Danielle Steel Essays

  • One Teacher's Inspiration

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    My view of Literature is that it is the soul to the imagination. I may be mistaken, but that is the beauty of literary words; there is no truth, no right nor wrong in them, yet they hold just about everything to learn on life. Miss Judy Brown, my form four English teacher, has really inspired me in indispensible ways. She is definitely one in a billion. Before meeting Miss Brown, I had absolutely no interest in Literature. She is a tall, slender, blonde woman, with many life experiences: from

  • My Life on the Stage

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    “euphemism” interchangeably, and reggaes with my friends on the dance floor. But at the end of the day, she puts on her red and green flannel pajamas and relaxes in the hands of a sixty-year-old lawyer named Matlock or shuffles through the pile of Danielle Steel and Mary Higgins Clark books looking for a good mystery to sink her teeth into. I stopped running -dead in my tracks- entranced by the reflection in the lake. I could make out every detail; chairs on porches, tiny white cottages with brick

  • Comparing Catherine MacKinnon's Not A Moral Issue and Sallie Tisdale’s Talk Dirty to Me

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    that pornography. Breasts and booties, buns and knockers. Type these words into a search field and be prepared. The presence of pornographic and "obscene" material is rampant: in commercial advertising, on primetime television, and in every Danielle Steel novel. Such an over-abundance of disputed material introduces many questions for discussion. One must ask, why there is such a demand for these products and why have they created a forum of controversy from left- and right-wingers, as well as

  • No Greater Love Analysis

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    The works that have been chosen for this project are Maxine Shore’s the Captive Princess and Danielle Steel’s, No Greater Love. The Captive Princess was written in 1952 and is a fictionalized account of Princess Gwladys Ruffyd, Daughter of King Caradoc during the first century, over the course of nearly two decades starting when she was only 7 years old. Danielle Steel’s No Greater Love depicts the story of a family torn apart by the tragic sinking of the Titanic, centralizing on the eldest daughter

  • Topicality In No Greater Love By Danielle Steel

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    had gained success. But Danielle Steel, the author of “No Greater Love” could reveal the deepest feelings hidden in one’s soul. This novel portrays us the life that is very real, it describes young Edwina’s love, loss, loyalty, sorrows, responsibility. She is strong, at the same time fragile. These, of

  • Danielle Steel’s The Ring - A Blend of Fiction and History

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    Danielle Steel’s The Ring - A Blend of Fiction and History Can a plot, setting, and characters in a fictitious story be derived from actual historical events and can the two blend together? The unique writing style of Danielle Steel merges true historical events with fiction in a manner that leaves the reader emotionally touched. In her story, The Ring, Steel does not show a partition between fictitious characters and factual historical events. In fact, the two are intertwined so well that

  • Danielle Steel's The Ring - A Thin Line Between Fiction and Reality

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    Danielle Steel's The Ring - A Thin Line Between Fiction and Reality Fiction can be considered something invented by the imagination. Although many people might feel that fiction is totally exclusive of reality, I believe that there is a very thin line between fiction and reality. This is proved in Danielle Steel's The Ring, where she has used common characters and placed them in realistic situations, facing everyday realistic issues. The Ring gives the reader a sense of realism in a fictitious

  • Elements of Fiction in Danielle Steel’s Mixed Blessings

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    Elements of Fiction in Danielle Steel’s Mixed Blessings Danielle Steel, in her work of fiction, Mixed Blessings, has effectively used plot, setting, and theme as she weaves a powerful tale of three couples who face decisions about having children that will test, in unexpected ways, the ties that bind them as lovers, partners, and friends. Steel has used these elements to emphasize that there are people who have such a great need and love for children. In Mixed Blessings, she represents women

  • An Analysis of the Movie, Double Impact

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    An Analysis of the Movie, Double Impact The movie opens twenty-five years ago in Hong Kong. The parents of two twin babies, Alex and Chad, had borrowed money from Raymond Zhang and Nigel Griffith, two lead smugglers. They needed the money in order to build a tunnel between Hong Kong and the mainland. After the tunnel was built and the money collected, Nigel Griffith and Raymond Zhang had a gang of hit men massacre Alex and Chad's family. Frank Avery, a friend of the family, races

  • Comparing Cinderella and Ever After

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    movie is called Danielle. In the very beginning, it shows how Danielle's father died and how she went off to live with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. In "Cinderella';, both of the stepsisters are wicked, but in "Ever After';, her sister Jacqueline is not so wicked and usually sides with Danielle. In "Ever After';, Jacqueline is the not so pretty and quiet sister and Marguerite is the loud obnoxious pretty one. One similarity is that in both movies, Cinderella and Danielle are servants to

