Detective Agency Essays

  • Pinkerton National Detective Agency

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    The Pinkerton National Detective Agency was started with the intention of finding counterfeiters and train robbers, then it evolved into an organization that investigated Lincoln’s assassination, stopped many criminal organizations such as the Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, and spy work in the Civil War. In addition, the agency has shown the ability to be progressive for they were the first to enter criminals into a database, and were the first to hire a female detective in the U.S. With that,

  • The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency By Alexander Mccall Smith

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    Alexander McCall Smith, the author of the award winning novel The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency spoke in a recent interview in The Sydney Morning Herald (December 2006) about his famously optimistic views of Africa and its people. The works of many African authors express rather grim and bleak views in comparison to McCall Smith’s view. In a “Foreign Correspondent” interview McCall Smith says Botswana is a very beautiful country and that Africa transformed him into a best selling novelist and made

  • Changes In Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

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    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is a book that revolves all around changes. From start to finish it will through you for a loop and make you think twice about every little detail. The changes that happen to the characters in this book a quite intriguing for the fact that what their entire alma mater stands for switches in the end. Three characters in particular changed dramatically from beginning to end. Dirk Gently is a big character judging by the title. He gets an ego check and changes

  • Jesse Woodson James Research Papers

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    Jesse Woodson James was viewed in two ways; a modern Robin Hood and a killer. He was born in Kearney, Missouri on September 5, 1847. Some people say it was the cruel treatment from Union soldiers that turned Frank and Jesse to a life of crime during the Civil War. During the Civil War, at age 15, he joined Quantrill's Raiders, a group of pro-Confederate guerillas. He was part of the Centralia massacre in 1864. He is also known to have been a spy for the rebel army. Jesse was wounded while surrendering

  • Matewan

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    run by Elma Radnor, played by Mary McDonnell. Her husband was killed in a mining accident, and now her fourteen-year-old son, Danny, works for Stone Mountain. The Company hired Bill Hickey and Tom Griggs, two intimidators from Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. They came to Matewan to investigate rumors about a union being formed. When the two men came to stay at the boarding house as “guests of the coal company,” they discovered that Ms. Radnor had rented a room to Joe Kenehan; the ex-Wobbly sent

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of Baskervilles

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    of The Hound of Baskervilles is very significant to the story. Set in the seventeenth century in London then moving to a suburb of London, Devonshire, where the mystery begins. Sherlock Holmes and Watson live in London, and run their private detective agency from London. They live in a very nice area of the city, and most people there are quite wealthy. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are both kind of loners, and they don't have any family. One of the other characters Sir Henry Baskerville, who is coming

  • Poverty Exposed In The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

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    In the novel, The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, it is evident that all the characters act in an evil manner due to poverty. The novel is set in Botswana, Africa. In one of the cases that Mma Ramotswe has to solve, a man arrives on the doorstep of Happy Bapetsi, claiming to be her “daddy”. As the man is too poor to sustain himself, he seeks the care, shelter and food from Happy. Meanwhile, Mr Moretsi, who works for Hector Lepodise, claims that he cut his finger at work in order to get compensation

  • Self-help Guide to Become a Private Detective

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    This self-help guide of Birmingham Detective Agency provides full information to become a private detective. This guide will tell what you need to know about being a private detective, what do investigators and detectives do and their working conditions, how to become a fantastic private detective, benefits and drawbacks of this work. As you progress you will see the good, bad and ugly sides of detective work. You will learn to carry out realistic plan to meet your goal and reach up to your destination

  • Analysis Of A Private Missing Person Investigator

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    I am doing my future job report based on a Private Missing Person Investigator, also known as a Detective, which is a person who basically helps find anybody that has once been a part of a cold case, a run-away, kidnapped, or eve sold children who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This career caught my by watching a movie called “Prisoners”, it’s about 2 little girls about the age of 5 (Alyssa & Marcie) on Thanksgiving Day they go to their neighbors (Marcie’s House) to celebrate

  • extended essay

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    A psychic detective is defined as a person who investigates malefactions by utilizing their claimed paranormal psychic abilities. A number of people claim they have psychic abilities that have sanctioned them to avail police in solving abducting and murder cases, or locating a corpse. Police departments generally state that they do not utilize psychics in police investigations, or do not keep records regarding such activity. In murder cases, psychic detectives will often claim to communicate with

