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  • Land Degradation in Turkey

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    rural areas to urban cities. This rapid rise of population in urban areas has brought with it a fear of environmental degradation and rise in risk exposure. The government of Turkey has taken steps in order to lessen impacts on the environment by placing the “environmental law” and the creation of National Ministry of Environment created in 1991(EIA, 2010). However land degradation in Turkey is not solely due to population growth or human behavior in that matter. Due to its geographic positioning

  • Desertification

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    remedial action could be postponed by moving to new frontiers, land conservation held little appeal. It was not until the 20th century--when easy land expansion came to an end--that governments and people finally realized that continued careless degradation of natural resources threatened their future. What is Desertification? Desertification involves the loss of biological or economic productivity and complexity in croplands, pastures, and woodlands. It is due mainly to variability

  • Naotubes Essay

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    assumed to be 5-10% in fluoride based electrolytes. Previous studies by Palouse et al. and Y Li et al. [5, 6] also reported similar results. For thermal degradation study, diameters of the nanotubes were kept constant and only the length varied for our study. Anodization conditions were optimized to process such structures only. 3.2 Thermal degradation study: Two sets of nanotubes arrays of 300nm and 950nm length were annealed in a vertical tube furnace keeping time and temperature as constant parameters

  • Environmental Degradation

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    In order to address the view that food security cannot be achieved without environmental degradation. Firstly, this essay will be defining the key terms food, food security and environmental degradation. Secondly, this essay will be presenting the argument that the work and theories of the reverend Thomas Malthus can be linked to the view that food security cannot be achieved without environmental degradation. Thirdly, this essay will also argue that Malthus’s theories is extended by the American

  • Ethiopia Suffers in Poverty

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    1.0 Introduction Ethiopia is located in east Africa; it is bordered by Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world with 38 per cent of the 86 million inhabitants below the poverty line. 2.0 Methods of Research The search engines I have used are secondary sources, the websites I have used a reliable sources as they have been created and written by organisations or experts in that area. I collected the main information from these sources and

  • Polymer Degradation Essay

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    There are many types of polymer degradation mechanisms: thermal, mechanical, photochemical, radiation chemical, biological and chemical degradation (Schnabel, 1981). According to ASTM definition, “degradable plastics are the plastics that are designed to undergo a significant change in its chemical structure under specific environmental conditions, resulting in a loss of some properties that may vary as measured by standard methods appropriate to the plastic and the application in a period of time

  • Economic Language: Willingness to Pay

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    In the language of economists, “willingness to pay” describes the amount of money a person would sacrifice in order to obtain an additional unit of utility. In environmental economics, specifically, WTP is used to reflect the maximum amount a person would give up in exchange for an increase in an environmental “good” (for example, a one-unit increase in the cleanliness of a lake) or the minimum amount a person would accept in exchange for an environmental “bad” (for example, a one-unit increase

  • The Problem Of Land Degradation

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    of land degradation. Land degradation is not talked about among people because it is not a very well-known problem, although very serious for everyone in the short future if nothing is done to help. This is an issue that needs to get out to people more than it is right now or it might be trouble in the future. There are many different problems that can occur from land degradation and I will be explaining those and my proposal on how it might be a way to help with the issue. Land degradation is the

  • The Importance Of Environmental Protection On The Environment

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    Corporations, governmental agencies, and civil society organizations all play different roles in either supporting or impeding our efforts to solve environmental concerns. These organizations have the ability to alter the way individuals, communities, and societies decide to respond to the environmental issues that influence our way of living. As corporations remain obscure on their true intentions and business models we are witnessing a lack of trust in our government agencies and a mass increase

  • The Degradation of Hiphop

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    When did music stop being an art and become a business? Hiphop used to be about keeping kids off the streets, used to channel their energy into positive pastimes to keep them from becoming involved with gangs. It promoted positive and peaceful messages through intelligently written rhymes. It used to be cool to use a dictionary to write rhymes and rap about science and political issues. But now that gangster rap has become mainstream, kids don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t mention pimpin’