Detailed Analysis Essays

  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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    The story describes the lavishly served feast with all the trimmings. Each guest is free to partake in the royal meal. However, King Arthur will not eat on such a high holiday until someone tells a fascinating or adventurous tale. LINK TO A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF THIS SEGMENT Suddenly, a giant man on a horse rides into the hall. Both the imposing man and his horse are entirely green. He is, of course, the Green Knight. Even his clothing is described in detail as entirely green. In one hand he holds

  • Confusion and Personal Identity in Rip Van Winkle

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    Rip cannot explain the events that have happened to him. In one night, his world had drastically changed, and no logical explanation can be found. The larger issue at hand, though, is the identity crisis that Van Winkle is suffering. Upon a detailed analysis of this climactic section, two dominating themes are found: confusion and the issue of personal identity. There are constant references to these ideas throughout the selection. That Van Winkle is confused seems obvious and is quite understandable

  • Plato Republic

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    Justice into human society, in other words, how to create an ideal state of social order in a society. This is carried out through the various dialogues and arguments between Socrates and other individuals. During this process, Socrates gave a detailed analysis of the formation, structure and the organization of an ideal State, and through this, vindicate the intrinsic value of being a Just person in a society and the virtues that each individual must possess. In the dialogue with Glaucon and Adeimantus


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    purpose it is to acheive, it is necessary to give adequate consideration to its antitheses – ‘freedom’ and ‘individualism’. Governance as such has been largely taken for granted in the past. Something that does not require a systematic and detailed analysis, ‘efforts’ or ‘commitment’ of resources. For most of human existence governance has been imposed on the majority by a small elite, this form of governance depended on curtailing the freedom of the ruled in order to maximize the power of the rulers

  • Analysis of Factors Influencing Pocket Expenses of College Students

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    Analysis of Factors Influencing Pocket Expenses of College Students INTRODUCTION The area under discussion in the following report is the relationship between the factors affecting pocket expenses of college students. It envelops a range of processes and techniques, which were employed to collect data regarding the above-mentioned theme, as well as a detailed analysis of the same. Suitable diagrams and graphs have been included in the report so as to make it interesting and simple for

  • Procrastination And Sloth The Spice Of Life?

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    hope for the best to come to them but never actively seek it. This is the lowest form of life that will suckle away your money, forgiveness, and love never sharing it back with you. To thoroughly understand the three classes of people, a more detailed analysis is needed. The first kind is the ideal person. One, which all parents and communities hope to produce. They are considered the leaders, overachievers, and well standing citizens. The second class is the C student of life. They’re the average

  • Flowcharting

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    applying flowcharts normally will improve the quality of a company's product or service. The most common type of flowchart is a block diagram, also known as a block flow diagram. "Block diagrams provide a quick overview of a process, not a detailed analysis. Normally they are prepared first to document the magnitude of the process; then another type of flowchart is used to analyze the process in detail." (Harrington, 92) Block diagrams use elongated circles to depict the beginning and the end

  • How to be a Good College Student

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    there five basic rules that need to be followed in order to become a good student: study, do all the homework and the assigned reading, attend class, and, most importantly, develop self-discipline and time management 1. In the following lines, a detailed analysis of those different steps will be done. So, let’s get started. First, we mentioned study. A good student has to do study everyday. Study involves reading the textbooks, understand them, be able to explain it to others and sometimes memorize the

  • Colette Dowling's The Cinderella Complex: Women's Hidden Fear of Independency

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    condition which she names "the Cinderella complex", being an intricate system of beliefs put upon women which make them feel as if they must be submissive to the wills of others, seemingly less intelligent than they truly are. However, with a more detailed analysis of the tale of Cinderella, Dowling would have realized that this is not a completely accurate naming of her discovered complex. But in order to prove this, we ourselves must take a closer look at the tale of Cinderella. In the classic version

  • Scott Consigny on Protagoras and Logos: A Study in Greek Philosophy and Rhetoric.

