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  • The Darker Side of Tanning

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    The Darker Side of Tanning These days, tanning is taken very lightly. It is portrayed as a beauty enhancement. No one ever states the dangerous side affects. The tanning industry has grown immensely in the last decade. Right along with the growing industry the rate of skin cancer is also increasing. Young teenage are tanning more and more everyday and they are never truly told the future side affects that they might encounter. Let me give you a little idea of what consequences you might face

  • The Darker Side of Exposition

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    The Darker Side of Exposition An exploration into the unseen side of world fairs. “Expositions are the timekeepers of progress. They record the world’s advancement. They stimulate energy, enterprise, and intellect of the people and quicken human genius. They go into the home. They broaden and brighten the life of the people. They open mighty storehouses of information for the student. Every exposition, great or small, has helped this onward step.” President William Mckinley 1901 Contents

  • The Darker Side Of White Slavery

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    White slavery is a Progressive Era term used to loosely describe the entrapment, transportation, and supply of women and children for the use of sexual slavery. Many of the women who were part of white slavery were forced into it this trade against their will. These women and children became enslaved into prostitution and transported domestically within the United States and internationally. Efforts to control white slavery can be seen as early as 1870 in the United States, but little was done to

  • The Darker Side Of Robert Frost

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    The poem “Fire and Ice” quoted above is a poem all about death and his prefered way to die/ destroy the world. So, although the average reader will quote Robert Frost as being a poet of positivity, yet many of his poems actually point out the dark side of human existence. Robert Frost’s story starts on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California. Frost was born to father William Prescott and mother Isabelle Moodie; he also had a younger sister Jeanie. When Robert Frost was 11 years old, his father

  • Vertigo: A Darker Side of Human Nature

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    a female college student and a Barbie doll. Moreover, the male's inability to see women as fully human ..." (225). In conclusion, the movie Vertigo was not only about the male desire towards unconscious women and obsession, but also about a darker side of human nature. One may state that the movie is about passionate love but it clearly shows that the men can be fanatically preoccupied onto one another. Released in 1958, Hitchcock's Vertigo was an incredible exposition of sexually possessed

  • A Darker Side of Our Soul Exposed in Hamlet

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    A Darker Side of Our Soul Exposed in Hamlet We live in a curious age of, tabloids, talk shows, and TV sound bites that purvey a shocking type of tawdry news. These sources of scandal make a lucrative business out of outrageous headlines. But this is nothing new.  Mankind has always had burning desire for uncovering secret truths--even in the time of Shakespeare.  For as Polonius said, "If circumstances lead me, I will find/Where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed/Within the center" (2.2

  • The Age-old Question of Confronting the Darker Side of Self

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    to talk about the rest of us'" (variant: `... that it hardly becomes any of us to talk about the rest of us'). - Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a Victorian gothic novel that explores the age-old question of confronting the darker side of self in which the society of that time considers this subject somewhat a taboo. The Victorians were educated to be hypocritical by its society, masquerading the evil and flaws of men and allowed only to portray the façade of wellness on the

  • A Portrait of Hell: Vignettes from Various Mythologies regarding the Darker Side of Death

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    In all religions key elements exist, cornerstones of their belief system, upon which everything else builds (Wilkins 22). These elements explain the world around us, from the fabrication of the universe to the meaning of life, imparting knowledge of the social mores and customs of the times (Wilkins 3). These myths testify to the moral and ethical code of the society that first conceived them (Wilkins 5). As with all systems of rule, an attempt to force the peoples governed by them into obedience

  • The Cafe

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    heading for. Moving through the private corridors in the Cinema complex, arriving at the screen room as her, seeing where she was sat. The film was about to commence shortly, and the crowds had died down. Making his way towards her from the other side of the row to take his seat next to her. He sat down. He never said a word or looked at her until half way through the film. As the music and narrative faded down, he leaned over to her and whispered in her ear. “Bonsoir, Mon Cheri” She jumped

  • Finn Essay

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    While some people reveal their dark sides the moment two people meet, most attempt to hide their dark side until later. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain follows Huckleberry Finn as he travels down the Mississippi River in a raft and how he meets many types of people who use the immediate showing and prolonged showing of the dark side of their human nature. Through the persona of fourteen year old Huck Finn, and his interaction with the minor characters, Twain reveals the hypocrisy