Demise Essays

  • Macbeths Demise

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    his honour, he doesn’t take into consideration that he is being trusted and that every action that he takes will have a reaction. Macbeth attains his position as king unjustly. As is evident by the conclusion, justice prevails as usual and Macbeths demise is a result of his evil deeds. Macbeth negates his moral responsibility as a person as well as a king. He doesn’t take into consideration that he will pay for all the evil deeds that he executes. Killing Duncan is the worst crime that is possible

  • Development And Demise of The Seattle Sound

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    The “Seattle sound”, a phrase coined for music created by Alternative-style rock bands based in Seattle, is said to contain three (3) basic elements: it is loud, it is honest, and it is borne of musicians that have experienced a degree of difficulty in achieving recognition. The “Seattle sound”, often times referred to as “grunge”, is notorious for being performed at exceedingly high volume. It has been defined as honest music because it is performed in a raw and unrefined manner, without the aid

  • Theories Explaining the Demise of the Dinosaurs

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    Theories Explaining the Demise of the Dinosaurs The chapter of life which saw the rise of the dinosaurs is one of the most fascinating periods in our earth’s history. It is often the subject which brings about young children’s first exposure to science. When these children learn about these intriguing prehistoric beasts, one of their primary inquiries concerns the cause of their annihilation. What could have led to the demise of all those creatures, who lived very successfully for millions

  • The Demise of Dick and Nicole in Tender is the Night

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    The Demise of Dick and Nicole in Tender is the Night When referring to the demise of Dick in Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, I think it is impossible that we not consider the demise of Dick and Nicole as a couple. They begin the book as a unit rather like a Chinese dragon with Dick at the head and Nicole following behind, both covered by the decorative cloak of the appearances they maintained. There are several transitions that they go through that upset the balance that allowed them to maintain

  • The Demise of a Family in Gail Godwin's A Sorrowful Woman

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    The Demise of a Family in Gail Godwin's A Sorrowful Woman Gail Godwin's "A Sorrowful Woman<" leads one to believe that the wife is overwhelmed or possibly just having a bad day. The belief is that with her husband's understanding she and her family will get through this difficult time. Everyone has a bad day and people get aggravated at times. However, a shocking revelation comes to the reader that this isn't just a bad day. A deeper look into the story reveals that the wife's selfishness

  • Disease and Native American Demise During the European Conquest of the New World

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    Disease and Native American Demise During the European Conquest of the New World The European conquest of the new world was most commonly attributed to the superiority of the Europeans in all the facets of their confrontation. They had the superior weaponry, and were thought to have a superior intellect. After all, they were just bringing "civilization" to the new world, right? It sounds nice when you are learning about Columbus in grade school, but the traditional story is pretty far from the

  • Fetal demise

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    physically challenging and can be a profoundly devastating experience for the mothers and the family. Fetal demise is the term used for fetal death or still birth. In this paper I will explain fetal demise and causes, the effects it has on the mother and family, and nursing care related to dealing with the mother and family. Fetal death is called a stillbirth or intrauterine fetal demise when the death occurs after 20 weeks of gestation. “About 70% to 90% of all stillbirths occur before the onset

  • Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, & Willy Loman Comparison

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    Rex, a man well known for his intellect and wisdom, finds himself blind to the truth of his life, and his parentage. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet also contains a character that is in search of the truth, which ultimately leads to his own demise, as well as the demise of many around him. Arthur Miller’s play, The Death of a Salesman, tells of a tragic character so wrapped up in his delusional world, that reality and illusion fuse, causing an internal explosion that leads to his downfall. Each play enacts

  • Faust as a Tragic Hero

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    Faust as a Tragic Hero In the story of Faust, written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust is whirled into an adventure of sin and deceit. The further Faust follows the devil the closer he comes to his own demise, taking down with him the innocent Gretchen. As Faust goes on he embodies the characteristics of a tragic hero in a sense that he is borderline good and evil, constantly battling his conscience. The one major flaw that initiates his self-destruction is the fact that he feels he is extremely

  • Free Essay: Needs vs. Desires in Shakespeare's King Lear

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    rule over you. The way this relates to Lear is that he could not depart without all of his men even though he did not need them anymore. He wanted to keep some since of wealth and authority. Lear also desired to be flattered which lead to his own demise. By observing people I know that if you own less you are more appreciative of things in life. Yet if you own more you desire more. Therefore you become a slave to your passions and lust, rather than an owner of your possessions.

