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  • Diamond As A Diamond

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    Diamond is a meta-stable allotrope of carbon, where the carbon atoms are set in a distinction of the face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice. Diamond is distinguished as a material with outstanding physical qualities, mainly of which originate from the strong covalent bonding together with the energy of ≈ 7.4 eV per atom. Due to its unique physical, chemical, and biological properties, diamond has become a significant candidate material in scientific and industrial applications

  • Diamond As A Natural Diamond

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    Diamond is a well-known and precious jewellery in the world as it is extremely rare. Natural diamond can be found on its host rock, which is kimberlite and lamprolite (Bulanova 1995, 2). However the percentage of diamond is small. For example in a 10 ton of host stone, only 5 gram of diamond can be obtained (Rigby 1991, 118). It is named from a Greek word, Adamas, which means indestrucbility (O'Donoghue 1993, 104). Diamond is the known hardest mineral which have highest value 10 in the Mohs’ Hardness

  • Essay On Diamonds Are A Diamond

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    “Diamonds are a girls best friend”? LifeGem is taking this saying to the next level. Now you can have a diamond made from cremated remains of your family, friends, and even pets. Now your best friend really can be a diamond! What Is A Diamond?   What Is A Diamond? The word Diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas, which means indestructible. It is the only gem known to man that is made of a single element. Diamond is completely made of Carbon atoms crystallized in a cubic arrangement

  • History Of The Diamond Diamond

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    where it goes when they’re done using it. In this report, the diamond commodity chain is followed from beginning to end and an explanation of some of the issues faced by the people associated with this product at each state of the commodity chain will also be addressed. Moreover, this report analyzes the working conditions and practices of diamond miners. Many workers, children, and communities are exploited in the industry of diamond mining. The health and well being of these people are constantly

  • Diamonds

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    Diamonds Introduction For centuries, cultures have regarded diamonds as beautiful, magical, mysterious, and powerful. These precious stones have been sought after, fought over, and worshiped. Diamonds are associated with wealth, achievement, status, and love. The meaning and rarity of diamonds brings about much to consider when making a purchase. The rough gemstones must first be mined and cut. Once cut, diamonds are appraised to determine their value. Some of them undergo treatments

  • Diamonds

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    Diamonds When you hear diamonds what do you think?? Most people think of a wedding rings and how expensive they are. Well when some people hear the word diamonds they might think of a company called De Beers and how they are considered a cartel. De Beers proved to be the most successful cartel arrangement in the annals of modern commerce. While other commodities, such as gold, silver, copper, rubber, and grains, fluctuated wildly in response to economic conditions,

  • The Diamond

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    The Diamond Diamond is the best known gem. It is known as the “king of gems” for its brilliance and for being the hardest mineral on earth. (Foa, p.50) Its characteristics enable it to be used for many different purposes. Since diamonds are the hardest gems on Mohs’ scale, they make useful tools for industrial purposes, such as drilling hard materials. However, they are quite rare, which makes them very valuable. Their beauty and brilliance make them perfect for jewelry.      Diamond is made

  • Diamonds

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    A Diamond is one of the two natural minerals that are produced from carbon. The other mineral is Graphite. Even though both of these minerals are produced from the same element ,carbon, they have totally different characteristics. One of the most obvious difference is that Diamond is hard and Graphite is soft. The Diamond is considered to be the most hardest substance found in nature. It scores a perfect ten in hardness. Because of its hardness a tiny Diamond is used as a cutting and drilling tool

  • What Diamonds are Blood Diamonds?

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    circulation of diamonds across the world that were bought from mines that used the funds to help create a military that would enslave many parts of Africa. These diamonds, widely known as ‘blood diamonds,’ can be found in almost every corner of the world. These days, it is hard to find a diamond that doesn’t have a conflicting history. I made this report to investigate the questions: • Are there any alternatives to diamonds in circulation? • How can you tell if a retailer stocks blood diamonds? My findings

  • Diamond And Diamond Case Study

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    increase of market demand has forced the market to come out with different kind of products in Malaysia. The concept of healthy water has come out since the year 2005 when the famous water filter brand, Diamond has first landed in Malaysia. This concept has growth rapidly in the Malaysia market as Diamond has done a very great job in promoting their product. More and more water filters brand has come in to Malaysia market in this 10 years times. Gradually, the concept of pure water has deeply attach into