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  • dancers in the classroom

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    Dancers in the classroom Edgar Degas (1834-1917), French painter and sculptor, is considered one of the major representatives of Impressionism through its innovative composition and its prospect analysis movement. He was also one of the most active organizers impressionist movements, although his artistic ideas were distinct from those of his Impressionist friends. His real name Hilaire Germain Edgar de Gas, he was born in Paris in July 1834 in a large noble family of bankers, wealthy and cultured

  • The Pressures of Dancers

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    The Pressures of Dancers The typical idea of a dancer is that they are tall, slender, full of energy, and lucky because they dance with all of the “stars”. Much of this is true, however, what many people do not think of are the many hardships that a dancer goes through in order to achieve their high status in the dance world. It takes much hard work and determination along with good direction to become a dancer. However, nothing good comes without a price. Dancers often times have

  • A Day in the Life of a Dancer

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    colleges that have solid dance programs because I have grown up watching dancers from my studio go to college to major in dance and they have given me advice on where to look. This is very helpful information however I would also like to know specifics about the day in the life of a dance major and how many dancers actually get jobs after college and are able to make a career dancing. Part Two: The Day in the life of a Dancer To begin my research I looked up my dream college, New York University

  • Understanding the Underground Dancer

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    Understanding the Underground Dancer If you have seen him--in clubs, in parties, and even in the street--you will surely remember him. The Underground Dancer is a figure of the modern world that cannot be dismissed. Anthropologists explain dance as the expression of sexual desires, but the Underground Dancer is different, and therefore, often misunderstood. It is hard to pinpoint what he is, and what he looks like, all I can provide is shots in the dark, a desperate attempt to shed light to this

  • Mao's Last Dancer

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    Mao's Last Dancer Staggeringly vast and a land of great diversity, China, the world's most populous and third largest nation is more like a continent in itself than a country. With that huge population and a long history, China has made itself become a glorious and controversial country during one hundred years, especially from 1949 when China was finally at peace after decades of war, a China under China Communist Party (CCP) and Mao Zedong. There was actually a lot of changing in society

  • Perfect Dancer Essay

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    The “Perfect” Dancer Body Imagine this. You’re getting fabulously dressed and ready to see a performance of Swan Lake at Carnegie Hall. You have been earnestly waiting for months to watch what spectacular talent and beauty awaits. The hype of going to see this show in person has put you in a daze. You finally get into your seats and wait for the curtains to open. At this moment you are about to jump out of your seat and rip those curtains off the latch. They finally open and a ballerina playing

  • Ballet Dancer Essay

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    the emotions and inspire the audience (Lucas). A dancer’s energy and technique bring the performance together out of all the elements, as some stories have no plot, which places responsibility on the dancer to move in an elegant manner. Additionally, to achieve a graceful performance, ballet dancers progress their techniques by countless hours of rehearsal to improve each movement, the expression of their emotions or critiquing their positioning. Ballet requires years of practice to adept each position

  • Ankle Sprains for the Dancer

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    Ankle Sprains for the Dancer Ankles are one of the many body parts that have the highest incidence of injury by the performance of dance. Ankle sprains are one of the most common sprains occurring to the dancer. Even though structurally the ankle may be considered a moderately strong joint, it is subject to sudden twists, especially when the dancer steps on some irregular surface. Serious injury occurring to joints or bones result initially from impact forces, with carelessness and fatigue

  • Dance Dancer Essay

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    “5, 6, 7, 8!” Are the numbers drilled into a dancer 's head as they learn a new dance from a choreographer or dance instructor. Getting to travel the world teaching dance to many kids is what being a choreographer is all about. Or, just staying in your town and running a dance studio teaching hundreds of kids new, exciting skills and the aspects of dance. Most people do not understand what goes into being a choreographer, all the hard work, traveling, staying up late trying to think of a new formation

  • Marzena: About a Dancer

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    and is an amazing dancer. Her friends always brag about her to their families and other friends. Her family describes her as the most fashionable person in the family and hope she will become a fashion designer when she grows up. In her free time she dances. She loves dancing and people constatntly compliment her on how good she is. She is an amazing person. Everybody who hangs out with her is very lucky. Marzena has great loyalty, is a sweetheart, fashionista and a amazing dancer. First being a