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  • The Odyssey

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    The Odyssey’ places emphasis on cunning and guilefulness rather than strength as in the former epic; elucidated in Odysseus’ dealings with Poseidon’s son, the Cyclops Polyphemus. Compelled Composed approximately in 700 B.C., Homer’s epic narrative, ‘The Odyssey’ depicts the homeward voyage of the legendary Greek hero Odysseus. The Epos, commonly known as “The Wanderings of Odysseus” are the protagonists’ recounting of his perilous misadventures to King Alcinous of the Phaecians; to date

  • Honest Betrayal in Othello

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    over his wife's infidelity has caused him to explore his flaws as a human being, showing signs of appearance versus reality. Othello Citation: This fellow's of exceeding honesty, And knows all qualities, with a learned spirit, Of human dealings. If I do prove her haggard, Though that her jesses were my dear heart-strings, I'd whistle her off, and let her down the wind To prey at fortune. Haply for I am black And have not those soft parts of conversation That chamberers have; or for

  • Brief History of George Strother Gaines

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    No matter how far Gaines got away from Demopolis or St. Stephens, he would always be called upon to serve in dealings with the Choctaw Indians. William Ward, the federal agent with the Choctaw Indian tribe contacted Gaines about another treaty conference that would be held in Macon, Mississippi. William Ward wanted Gaines and his partner Glover to set up camp near the treaty and supply the food and other supplies for the guest. The treaty conference lasted five days with the Choctaw tribe being divided

  • Second Punic War

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    Polybius Hannibal Inherited the Second Punic War from his father in much the same was as Alexander the Great inherited his expedition from his father Philip II. What this means is that the events that led to the war were actually the result of the dealings with Hannibal’s father, Hamilcar Barca, and the Romans. Polybius gives us three events that led to the Second Punic War, and none of these events actually involved Hannibal himself. Polybius tells us that the real reason that there was a renewal

  • Comparing the Defective Rulers in Henry IV and Richard II

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    lawful king;/ And if we be, how dare thy joints forget/ To pay their awful duty to our presence?'.  Richard uses morality as a tool, a necessary quality in a good ruler, yet he is not manipulative enough.  Bolingbroke not only ignores morality in his dealings, but keeps up the appearance of moral right and goodness.  Bolingbroke knows how to let others take the fall... ... middle of paper ... ...Bolingbroke because of the doom his need for honor must lead him to. Works Cited and Consulted:

  • Themes and Characters in For Whom the Bell Tolls

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    Themes and Characters in For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway, is a contemporary novel about the realities of war. The novel is wrought with themes of life and stark direct writing. The characterization in the story is what comprises the intricacy of the underlying themes within the tale. The story itself is not complex, but the relationships of the characters with the environment and with each other coupled with Hemingway's command of description and understanding

  • Comparing The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw

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    in accordance to the Bible, meaning they believe in and fear witchcraft, condemning it as a sin, which is what the play is about. Pygmalion is set in a city which contradicts the stern Victorian ideals of morality; prostitution and underhand dealings abounded. In Eliza we see a confident woman who works for a living, which is in contrast to The Crucible, where the majority of the women are submissive and take on a distinctly inferior role to men. The style of our performance was very realistic

  • Greatness

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    power lies in exercising mercy. According to Schindler, to have every justification for killing someone and letting him or her go demonstrates real power. This idea leaves an impression on Goeth, who begins to practice "mercy" the next day in his dealings in the concentration camp. Unfortunately, practicing mercy does not leave Goeth with the same fulfillment as murder, and he reverts to his old habits. This demonstrates a fundamental difference in the way Goeth and Schindler see the Jews. Goeth

  • Classification Essay - PTA Personalities

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    Dominating Dora usually follows an unacknowledged personal agenda to gain status, prestige, influence, and authority; she often has no idea that she is following a personal agenda. The school personnel are wary of her since she is very bossy in her dealings with everyone. She even goes so far as to tell the principal and teachers how to go about their own jobs. Dominating Dora also promotes programs within the PTA that the principal often ... ... middle of paper ... ...ant to what she is doing

  • Hamlet: Growing Pains

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    Growing Pains In the epic tragedy Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, Prince Hamlet is entrapped in a world of evil that is not of his own creation.  He must oppose this evil, which permeates his seemingly star-struck life from many angles.  His dealings with his father's eerie death cause Hamlet to grow up fast.  His family, his sweetheart, and his school friends all appear to turn against him and to ally themselves with the evil predicament in which Hamlet finds himself.  Hamlet makes multiple

