De Valera Essays

  • Eamon De Valera

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    Eamon de Valera, although born in New York City, in the United States of America, devoted his life to help the people of Ireland. As he once said it, “If I wish to know what the Irish want, I look into my own heart.” De Valera loved Ireland and its people with a deep and lasting passion. It was he, probably more than any other person in their history, who helped that country win freedom from British rule and then shaped its history well into the twentieth century. De Valera’s mother, Catherine Coll

  • Michael Collins

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    In 1916, the British government ruled Ireland with a firm and cruel hand. When a group of Irish rebels staged a six-day siege at Dublin's General Post Office, only one of the leaders was able to escape execution, Eamon De Valera, an American citizen of Irish/Spanish blood. De Valera takes control of Sinn Fein after being released from prison in 1917. Michael Collins averted punishment, but while in prison became convinced that a new approach was needed to free Ireland from British rule. He formed

  • Were De Valera’s personal Catholic views responsible for the religious elements in the Irish Constitution?

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    Were De Valera’s personal Catholic views responsible for the religious elements in the Irish Constitution? Eamon De Valera put much effort into the making of the Irish Constitution. In fact he is said to have “helped to confirm the stable, constitutional direction of the independent Irish state. ” The Constitution is often referred to as “De Valera’s Constitution ” as it was something that he put so much effort and time into. Chubb has said that at times, De Valera seemed to see Catholicism and

  • Michael Collins

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    of troops that were heavily armed. I was amazed with the intelligence network Michael Collins set up to spy on the British. He used the information from his network to plan where and whom his assignation squads would hit. The difference between De Valera and Michael Collins was very interesting to me because of the way it played out.

  • Eamon de Valera's Struggle for a Sovereign Nation

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    Eamon de Valera's Struggle for a Sovereign Nation "Sinn-ne Fianna Fail", the first line of the Irish National Anthem loosely translates "soldiers are we/whose lives are pledged to Ireland" , served as Eamon de Valera's focus throughout his life. Born on October 14th, 1882 in New York City's New York Nursery and Child's Hospital to Catherine (Kate) Coll and Vivion Juan de Valera of 61 East 41st Street, Manhattan. Eamon's mother Kate emigrated from the small town of Knockmore, inside County

  • Causes of the Easter Uprising

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    Causes of the Easter Uprising The British occupation of Ireland began in the 1640’s and lasted until 1922. No other occurrence throughout Irish history has had a greater impact on the lives of the citizens of the country. Along with the act of occupation came the emergence of Protestantism, which conflicted with the traditional religion of Ireland, Catholicism. The English occupation of Ireland affected many aspects of Irish history from the potato famine to the War for Independence. However,

  • The Anglo-Irish Treaty

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    majority, 64 in favour to 57 against, in January 1922 (David). The divisions in the Sinn Fein ‘spilled’ over into nationalist movements and into the ranks of the Irish Republican Army (I.R.A) (Cottrell 30, Walsh). Upon the treaty’s agreement, Éamon de Valera resigned as President of the Irish Republic and fail to be re-elected in the general elections of 1922 (Leeson). Ha... ... middle of paper ... ... Pub., 2008. Print. Dorney, John. "The Irish Civil War – A Brief Overview." The Irish Story

  • Conflict in the Emerald Isle

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    Conflict in the Emerald Isle The island of Ireland is known for many things: St. Patrick’s Day, its green landscape, music, beer, and discord. The heart of this conflict began centuries ago, when Britain came over and forced Protestantism on the Irish Catholic inhabitants. There has always been hatred between the Irish Protestants and Catholics. The island is broken up into to distinct regions. The Republic of Ireland consists of 26 counties, which make up the southern region. This area

  • The Irish Republican Army

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    From the time of their creation in 1919, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) has always been a fighting force behind the independence from Britain for all of Ireland. The IRA was an organization that was meant to help Ireland in their fight for independence and be the military support going into the future. Nevertheless, did the creation of the IRA really help Ireland in the end, or did it cause more problems than the Irish already had? Although the IRA was created to help aid Ireland in the fight

  • Seán Lemass and His Contribution to Irish History

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    credit for this change is by no means entirely due to Lemass. The first thing that changed was the political situation. Without this change, Lemass would have achieved little. The year 1959 saw the end to De Valera's presence, which had dominated politics for decades. With De Valera went other members of the old generation. This enabled Lemass, as Taoiseach, to bring in a troupe of young people to ministerial positions. These included Jack Lynch, CJ Haughey, Donogh O'Malley and Brian Lenihan

  • Was the Irish Civil War a ?natural? conclusion to the events of previous years?

