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  • Mortgage Interest Deduction

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    in 1913, Congress made all interest payments deductible. The mortgage interest deduction wasn’t specifically mentioned, but as more and more people began buying homes the deduction became recognized as a great benefit. Today, the ability to promote home ownership by providing a tax relief to homeowners is the main justification for the mortgage interest deduction. Some agree with the current structure of the deduction, while others believe it would be much more beneficial as a tax credit. They believe

  • Case Study: The 10 Best Tax Deductions

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    number of best deductions The 10 Best Tax Deductions You are Missing According to Laurence Smith and his expert associates at Book 2 Tax, there are many worthwhile tax deductions that filers are not taking advantage of each year. These deductions can lead to quite a savings on your tax return, and even a larger refund. If you are not sure about which deductions you can legally claim, find a Tax Preparer or accountant to help you file your taxes this year. What is a Tax Deduction? When the Internal

  • A Deduction

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    A Deduction Kant's subjective A deduction is not a "deduction" in the traditional philosophical sense. Rather, it is a "justification" in the sense of the language of legal practice. (1) What Kant wants to justify is that the categories are the necessary a priori conditions for the possibility of experiential objects. This justification also has another role in Kant's overall project. If he can prove the categories are the necessary a priori grounds for the possibility of experiential objects

  • Logic, Imagination and Deduction

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    Logic, Imagination and Deduction "Quit your day dreaming" "Mr. Gies, are you still with us?" "Hello!" These are some of the common inquisitions I heard while trying my best to pay attention during elementary school classes. It seems that I had some issues with staying on task. Perhaps it was a problem that I would outgrow, or at least be able to control, but as the years went on by I found that time did not change me. What a break! It turns out that using my imagination has helped me

  • Solving the Foreclosure Crisis with Community Serving

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    pollution and ... ... middle of paper ... ...their part by participating in making the United States of America a cleaner, healthier place to live. Banks do their part by organizing the different groups, possibly hiring people and getting the tax deduction. This is important to the banks because they do not want to lose out on cash. The Internal Revenue Service does their part by doing the taxes. The president Barack Obama and congress do their part by making the rules and regulations. Community service

  • Property Investment: Intro to Depreciation

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    expensive exercise, which is why any potential investor should understand all of their options when it comes to cutting costs. Thousands of dollars go unclaimed each year due to a general lack of understanding regarding depreciation. This special tax deduction allows investors to write off specific investment related costs over time, often saving thousands of dollars in tax, and for this reason it is important to understand the basics. What? As property gets older and the items within it wear out, they

  • Working as a Housekeeper

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    eligible for various tax deductions. For example if you own your own home, you can set up a small office space and take deductions for the square footage of the space, utilities, a computer, office supplies, phone calls, and cleaning supplies that you might purchase. Also, advertising and insurance costs are tax deductible. Many of the same deductions can be used for people who rent their home or apartment. Check with your local state's laws of taxation to see which deductions you can use. House cleaning

  • The Tax Deductibility of Expense in Slovak Law

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    ... ...ted and technical improvements which have to be capitalized and deprecated over a longer period. In practice the authorities take a broad view of technical improvements which can lead to significant deferrals of tax deductions. The rule for taking a tax deduction when assets are disposed of for less than net book value of taken out of use are also extremely restrictive. Advertising cost Under Slovak tax only direct advertisement costs are fully tax deductible. Direct advertisement

  • To Lease or Not to Lease

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    your lease agreement is written you will not be responsible for at least the outside of the building, once again freeing up more working capital. The disadvantages of leasing a medical office is you lose out on the tax deductions that come from having a commercial mortgage. Deductions include mortgage interest and property taxes. Another disadvantage of leasing is the option of additional income from you becoming the landlord, i.e. owning the building and leasing out offices. Owning an office space

  • Charitable Donations

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    research, outreach programs, disaster relief, and numerous other humanitarian efforts. In addition to supplying food vouchers for needy people and receiving hotel vouchers, vacation vouchers and other gifts, your car donation might qualify as a tax deduction. Select a Charity Call the charity to which you want to donate your car. Most charities, like the American Red Cross and the American Diabetes Association, have websites that offer all the information you need to start to donation process.