  • Role Playing and Control in A Doll’s House

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    to deal with a question which frequently arises here: How can one woman make so many unexpected transitions? How is it possible for the child-wife to play the adult female tease (with Dr. Rank), the capable determined businesswoman (in her secret dealings with the debt), the frantically desperate woman thinking of suicide, and, above all, the coldly independent mature woman at the conclusion of the play? Well, one common feature these manifestations of Nora's character all have is that they enable

  • Yuki Tanaka's Japan's Comfort Women

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    also created to boost soldier morale and to prevent the spread of VD among fellow troops. In the first couple of chapters Tanaka explains how women from different countries were procured into working as sex slaves and how they were brought into such dealings. The women used for comfort houses were at first professional Japanese prostitutes, and poor Japanese and Korean women. They were usually recruited by an agent who would go to a specific town and look for girls to recruit. Of course deceit was used

  • Free Great Gatsby Essays: Social Relationships

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    some other time.' (p69) This suggests to the audience that their business is not above board, as Gatsby does not wish to discuss their business dealing in front of company. Throughout the novel, their business relationship is kept very vague. On the surface it appears to be a normal business relationship, however due to the uncertainty of their dealings, it is established to the audience that there is a complex relationship existing between the two characters. Thus showing how complexities can be

  • Essay On Same Goal, Different Route In The Great Gatsby

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    Same Goal, Different Route in The Great Gatsby        A more thorough investigation of The Great Gatsby is necessary to uncover a well-disguised theme by Fitzgerald in this work.  Upon a simple read through one would probably not notice the great similarities of Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson, but the two characters seemed to have the same agenda for their lives.  While Gatsby took the route of acquiring money at all costs to join the upper class of society

  • The Medicare Problem

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    Hospital Insurance Program (Part A of Medicare) and the supplementary Medical Insurance program (Part B) may be exhausted by the year 2025, another sad fact of the Medicare situation at hand (“Medicare’s Future”). The burden brought about by the unfair dealings of HMO’s is having an adverse affect on the Medicare system. With the incredibly large burden brought about by the large amount of patients that Medicare is handed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fund the system in the way that is necessary

  • Criticism of Goldsmith’s, She Stoops to Conquer

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    another man claim the right of possession of her and yet the rake prefers her to one who is "disengaged. " Taking Goldsmith's play, Nelson uses it as the clearest example of Freud's theory. In his play, the character Marlow is very forthright in his dealings with those in a lower station, but with women of quality he becomes shy. Evidently, women of low social standing fail to qualify as 'modest women' for him and this fits closely into "Freud's description of the sufferer of selective impotence. "(322)

  • William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying

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    “The past is never dead. It's not even past.” ― William Faulkner In William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, characterization, specifically through the multitude of narrators, transforms an otherwise pedestrian plot into a complex pilgrimage to the truth. As I Lay Dying is told from the perspective of fifteen different characters in 59 chapters (Tuck 35). Nearly half (7) of the characters from whose perspective the story is narrated are members of the same family, the Bundrens. The other characters

  • Modern and Classic Examples of Chaos

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    the 1950’s a similar haze of disarray fell on the people of America, in a period referred to as The Great American Red Scare. Like in The Crucible many were pressed and pressured to give names of the involved, whether it be witchcraft or “communist dealings”. Even highly respected of both societies were tried for a mere mentioning of there name. Then those who wouldn’t admit to the crime of which they were accused they were thrown in jail. In The Crucible Tituba and the girls were so afraid that they

  • Biblical Principles of Money and Banking by Dr. Gary North

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    by Dr. Gary North Honest Money Biblical Principles of Money and Banking by Dr. Gary North is a book that brings together not only the history of how money came to be, but how to use it correctly. It teaches honesty and godliness in our daily dealings with earnings. The value of money is something hard to determine. Money is a commodity. For money allows us to establish prices for most goods and services available. Money exists because man realized that some things are more wanted and sought

  • Implied Terms

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1)     Introduction 2)     Implied Terms 3)     Custom / Usage 4)     Court 5)     Past Dealings 6)     Statute 7)     Goods Act 8)     Trade Practices Act 9)     Conclusion 10)     Recommendations 11)     Bibliography INTRODUCTION Agreements are formed in almost every communication; electronic, written or oral; daily. Once an agreement fulfills the components required of a contract, therein lies the existence of terms of a contract. These terms depict an obligation