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  • Willy Russell's Our Day Out

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    Willy Russell's "Our Day Out" Willy Russell has written many plays over the last thirty years, but there is one feature that is common to all of them: the issue of social and cultural background. This is the situation of the characters; their surroundings; their class; the society in which they are brought up, and the culture of that society. It is this that can lead to the behaviour, feelings, opinions and general outlook of the characters. Russell explores the effects that society and

  • Our Day Out by Willy Russell

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    OUR DAY OUT!!!! THE EFFECTS OF CHARACTER IN ACTION THE USE OF DRAMATIC DEVICES and THE LAYERS OF MEANING IN LANGUAGE, IDEAS AND THEMES Writers are influenced by the historical times in which they live. Everyday of their lives, what they say and the way they act is influenced by the time in which they live. The 70s influenced Willy Russell in his writing. There are many examples of this in Our Day Out such as the style of the fair and the shop, the way the characters speak and the

  • Our Day Out by Willy Russell

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    Our Day Out by Willy Russell The play "Our Day Out" in based around the remedial class of an inner city Liverpool comprehensive. The children are the bottoms of the heap; they are not blessed with a well off families to support them. The two main teachers are Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs who views contrast and contradict each other throughout the play. On this particular day the "remedial class" are of on a school trip hence the title "Our Day Out" to Conway castle in Wales though this is not the only

  • Comedy in Our Day Out by Willy Russell

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    Comedy in Our Day Out by Russell In this assignment I am going to look at the ways in which Willy Russell has created humour within the play 'Our Day Out'. I will pay particular attention to the characters, their dialogue and the events that take place Willy Russell was born in a town near Liverpool, he left school at fifteen with no idea what he wanted to do and nothing but an O'level in English. 'Our Day Out', 'Blood Brothers' and 'Educating Rita' are a reflection of Russell's own

  • Review of Our Day Out by Willy Russell

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    Review of Our Day Out by Willy Russell 'Our day out is an interesting play based on a school trip with a group of underachieving children. This play conveys a deeper message about life in areas like Liverpool for people in the late 1970s. The playwright-William Russell skilfully created a strict old fashioned, selfish character: Mr Briggs and throughout the play convinces us that he is transforming into a fun, laidback person

  • Analysis of the Cliff Scene in Willy Russell's Our Day Out

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    Analysis of the Cliff Scene in Willy Russell's Our Day Out The title of the play is 'Our Day Out' Willy Russell wrote it in 1977. He was born in Whinston Lancashire. He grew up in Knowsley; a model village set in the countryside outside Liverpool. Once Russell had qualified as a teacher he worked at Shortfields Comprehensive School in Liverpool where his experiences lead him directly into the writing of 'Our Day Out'. While it was written in 1977 its roots were firmly planted In Russell's

  • The Importance Of Carol As A Character in Willy Russell's Our Day Out

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    The Importance Of Carol As A Character in Willy Russell's Our Day Out The play, "Our Day Out" was written by Willy Russell in 1976, set in Liverpool. Willy Russell was born in 1947 near Liverpool, he has also written other plays such as, Educating Rita, Shirley Valentine and Blood Brothers. The play "Our Day Out" was originally written for television and was televised on BBC 2, 1977. It is a celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up and being footloose, fourteen and free from school

  • The True Gentlemen of Great Expectations

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    Matthew Pocket teaches him to work for the sake of others. Matthew's married life is quite a different story. His wife is so eccentric, adleheadded, and uneducated that he constantly lifts himself up by his hair. His patience with his wife, day in and day out, is extraordinary. For example, Mrs. Pocket doesn't greet Pip with ... ... middle of paper ... ...n loyal. In order to be able to live as a gentleman, Pip learns from the examples set by Matthew Pocket, Wemmick, and Herbert Pocket

  • Conflict between Good and Evil in Bradstreet’s The Flesh and the Spirit

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    Puritan minister, Thomas Shepard, nicely summarized the paradox of the Puritan religion when he noted that “The greatest part of Christian grace lies in mourning the want of it.”  Shepard suggests, in this passage, that good Christians should spend their days, indeed their entire lives, exploring and proclaiming their own depravity and sinfulness, their “want” of Christian grace.  Paradoxically, only this kind of a life could lead, ultimately, to the possibile attainment of God’s grace and thus entrance

  • Kay Boyle Astronomers Wife

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    regarding a rather young husband and a wife, in there late twenties to mid thirties. The couple lives out on the country side of the United States where houses are far from one another and the land is scenically beautiful. Although their surroundings are beautiful, the couples marriage is not. There is

