Detachment Essays

  • lighthod Detachment in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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    Detachment in Heart of Darkness In the book Heart of Darkness, Marlowe only allows himself to form only one bond. Marlowe allows himself to form a small "safe" attachment to Kurtz because Kurtz is already very attached. He does not form any other bonds. In fact, he uses his racism to eliminate the possibility of having feelings for about ninety nine percent of the African population. Marlowe not only looks at the African people as being to different from him to be normal, but he goes so

  • Reaction to The Reader

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    in this respect. As the narrator, Michael is particularly hard to sympathize with. The way he guides the story eschews emotional attachment. He himself feels detached from almost everything: "....I felt nothing: my feelings were numbed." His detachment transfers to the readers. None of his traits, or any of the situations he comes up against, makes one feel particularly sorry for him. Nothing makes one want to understand what he's going through or where he's coming from. He is simply there

  • The Stranger

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    must always be able to defy the norms of society for the sake of the higher authority of a valid way of life. In comparison to Existentialism, Meursault, in "the Stranger," exhibits these characteristics that are unique to his life experiences. Detachment From Emotions Meursault responds to situations in a way that is not normal in out society. He doesn’t distinguish right from wrong. Meursault clearly doesn’t judge one’s behavior to be good or bad. For instance, if there were a man abusing his

  • Beloved

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    separation of Sethe and Denver from the rest of the world. There was also, the loneliness of each main character throughout the book. There were also other areas of the book where the idea of detachment from something was obvious. People’s opinions about the house made them stay away and there was also the inner detachment of Sethe from herself. The theme that Toni Morrison had in mind when the book was written was isolation. One of the main characters suffered most from this theme of isolation indefinitely

  • Ethan Frome Readers Response

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    then Ethan and Mattie could get married. I did notice some of the symbolism that Edith Wharton uses in her novel for example, that there is striking symbolism in the imagery that the author uses, primarily that of winter which depicts coldness, detachment, bleakness and seclusion. I also think that Edith Wharton chose winter as a theme in this novel because it symbolizes emotional and physical isolation, and death that surrounds Ethan. Similarly, the name of the town, Starkfield, is symbolic of

  • The Use of Irony in Barbara L. Greenberg's The Faithful Wife

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    The Use of Irony in Barbara L. Greenberg's The Faithful Wife "The Faithful Wife" by Barbara L. Greenberg is a fascinating, satirical account of what the speaker would do if she were unfaithful to her husband. Upon the first reading of this poem, I thought the woman in this poem was saying that her husband was irreplaceable and because of that she would never be unfaithful. Also I thought that if she did betray him, she would choose someone totally different from him, which somehow wouldn't dishonor

  • The Power of Carver's Little Things

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    The Power of Carver's Little Things To a reader unfamiliar with his work, Raymond Carver's short story, "Little Things" may seem devoid of all literary devices owning to good writing. Fortunately, these people are mistaken. With his minimalistic style, it is what Carver doesn't write that makes his work so effective. Most of Carver's short stories describe situations that many people could find themselves in and that is why his work is so appealing to readers. They are not restricted to

  • A Reflection on Mark My Words: Letters of a Businessman to his Son by G Kingsley Ward

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    sense. I'm afraid our society has become so emotionally driven that decisions are made on emotion rather than common sense. Certainly emotions are not bad and at times emotional decisions are warranted; but never are they warranted in complete detachment form common sense. Mark My Words: Letters of a Businessman to his Son is an ultimate glorification of common sense, hard work, and priceless business principles that work and guarantee every person a chance to succeed in the high stakes game of

  • The Teachings of Bhagavad-Gita

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    be considered good, the good that he already declared to be the basis of all good in the world, one must detach himself from the action being performed and perform the action sacrificially. The detachment aspect is incredibly important to Krishna, for he proclaims that in "performing action with detachment, one achieves supreme good" (stanza 19, pg 620 of text). By doing this, Krishna believes that the world is preserved, for other people will follow the warrior's actions and imitate them in their

  • Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises - Lost Generation

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    THE SUN ALSO RISES - Lost Generation Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises (1926) has been considered the essential prose of the Lost Generation. Its theme of alienation and detachment reflected the attitudes of its time. In fact, the term "Lost Generation" was originally coined in a conversation by Gertrude Stein, a member of the expatriate circle in 1920's Paris. While spontaneous and meaningless when first spoken, the expression would unwittingly go on to become the label for the expatriates

