assumption that social discourse is constructed and

  • Ecosystems and Environmental Discourse

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    Ecosystems and Environmental Discourse What is an ecosystem? At first glance, this seems to be a straightforward question, one to be answered by environmental scientists. However, the concept of an ecosystem, or more specifically, the action that posits the existence of an ecosystem, raises a series of questions that challenge some basic assumptions about the environment. For instance, is an ecosystem a concrete object in the same way that a stone or a tree is? Or instead, is an ecosystem a

  • The Discourse of the Human Sciences

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    ‘Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences’ (Derrida, 1978: 278 –293) may be read as the document of an event, although Derrida actually commences the essay with a reservation regarding the word “event”, as it entails a meaning “which it is precisely the function of structural – or structuralist – thought to reduce or suspect” (278). This, I infer, refers to the emphasis within structuralist discourse on the synchronous analysis of systems and relations within them, as opposed

  • Bembo's Discourse on Love

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    Bembo's Discourse on Love The idea of the Renaissance Gentleman. Just as it is false to see the Renaissance as a simple and sharp contrast with the Middle Ages, as did Michelet and Burckhardt, neither should it be seen as all of one piece. After the age of civic humanism came the dominance of the Medici in Florence, and in those contacts made with eastern scholars when the Council of Florence was attempting the reconciliation of the Eastern and Western Churches (a last effort to stave off the

  • Descartes discourse on method

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    Understanding Descartes’ Method of Doubt Clear your mind, if you will, of everything you have ever seen or known to be true. To begin understanding Rene Descartes’ method of doubt, you need to suspend all prejudice and prior judgments and start with a clean slate “for the purpose of discovering some ultimate truth on which to base all thought.” (Kolak, Pg.225). Discouraged with much skepticism from his own beliefs, Descartes was embarrassed of his own ignorance. He set out to try and accomplish

  • Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince and The Discourses

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    Niccolò Machiavelli thoroughly discusses the importance of religion in the formation and maintenance of political authority in his famous works, The Prince and The Discourses. In his writing on religion, he states that religion is beneficiary in the formation of political authority and political leaders must support and endorse religion in order to maintain power. However, Machiavelli also critiques corrupt religious institutions that become involved in politics and in turn, cause corruption in the

  • Power and Discourse Analysis

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    Power use is around us whether noticed or not. Power in Discourse Analysis is a medium to achieve an end. The end is for stronger of the two sides of the discourse. Power in discourse analysis is the use of language in a discourse allowing the person who acquires knowledge and high status in the discourse takes control of the discourse thus having the higher power. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss nature of power argued in Discourse Analysis, attempts made to define ‘power’ in social research

  • The Analysis of Classroom Discourse

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    1. BACKGROUND The analysis of classroom discourse is of value to teachers wanting to understand the dynamics of classroom communication, to discover “whether there is a proper equilibrium or an imbalance between real communication and teacher talk.” (McCarthy 1991). During my MS coursework, we learned about Sinclair and Coulthard’s conversation analysis model which struck me as a very useful tool to analyze classroom discourse. The three-tier model is particularly helpful in gauging the progress

  • Importance Of Discourse Analysis

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    Discourse analysis can simply be referred to as linguistic analysis. The term "Discourse" points a finger to a focus of study in the field of social sciences and humanities. In this regard, it should be noted here that the origin of the word is related to the Latin word “Discursus”, which means dialog or conversation. In linguistics, however, discourse refers to an element of language that is longer than a single sentence (Burchill). Discourse analysis is the study of how words are used in any context

  • Government and Politics - Crisis of Development Discourse

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    The Crisis of Development Discourse The rise of development theory has been an interesting phenomenon.  In the latter half of the 20th century, many theorists have tried to explain the origins of "under-development."  The debate over the idea of development has been intense, and has led to the emergence of two contending paradigms:  Modernization theory and dependency theory.  Upon close investigation, one realizes that both theories are problematic.  This paper is based on readings of Escobar

  • Discourse Community

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    Discourse Communities A discourse community consists of a group of people who share interests and work towards their area of interest, be it research lab or a fencing team. Since May 2014, I have been part of the microfluidics lab of the college of engineering. “Our research is primarily in the field of bioMEMS and bioelectronics and enhance the medical industry” (Basu). I believe the microfluidics lab is a discourse community as it satisfies all the objectives that are mentioned in Swale’s definition

  • Discourse Analysis Essay

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    class, I thought, “wow, discourse analysis? It sounds hard.” To my surprise, my assumption was accurate. Although the work is tedious and required much effort on my part, it was a rewarding learning experience. I learned about myself as a student, student- interpreter, and a person. From August, until now, I’ve learned a lot about discourse. In this essay, I’ll share my learning experience and I hope you enjoy. The first week of class, focused on the meaning of discourse. Prior to the course, I

  • Hollowness in Emily Dickinson’s Poetic Discourse

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    Hollowness in Emily Dickinson’s Poetic Discourse Much has been said about Emily Dickinson’s mystifying poetry and private life, especially during the years 1860-63. Allegedly it was during these years that the poetess, at the most prolific phase of her career, withdrew from society, began to wear her “characteristic” white dress and suffered a series of psychotic episodes. Dickinson tended to “theatricalize” herself by speaking through a host of personae in her poems and by “fictionalizing”

  • The Power of Discourse in a Political Sex Scandal

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    The Power of Discourse in a Political Sex Scandal On August 12th, 2004 New Jersey Governor James McGreevey became this nation's first openly gay state governor. Several moments after he stated, "I am a gay American", he succumbed to intense political and public pressure by announcing his resignation from New Jersey's most powerful position. This announcement and resignation came after a week of intense allegations that McGreevey sexually harassed a male colleague whom he had appointed. While

  • Postcolonial Discourse in Wide Sargasso Sea

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    Postcolonial Discourse in Wide Sargasso Sea In Wide Sargasso Sea, Jean Rhys confronts the possibility of another side to Jane Eyre. The story of Bertha, the first Mrs Rochester, Wide Sargasso Sea is not only a brilliant deconstruction of Brontë's legacy, but is also a damning history of colonialism in the Caribbean. The story is set just after the emancipation of the slaves, in that uneasy time when racial relations in the Caribbean were at their most strained. Antoinette (Rhys renames her

  • Starbucks Discourse

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    Discourse is something that nearly every community has and engages in, but is something that is often never analyzed by the community. Within each community, there are those that have authority over the discourse that occurs within the community. To have authority over text, to me, means to feel experienced with the discourse and to understand how to communicate with others in the community. To explain authority in discourse communities, Klaas describes her discourse skills as “soft skills,” or to