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    Schiappa's cogent and eloquent book fully deserves the praise it has received. As Donovan Ochs observes in his 1991 review of the book (RSQ 21: 3942), Schiappa, presents a clear account of Protagoras' philosophy and supports his reading with a detailed analysis of each of Protagoras' five extant fragments. But even though Schiappa's reading is compelling, we need not necessarily be persuaded by it; for as Protagoras himself remarks, it is always possible to articulate two opposed accounts about everything

  • Country Report: Philippines

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    Improving conditions for the entire world may seem like a daunting task. It may be more beneficial to look at a single piece of the puzzle and its experience of improving conditions. Narrowing the field of study to a single country allows for a more detailed analysis of the path taken to achieve improved conditions for the single country. Improving the conditions of a country through a process of change is called development. Measuring development in a single country allows us to understand some of the policy

  • The Parasites of Atlas Shrugged

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    writes always reflect this sort of thing. She writes of the battle between the two types of people as some write of the battles between good and evil. In reality, each side of the battle can be equated in such terms. These writings provide a detailed analysis of the two forces, and leave the reader with a profound sense of vitality and inspiration. The group of parasites, or as the novel labels them, “looters,” live futile lives. The looters are those who prefer not to think, not to act, not to

  • Dr. Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning

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    Frankl uses his experiences in different Nazi concentration camps to explain his discovery of logotherapy. This discovery takes us back to World War II and the extreme suffering that took place in the Nazi concentration camps and outlines a detailed analysis of the prisoners psyche. An experience we gain from the first-hand memoirs of Dr. Frankl. In the first half of this book, Dr. Frankl explains his theory of logotherapy through his concentration camp experiences. He explains how his worldly

  • Music Essay - An Analysis of the Rap Song, Put it On

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    An Analysis of the Rap Song, Put it On While on a recent carefree jaunt throughout Harlem, I was introduced to the lyrical genius of one “Big L.” As is common of all true artists, Mr. L passed before his time, but not without a legacy. You see, it is the will of the Almighty Himself that I elucidate the meaning of Mr. L’s first major work, “Put it On,” in order for it to be made accessible to the common man and the upper crust alike, so that this truly majestic piece may live for eternity in

  • Miles Franklin's My Brilliant Career

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    Miles Franklin's My Brilliant Career Topic: Give a detailed analysis of a key scene or passage from "My Brilliant Career" by Miles Franklin. The focus and essence of My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin is centred on the relationships and interactions of Sybylla Melvyn (the key character of the novel), towards other characters. The ways in which she reacts to different people and why she reacts in a particular manner, are perhaps more crucial and intriguing to the reader, than any distinct

  • Dostoevsky and Nietzsche's Overman

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    his entire philosophy to one short paragraph, this is not a poor definition. But it eliminates parts of Nietzsche's concept of the overman, or superman, which are essential to an understanding of this idea. Walter Kaufmann provides a detailed analysis of Nietzsche's philosophy in his work Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist, a book which Thomas Mann called "a work of great superiority over everything previously achieved in Nietzsche criticism and interpretation." Kaufmann outlines

  • Additional Aircraft Feasibility Study

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    determine the feasibility of adding additional aircraft to the corporations aviation department. This study will introduce what aircraft the company is currently using, how it is being used, and the current structure of the aviation department. A detailed analysis will be presented on the prices and costs of each aircraft as well as a recommendation of what aircraft should be purchased or leased. A newly developed structure of the aviation department will be presented along with a new recommended plan

  • Starbucks: A Detailed Situational Analysis

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    Situation Analysis Assignment: Starbucks Starbucks Corporation is the world’s leading retailer of specialty coffee beverages and accompanying confectionery items. Starbucks was established in 1971 in Seattle by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegal and Gordon Bowker. Currently, Starbucks has over 21,000 stores and operates in more than 63 countries. The company’s mission is to offer an opportunity for people to enjoy a good cup of coffee and engage in a good conversation. The following situational analysis provides

  • Nursing: A Detailed Career Analysis

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    Career and College Research Paper Identification and description of career The career I chose to write about is nursing because since I was a little girl I have always felt antipathy taking care of people and learning about the human anatomy. Both of my parents believe that being a registered nurse will most suit me in the future. “Being a registered nurse provides coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to

  • Continental Connection Flight 3407: A Detailed Analysis

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    On February 12, 2009, Continental Connection flight 3407 operating by a Colgan Air Flight 3407, was a scheduled passenger flight from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), New Jersey to Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF), New York. The flight departed at 9:18 p.m. EST, which was delayed for two hours. The flight crew of the Colgan flight were captain Marvin Renslow, age 47, with accumulated 3,379 hours of total flying time, including 111 hours on the Q400 and the first officer Rebecca