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    Was the Irish Civil War a ‘natural’ conclusion to the events of previous years? Some historians will say that the Civil War was a ‘natural’ conclusion to the activities of the previous year others will disagree. This essay will take the line that yes; the civil war was a natural and inevitable conclusion to the Anglo-Irish difficulties. In order to understand why the Civil War came about one must first understand how it came about by studying the actions of the previous years, the War of Independence

  • The Death of Adolf Hitler

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    death of Hitler and his own succession as Fuhrer of the Reich. Hitler had fallen "this afternoon," he said, fighting "at the head of his troops". This statement was believed by many. The Times of London printed Hitler's obituary next day. President Valera of Ireland sent his condolences to the German ambassador in Dublin. But it was untrue. Hitler, as the world was later told, had died the previous day and had not fallen in action, as a heroic martyr, but had committed suicide without leaving the Bunker

  • Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan

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    Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan Above anything else, Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan is a creation story and an investigation of human nature. The story begins in a time of chaos and death and through a journey of human development culminates in the establishment of a sustainable and rational society—the commonwealth—led by a sovereign. At a first casual glance, Hobbes’ reasoning of the transformation from the state of nature to the commonwealth is not airtight. A few possible objections can be quickly spotted:

  • The Mathematical Connections in the De Stijl movement

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    in the De Stijl movement De Stijl or “The Style” is a movement that originated in Holland with the first publication of the periodical De Stijl in 1917. The works produced took art to a whole new level, pushing creativity to the new modern era. The emergence of the De Stijl movement coincided with constructivism in Russia, with influences from Cubism and the artist Kadinsky. However, the movement was not confined to just one art form. Similar to the Blue Rider and Bauhaus movements, De Stijl

  • Andreas Capellanus' De Amore:

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    Andreas Capellanus' De Amore: An Instructional Book for Men in the Ways to Treat Women Andreas Capellanus was born between the years 1150-1160 and died sometime after 1186. Not much of his life is known besides that he is believed to have been a chaplain in the Court of Henry of Troy. Capellanus wrote a book named De Amore, which became the definitive work on the subject of courtly love throughout medieval times. De Amore is a book stylized in the form of a letter to a fictitious friend, Walter

  • Biography of Psychologist Alfred Binet

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    he was forced to accept the counterattacks of Delboeuf and the Nancy School, which eventually caused a split between student and teacher. Having been married in 1884 to Laure Balbiani, whose father was E.G. Balbiani, an embryologist at the College de France, Binet was given the opportunity to work in his lab where his interest in 'comparative psychology' was piqued and in which he eventually wrote his thesis for his doctorate in natural science, focusing his research on the "the behavior, physiology

  • Blood Diamond: Supply and Demand

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    During 2012, Sierra Leone’s diamond industries were unbelievable, and the amount of exporting was over one hundred millions of dollars in U.S. dollars (Sierra). The principles of supply and demand seem central in the characterization of the various trends in the market. In various market structures, the black market tends to be rarely regulated. However, the black market observes in the venture allow for the integration of some strategies in the effort of the market to the interest traders. Traders

  • Diamonds

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    might think of a company called De Beers and how they are considered a cartel. De Beers proved to be the most successful cartel arrangement in the annals of modern commerce. While other commodities, such as gold, silver, copper, rubber, and grains, fluctuated wildly in response to economic conditions, diamonds have continued, with few exceptions, to advance upward in price every year since the Depression.(the Economist, p17, June 3rd 2000) Through the years De Beers has sort of monopolized

  • Ronald Reagan

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    football team, and captain of the swimming team. He had special drawings toward acting, but after the graduation in 1932 the only job available related to show business was as a local radio sportscaster. In 1936 he became a sportscaster for station WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. A year latter, Reagan went to Hollywood and began an acting career that spanned more than 25 years. He played in more than 50 films, including "Knute Rockne"-All American (1940), "King's Row" (1942), and "Bedtime

  • Blood Diamond : Why Fiction is More Effective Than the Facts

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    Diamond Facts.” A Diamond is Forever. De Beers Diamond Company. 18 November 2007. . “Lovette Freeman: A Personal History.” September 2006. Online video clip. The History Channel. 18 November 2007. . “Seven Questions: A Chat with Blood Diamond Director Ed Zwick.” Foreign Policy Magazine December 2006. 18 November 2007. . “Sierra Leone Civil War.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. 17 August 2005. Wikimedia Foundation. 18 November 2007. . Voeten, Teun. How De Body?: One Man’s Terrifying Journey