  • I am going to discuss is 'Kindertransport' and my own piece 'The adoption'

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    I am going to discuss is 'Kindertransport' and my own piece 'The adoption' Danielle Grennan May2003 Performance Evaluation =============================================== The work I am going to discuss is 'Kindertransport' and my own piece 'The adoption'. I saw 'Kindertransport' in October 2002 at the Redbridge Drama Centre; my own piece was devised and performed in May 2003 also at the Redbridge Drama Centre. Both pieces have very similar themes about mother and daughter relationships

  • Dreams Of A Lifetime

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    sister, Danielle. Sometimes Steven would hide in a closet with his sister praying that his dad wouldn’t come home. The pain Steven suffered during these beatings were unbearable. Steven’s mother couldn’t do anything about it. She was afraid of her violent tempered husband. She tried to take her kids away from their father a few times, but she was threatened and beaten. There was no escape from what seemed like hell. After years of violence and abuse, Steven’s mother had had it. After Danielle had just

  • The Evolution of Sex

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    lot of fun. But you have to go into it with your head fully wrapped around the idea that nothing will result from it, that it doesn’t mean anything besides two people giving into their physical desires,” said 19-year-old, Boston student, Danielle. Like Danielle, many young adults, and teenagers, have sex without attachment. For example, more than half of 11th-graders surveyed by the Bowling Green State University, in Ohio, said they have had intercourse, and of them a 60 percent did it with an

  • School Prayer

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    School Prayer By Danielle Clark Block 1 Speech 105 I. Intro- Contrary to the claims, students have the Constitutional right to pray in school, either individually or in informal groups so long as the prayer is not organized by the school. But if the students only knew what they were really doing by praying in school. II. First of all they are going against the Bible. As to quote, Matthew 6:5-6: "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and

  • Analysis Of Characters And Plot: Backroads By Tawni ODell

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    Danielle Barnes Backroads SUMMARY OF MAJOR EVENTS Backroads begins with Harley being questioned by the police for a crime that the reader knows not of. He delves into the story that has brought him up to this point, beginning from a year after his mother shot his father. The events in the course of this are breath taking. Harley is nineteen and the legal guardian of his three younger sisters: Amber (sixteen), Misty (twelve), and Jody (six). His conflicts range from having to raise these three

  • Legend Of Love

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    is also the Great-Great-Granddaughter of Danielle/Cinderella. While the Brothers Grimm has their version of the Cinderella story, the Grand Dame knows the truth. She summons the Brothers Grimm and explains her family's history as she knows it. As the narrator, her character is a mediator, stepping in when the conflict is elevated. Danielle When she was eight, Danielle's father unexpectedly died. Left with her new stepmother, Rodmilla, Danielle is forced to be a servant to the household

  • A Cinderella Story

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    alive he still is very mean to Ashputtle, and treats her as a servant after her mother dies. In the first film "Ever After", the characters include, Danielle Debbarberack= Cinderella, the stepmother, and stepsisters (both good and bad), the prince, king and queen, the evil servant who betrays the king and queen, and the father. The character of Danielle was portrayed as a "modern" women of the 16th century, who is as independent as she was beautiful. But even with all her trials and tribulations she

  • Cinderella vs. Danielle de Barbarac

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    Cinderella vs. Danielle de Barbarac Throughout history, women have been portrayed as the weaker sex. Truthfully, many women are just as physically and emotionally strong as men. Cinderella’s strengths have been shown in the movies Ever After and Cinderella. In Ever After, a woman lost the only person that she ever really loved, but later found true love through the hardships of her lonely life. In Cinderella, a woman eventually found the love that she had always dreamed of throughout her slave-driven

  • The Crazies: Review

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    Based on George Romero’s 1973 original, Sheriff David Dutton watches as the denizens of Ogden Marsh, Iowa start going … well, crazy as you can ascertain by the title. Starting with a lone old coot gunned down on the baseball field after brandishing a shotgun, more and more people begin acting erratically and lashing out with extreme prejudice against their families and the neighbors. Before long, the entire town is affected by the water supply tainted with a military-grade biological weapon and all

  • Environmental Impacts: Production of Iron and Steel

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    composition is changed or tampered with. Each of these classes have different properties but in comparison with Steel which also has its grades ranging from low to high grade carbon steel which are just alloys of purified iron with carbon and hints of other metal elements such as Manganese and Nickel so the production of Steel products differs only slightly from the commercial production of Iron. Steel which is the easily formed, cheap and yet strong and tough allowing for it to be extremely versatile creating