  • Comparing Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now

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    the questers purpose for traveling into the heart of darkness, a void in the midst of a burgeoning jungle that has become a fecund waste land. View the quester as he comes in contact with a mysterious god-man or divine king whose own demise has contributed to the demise of the surrounding atmosphere, and how Marlow, and in turn Willard, deal with this figure, known as Kurtz. Finally I will discuss why Apocalypse Now fails as a recreation of Conrad's Heart of Darkness. top The Task of the Hero

  • A Pleasant Demise

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    turned sixty-two when she came back to Pleasanton to make peace with her son and three grandchildren that she had abandoned for so many years. But she took the gypsy’s death sentence with a stoical and bemused gravity, and began to prepare for her own demise as thought it were a voyage to a fabulous country whose borders had been long closed to tourists. When it came to purchase her casket and to make final arrangements of her internment she insisted that her grandchildren accompany her. Always the teacher

  • Oedipus and Hamlet as Father Figures

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    many ways these characters hold similar traits to one another but the one that stands out most in my mind is their relationships with their fathers. Their father's prior conflicts and decisions influenced these characters to the point of their own demise. In Hamlet Prince of Denmark young Hamlet is left facing the outcomes of the conflict his father had with his brother. Old Hamlet is dead, killed by his own brother for the thrown of Denmark. Young Hamlet is in deep morning over the loss of his

  • The Extermination of Mankind in On the Beach by Nevil Shute

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    Shute in his novel, On the Beach, provides many insights on humanities’ inability to comprehend its own demise regardless of the apparent inevitability and/or proximity of ones extermination. He effectively presents this psychological shortcoming of disbelief by delineating the common coping mechanism that is shared by all of the characters: The desire to work and maintain a progressive outlook towards ones future options. Work serves as a blinder or shield from the characters near termination by

  • Pride in Oedipus and Othello

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    Pride in Oedipus and Othello In literature, the tragic heroes Oedipus and Othello allow the pride they have to cause their own demise by putting too much emphasis on the lives they have created for themselves. Oedipus, who blinds himself after finding out he has killed his birth father and married his birth mother, refuses to believe he has truly fulfilled his fate because he is so proud of what he has accomplished since he left Corinth. Othello demonstrates his pride by believing that the people

  • Analysis Of Rumpelstiltskin's Demise

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    Rumpelstiltskin’s Demise There once was a poor tailor who had a beautiful daughter. One day, he went to a home and was so desperate to impress his peer that claim he did that clothes fit for a king his seamstress daughter could sew. The seamstress was order be brought before the fashionista. The fashionista turned out to be the kingpin of a counterfeit clothing organization. The tailor’s daughter refused, her refusal infuriated the kingpin so much that he had his henchmen break one of the tailor’s

  • Destiny, Fate, Free Will and Free Choice - Prophecies in Oedipus, Antigone, and Agamemnon

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    Cassandra delivers several predictions of Agamemnon's impending death. "Agamemnon's dead is what you'll see."[p77] "The room- it reeks! Drips red with murder." p80 She also sees her murder that is unavoidable. "So, then I go / To sing the dirge of my own demise / And Agamemnon's too within the palace." p81 Cassandra's visions are heard by the chorus who are skeptical of her claims. Her visions are not believed by Agamemnon because of a curse set on her by the Greek god Apollo. Agamemnon is oblivious to

  • Identity Crisis in Don Delillo's White Noise

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    I want to live. (270) Jack is obsessed with his fear of the unexpected.  He explains to Murry that death does not make his life more satisfying, but only filled with anxiety. Jack does not want to know any information predicting his own demise, he is afraid of finding out his own "code", as in the case of his medical report that forecasts his death.  There are many indications of Jack's identity crisis throughout the story-- a more prominent one is that of his identity as a teacher

  • Imprisonment in Shakespeare's King Lear

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    Imprisonment in King Lear In the play King Lear, by William Shakespeare, the idea of imprisonment is fundamental to the plot and central ideas. All characters are imprisoned, whether it is physically, socially or psychologically. Each character suffers 'imprisonment' in some form. King Lear is one of the more caged characters of the play, he suffers both social and psychological incarceration and this is one the chief reasons for his descent into mental hell and inevitable downfall. Lear

  • A Comparison of the Villains of A Doll's House and Madame Bovary

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    debts owed to him by Emma Bovary build up. They both seem nice at one point in each work. Lheureux begins on a good note, being very kind to Emma and her husband. He extends a lot of credit to Emma, which she abuses, and unwittingly plans her own demise. Krogstad on the other hand begins with a money grubbing attitude, though not quite as ruthless as that of Lheureux. Krogstad's ultimately progresses through the play, when at the end he is actually a decent individual. It would seem that as far as