  • Frankenstein: Lost Souls by Dean Koontz

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    Dean Koontz FRANENSTIEN/LOST SOULS is a fiction novel. It is published in the United States by Bantam Books, an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc., New York. Copyrighted 2010 by Dean Koontz. 350 pages. Dean Koontz always gives his readers a great product, no matter what book you read, you will be entertained and the same is true about the book I read named FRANKENSTIEN/lost souls. This book is the fourth book in a five book series. The entire series is

  • A Career As A Detective, Investigator And Detective

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    Maria Lopez English 2 Ms. Piersol February 2, 2014 Detective/Investigator/Police A detective is a police officer whose job is to identify criminals by investigating cases. When trying to solve a crime, a detective conducts a criminal investigation that seeks facts to help determine the truth about what happened and who is responsible. A career as a criminal investigator is more demanding, dangerous, and rewarding than any other job. A detective’s job is to gather, organize, and use information

  • Career Essay: My Dream Career To Be A Detective

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    My dream career is to be a detective. My reason for studying or wanting to be in this career is because I want to help people find what they are looking for. I want to be able to make people smile and be happy. Another reason for me researching this career is because I think it’s a something I would enjoy doing. It’s a job I would want to wake up every morning to do. Yes there are going to be those days were I do not want to wake up and do my job but that’s part of life you have to do thing sometimes

  • Detectives

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    A detective is a police officer, whose duty is to detect criminals, by in-depth investigation of cases. When attempting to solve a crime, detectives conduct a criminal investigation that seeks all the facts about a crime to help determine the truth: what happened and who is responsible. This involves making a preliminary and final investigation. A detective’s task is to gather, organize, and use information about social behavior. To effectively complete that task a detective should possess

  • Eliot Neess Biography

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    (Cox, 2014). Ness gained a love of investigation after 1925 when he graduated from the University of Chicago. This love drew him to a job as a credit investigator for Retail Credit Company, which did not pay much but gave him an outlet for his detective skills. Later, he decided he wanted to pursue a higher career along those lines and he went to work for the U.S. Treasury Department. Before long Ness had become a special agent in the Prohibition Bureau in Chicago. Chicago at that time was plagued

  • Allen Pinkerton

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    conservative who strongly opposed slavery, a very cautious man who risked his life capturing criminals, a militant labor organizer who suppressed the labor movement, and fought for women’s rights to be detectives. During his twenty-eight year career as a private detective, Allan Pinkerton and his agency investigated over a thousand crimes. Pinkerton was involved in many dramas of the nineteenth century. Work and the Underground Railroad became his life. The Pinkerton’s fed and sheltered fugitives

  • Behind The Lines: Spies In The Civil War

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    Behind the Lines: Spies in the Civil War The Civil War was the bloodiest, most devestating war that has ever been fought on American soil. It began on April 12, 1861, at 4:30 in the morning. The main reason that the war was fought was because Southern states believed that they should have the right to use African-Americans as slaves, and the Northern States opposed that belief. Millions of American men and women fought against each other in this war, and more than half a million died. Yes, that

  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

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    One of the more popular movies of the 1960s was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid , which featured Paul Newman and Robert Redford as the two titled Western outlaws. The film portrays the careers of Butch and Sundance, and how they were forced by the law to leave the Wild West for South America. In the last scene of the movie, the two bandits are shown surrounded by a bunch of South American soldiers after a robbery-gone-bad. Facing capture and extradition to the United States, the two badmen

  • The 1890’s: A Decade of Creation and Strife

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    The decade of the 1890’s in the United States was one of innovation and strife. The innovations involved many facets of life in America: industry, politics, economy, and society as a whole. The decade saw the emergence of multi-millionaires like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan, the rise in power of organized labor, the Progressive movement, and the expansion westward. It was also a time of unrest in America, pitting unions against corporations and reformers against corrupt

  • Gilded Age

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    P. J. O’Rourke said, “Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.” When Mark Twain and Charles Dudley coined the phrase ‘gilded age’ to describe what they saw in the late 19th century I’m sure they would agree wholeheartedly with Mr. O’Rourke. What does it mean ‘gilded age’? Gilded means to coat with a thin layer