  • Thoreau's Message in Walden

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    revolution as it provided work for the people. Walden was written at the time of the Industrial revolution. The Industrial revolution created enormous opportunities for the people. Everyone had his or her own work, doing the exact same things day in and day out. As Thoreau stated, "He has no time to be anything but a machine"(3). He argued that excess possessions not only required excess labor to purchase them but also disturbed the people spiritually with worry and constraint. As people supposed

  • Thoreau: Monotony Of Day In And Day Out

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    to illuminate the sky. And yet all someone hears is her alarm’s blaring noise, her artificial light blinding her from even taking note of the wonder outside. She has been so consumed in what David Foster Wallace described as the monotony of “day in and day out, ”, concerned by every beep, every noise, and every distraction, so concerned about the next action and its consequences to even notice there is a larger world. Even a century-and-a-half ago, during the dawn of the industrial era, Henry David

  • Stereotypes in Our Day Out

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    Stereotypes in Our Day Out Can Willy Russell be accused of using stereotypes as a means of putting his opinions forward? Throughout the play; ‘Our Day Out’, written by Willy Russell, there is a constant use of stereotypes portrayed in the characters. Stereotypes are standardised characters or a fixed idea of something. Willy Russell used stereotyping as an effective way of putting his opinions forward because he could develop his initial ideas for characters to raise awareness of what

  • Preparing for the Big Day

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    just take it easy and you will overcome those thoughts out of your head. The first couple of days, the runner should concentrate on finding the right pace... ... middle of paper ... ...your hard work has paid off. Remember to reward yourself! So stick around for the event’s award ceremony. This is usually after the race where there are sponsors of the race handing out free stuff and possibly even food! In most races, the volunteers hand out at the end the event’s t-shirt and a participation medal

  • The Pros And Cons Of A Wedding Planner

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    Far too often there is a common misconception that there is no need to hire a wedding planner to assist you on your big day. People believe they’re not necessary anymore because there’s the internet, online wedding websites, Pinterest, etc. and hiring a planner is just an additional expense on the list of costs you are already about to incur. Well, let me start of by saying that contrary to this popular belief, wedding planners are VERY important and TOTALLY worth investing in! Sometimes you can

  • Narrative Essay On Convoy Of Hope

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    Convoy of Hope On July 25th my family and I met at Faith Community Church around five in the morning. The big day had finally come. The day we were going to help the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri through the nonprofit organization Convoy of Hope. The city of Ferguson that was known for protesting was given a chance of hope that day. There was a total of forty churches and one-thousand volunteers in the St. Louis area that came to the event to help supply food, clothing, and haircuts for the citizens

  • Wedding Speech by Brother of Bride

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    some weeks ago if I would make a speech today my first thought was WHY? But then as I sat down to put pen to paper and goggled wedding speeches last night, I was overwhelmed by strange feelings of happiness and pride for my baby sister and her big day. I have been sternly warned not to delve into any of her past relationships, her difficult pre- and post-teen attitude and her early problems with Midori. Instead, all I’ll say is that, as I have grown up with her and seen her grow up, she has become

  • Moving With A Pet Easier Research Paper

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    house much more difficult. For road safety purposes and a smoother transition, keep your pet in a crate for the journey. But Take Your Pet Out Every Now And Then Don?t just keep your pet locked in the crate the whole time though, especially if it?s a long journey from your old to your new home. Stop at gas stations along the way to stretch and take your pet out of the crate and the car for some fresh air and exercise. Being cooped up in the crate for a significantly long time is bad for their health

  • Analysis of The Wrong Trousers

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    Analysis of The Wrong Trousers “The Wrong Trousers” is a Clay Animation Production (where all characters are made out of clay). Created by Nick Park (a famous Animator) in 1993, “The Wrong Trousers” stars Wallace and Gromit in their second animated adventure (they were first introduced to British Viewers in 1990 in another Nick Park production “A Grand Day Out”.) In this particular adventure we see how bad things can get when technology gets into the wrong hands… “The Wrong Trousers”

  • Our Day Out by Willy Russell

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    A major theme in ‘Our Day Out’ is the lack of education and opportunity for young people in the inner city. Using scenes from the play, show how Willy Russell makes the audience aware of this theme. Introduction. The play that I am writing about is called ‘Our Day Out’ and it was written by Willy Russell. The main theme of the play is to tell the reader what life was like for people (mainly children) in Liverpool in the 1970s and what their education was like. During the 1970s 100 000 jobs were