  • College Admissions Essays - Something Daring and New

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    personality which has historically been dominant. My experiences have been largely rooted in the world of the abstract and the intellectual. Mathematics, music, writing, and the like have given me a certain sense of detachment from reality. While I have historically enjoyed this detachment, there is always a desire to diversify. Eating cheese is a direct immersion in the world of the senses, where things are taken at face value. You don’t analyze cheese, you just eat it — a refreshingly simple outlook

  • Coral Bleaching: Potential Mechanisms and Observed Adaptations

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    Algal-stress bleaching is characterized by expulsion of individual zooxanthellae from a host cell. Animal-stress bleaching is characterized by host cell detachment, which is expulsion of zooxanthellae from the coral animal along with the host cell they occupy. Radiation and temperature induced animal-stress bleaching and host cell detachment have not been observed in the field at current sea temperatures. This type of bleaching has only been observed under laboratory conditions (Fitt et al. 2001

  • Major Earthquakes are Inevitable in Indiana’s Future

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    Major Earthquakes are Inevitable in Indiana’s Future An earthquake felt throughout the Midwest on June 18 was a shaky reminder that earthquakes can occur anywhere. The earthquake, whose epicenter was located north of Evansville, was felt through most of Indiana and surrounding states, as reported by the Indianapolis Star. The quake was not the largest in Midwestern history, only registering a 5.0 on the Richter scale, nor did it do much damage. However, it was a wake-up call reminding those

  • Love For Life

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    emotional burdens. The weight of the many hardships that arrive, restricts a clear thinking mind, necessary for education and personal development. A child must have full support from the parents to gain knowledge and security in the world. Immature detachment of parental support, will result in the disturbance to acquire personal potential. Parents should think about the needs of the children and continue to support them through the many lengths and levels throughout life. We live in a complex society

  • Mother Courage and her Children

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    leading to the protagonist's downfall. It is a flaw that Mother Courage consistently exhibits and a mistake which occurs thrice in the deaths of her children, as she is absent conducting business on all three occasions. However, despite her apparent detachment towards her children, it is evident that Mother Courage harbours genuine concern for the well-being of her children: in a discussion with Cook over future prospects, she states, "all I'm after is (to) get meself and children through all this with

  • Major Problems in Mexican American History by Zaragosa Vargas

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    representative, but she is looking for a Mexican model during her lunch break. She presents Sancho with some stipulations he must be a Mexican she states, "But this one is too dark. I’m looking for a beige one." This is yet another indicator of the detachment Ms. Jimenez has from her culture. I believe she wants a light Mexican so that he can he can be versatile and mix in with the crowds. In Major Problems in Mexican American History by Zaragosa Vargas, we learn that Mexicans struggled to be considered

  • My Antonia: A Landscape Of Emotions

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    about the long day’s journey through Nebraska. Probably by that time I had crossed so many rivers that I was dull to them. The only thing very noticeable about Nebraska was that it was still all day long, Nebraska. (Cather, 10) Immediately, Jim’s detachment to his surroundings suggest his loneliness. The “dull” sights and the “long” journey also imply that Jim has been through many hardships after losing his parents. The absence of a home, in addition to his uncertainty, Jim continues to ignore his

  • The Formal Analysis of Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix

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    colors, creating a vibrant effect with small brush strokes. The impressionists were greatly influenced by this. This painting showed the division between the romantic style and the neoclassical style. Romantic style emphasized spirit and color detachment and line. This painting is responses to the July 1830 revolution against Charles X who is the King of France. According to the book Painting in the Lourve romanticisms is a movement that arose in the early nineteenth century in art, literature

  • Ballad of Birmingham by Dudley Randall

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    Ballad of Birmingham by Dudley Randall In 'Ballad of Birmingham,' Dudley Randall illustrates a conflict between a child who wishes to march for civil rights and a mother who wishes only to protect her child. Much of this poem is read as dialogue between a mother and a child, a style which gives it an intimate tone and provides insight to the feelings of the characters. Throughout the poem the child is eager to go into Birmingham and march for freedom with the people there. The mother, on the

  • Ablutophobia: The Fear of Washing and Bathing

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    cause a number of symptoms such as: breathlessness, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, heart palpitations, inability to speak or think clearly, a fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control, a sensation of detachment from reality or even an anxiety attack. Most people who are suffering from the phobia are surprised when they find out that they aren’t alone. Ablutophobia is surprisingly common. It is caused by the mind as a protective mechanism. From some point