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    Data Mining Abstract Data mining is a combination of database and artificial intelligence technologies. Although the AI field has taken a major dive in the last decade; this new emerging field has shown that AI can add major contributions to existing fields in computer science. In fact, many experts believe that data mining is the third hottest field in the industry behind the Internet, and data warehousing. Data mining is really just the next step in the process of analyzing data. Instead

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    An Introduction to Data Mining Overview Data mining, the extraction of hidden predictive information from large databases, is a powerful new technology with great potential to help companies focus on the most important information in their data warehouses. Data mining tools predict future trends and behaviors, allowing businesses to make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions. The automated, prospective analyses offered by data mining move beyond the analyses of past events provided by retrospective

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    Data mining software Data mining has the potential to give businesses a competitive edge in Customer Relationship Management. Organizations use methods such as complex algorithms, artificial intelligence, and statistics to mine meaningful patterns from large sets of data. These patterns can then be utilized to do a number of things including targeting customers by predicting future behavior and learning more about present behavior. One widely accepted model is the Cross-Industry Standard Process

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    Data mining techniques discovers the novel, valid, frequent pattern from the large data set. The problems of data mining range from association rule mining, classification to feature extraction and others. Now in the era of internet, the data generated can be measured in terabytes or petabytes. This large amount of data contain huge amount of hidden information that can be useful to many businesses. On this account, there is requirement of efficient and cost-effective approaches and techniques of

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    objective in any data mining activity is to find as many unsuspected relationships between obtained data sets as possible to be able to achieve a better understanding on how the data and its relationships are useful to the data owner. The potential of knowledge discovery using data mining is huge and data mining has been applied in many different knowledge areas such as in large corporations to optimize their marketing strategies or even to smaller scale in medicinal research where data mining is used to

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    - Data mining finds hidden pattern in data sets and association between the patterns. To achieve the objective of data mining association rule mining is one of the important techniques. This paper presents a survey on three different association rule mining algorithms FP Growth, Apriori and Eclat algorithm and their drawbacks which would be helpful to find new solution for the problems found in these algorithms The comparison of algorithms based on the aspects like different support value. Keywords—

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    Data mining is the technique to interpret the data from other perspective and summarize the data so that the data can be useful information. Technically, data mining is a process to identify relations or patterns in the databases to predict the likelihood of future events. According to Eliason et al, there are three systems for healthcare organization to implement the mining data systems. The three systems are the analytics system, the content system and the deployment system. The analytics system

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    Data mining is a field that is a combination of numerous other fields such as the database research, artificial intelligence and statistics. Data mining involves looking for patterns in vast amounts of data as a part of knowledge discovery process. (Huang, Joshua Zhexue, Cao, Longbing, Srivastava, Jaideep, 2011) contains numerous papers that are solely dedicated to discussing the advancements that have been made in the field of data mining and knowledge discovery. A lot of people have performed a

  • Big Data, Data Mining And Predictive Analytics

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    Introduction 2. Applications of Big Data, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics For the development of Big Data, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics applications, several methodologies and techniques routed to the control and post-analysis of info-data have been generated in different fields. Those methodologies and techniques allow a better use of info-data to solve a specific problem. Some fields, in which Big Data has developed, both in public and private, are health and science, economics

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    has with a customer or supplier likely generates a data trail and this data provides a wealth of information for marketers. Extracting that information and getting it into usable shape requires sophisticated data mining tools. One example of this technology is the used by police departments to identify patterns in crime. We will define, explain and discuss main aspects of data mining. Also its benefits and negative issues. What is Data? Data is defined as facts, concepts, information, or instructions

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    Data Mining: What is Data Mining? Overview Generally, data mining (sometimes called data or knowledge discovery) is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information - information that can be used to increase revenue, cuts costs, or both. Data mining software is one of a number of analytical tools for analyzing data. It allows users to analyze data from many different dimensions or angles, categorize it, and summarize the relationships identified

  • Data Stream Mining Addresses Research Issues Addressed by the Data Mining Community

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    Data stream mining is a stimulating field of study that has raised challenges and research issues to be addressed by the database and data mining communities. The following is a discussion of both addressed and open research issues [19]. Handling the continuous flow of data streams This is a data management issue. Traditional database management systems are not capable of dealing with such continuous high data rate. Novel indexing, storage and querying techniques are required to handle this non

  • Data Mining and the Social Web

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    Data Mining is a powerful tool that is designed to gather large sets of data at incredible speed and analyze them. Most companies use this tool to better understand their customer’s habits as well as their interests. Advertisers love this tool because it allows unprecedented amount of access to information. Most people are unaware that their data is being mined, bundled, and sold by a company to third party advertisers in order to make targeted ads more effective. This is a problematic practice because

  • What´s Data Mining?

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    The explosive growth in the amount of data and the challenges for finding interesting patterns from huge amount of data lead to emergence of data mining. Data mining is the process of extracting the interesting (valid, novel, useful and understandable) patterns from the huge data that are actionable and may be used for enterprise’s decision making process. Data mining is one of the core processes of knowledge discovery in databases. The basic types of data mining techniques are association rules, classification

  • Customer Data Mining

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    2011 alone, 1.8 zettabytes of data were produced by all businesses. That is the equivalent of 1.8 trillion gigabytes, the same as every U.S. citizen writing 3 tweets per minute for the next 26,976 years. The study also predicts that the overall amount of data produced annually, will grow by an extreme 5000% by the year 2020. However, what is the point of this mass collection of data if we aren’t even able to make useful inferences from it? Thanks to customer data mining, that has all changed. To better

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    3. Data Mining and Predictive Analytics as Marketing Strategy Tool After understanding the possible outcomes and usages of Big Data Mining and Analytics, the study of the process is necessary to identify the real possibilities behind this techniques and how this can improve a business performance. To do this; we should comprehend the basics about data mining and the process that leads from pure data to insights. At this point, is important to note that Big data itself does not represent more large

  • Privacy and Security Issues in Data Mining

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    There are various kinds of definitions about what data mining is. The authors in [1] define data mining as “the process of extracting previously unknown information from (usually large quantities of) data, which can, in the right context, lead to knowledge”. Data mining is widely used in areas such as business analysis, bioinformatics analysis, medical analysis, etc. Data mining techniques bring us a lot of benefits. Business companies can use data mining tools to search potential customers and increase

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    Privacy Preserving Data Mining (PPDM) was proposed by D. Agrawal and C. C. Agrawal [1] and by Y. Lindell and B. Pinkas [5] simultaneously. To address this problem, researchers have since proposed various solutions that fall into two broad categories based on the level of privacy protection they provide. The first category of the Secure Multiparty Computation (SMC) approach provides the strongest level of privacy; it enables mutually distrustful entities to mine their collective data without revealing

  • Data Mining and Privacy-an ethical look

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    Data Mining and Privacy-an ethical look I. Introduction In 2001, the MIT Technology Review listed data mining as one of the top 10 technologies that will change the world.[i] So, what is data mining? For many people, the simple answer is that data mining is the collecting of people’s information when logged onto the Internet. But Webopedia emphasizes that data mining is not the collection of data itself, but the statistical interpretation of it – allowing people to obtain new information

  • Data Mining, Data Mining Technology, And Big Data

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    Abstract:- This paper presents a brief idea about data mining, data mining technology, and big data. The applications regarding data mining will also be discussed briefly. The main cause of data mining is to get different ideas, how to access big data by different tools. Keywords- data mining, data mining technology, big data. I.INTRODUCTION Data mining refers to the use of data from big data source by using different tools in order to solve real time problems that include logistics management