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  • The Crystal Palace

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    The Crystal Palace During the 1800’s Great Britain’s empire stretched around the world, and with raw materials easily available to them this way, they inevitably began refining and manufacturing all stages of many new machines and other goods, distributing locally and globally. However, despite being the central ‘workshop of the world,’ Britain was not producing the highest quality of merchandise. When comparing factory-made products made in England to surrounding countries, most notably France

  • The New York Crystal Palace

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    for the Inauguration of the American Crystal Palace: The nations meet, not in war, but in peace, beneath this dome. They meet to bring glory to God on high and goodwill to men. The Crystal Palace is a symbol of the might of Man. Look on, ye Nations, and vow eternal peace and justice. -William R. Wallace (New York Times, July 14, 1853) When the first major international exhibition of arts and industries was held in London in 1851, the London Crystal Palace epitomized the achievements of the

  • The New York Crystal Palace

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    The New York Crystal Palace: The Great Exhibition of Art and Industry "The Crystal Palace is a partial picture of the age; an exposition of the comforts and luxuries, the manners and attainments which belong to our civilization." -B. Silliman & C. R. Goodrich (The World of Science, Art and Industry at the Crystal Palace, New York, 1854) On July 14, 1853, the Great Exhibition of Art and Industry began in New York City, New York, with the commemoration of the Crystal Palace, the central exhibition

  • P. H. Delamotte Photograph of the Interior of the Crystal Palace

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    P. H. Delamotte Photograph of the Interior of the Crystal Palace After a successful year of housing the Great Exposition, the Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton was disassembled and moved to Sydenham, where it stood for the next 85 years (Hobhouse, 32). The Palace, built for the 1851 World's Fair in London, was an architectural and engineering wonder modeled after the bridge and train shed construction of the mid-nineteenth century. The structure had been designed to be quickly assembled out of prefabricated

  • Crystal Palace Utilitarianism

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    Sticking One’s Tongue out at the Crystal Palace A Discussion of the differing Utilitarianism thought and Philosophies inspired by The Crystal Palace Utilitarianism was a popular philosophy in the nineteenth century that was popularized by such philosophers as Nikolai Chernyshevsky and Jeremy Bentham. Utilitarianism was optimistic and progressive way of thinking that asserted that if the right and moral thing is done, then the best and most good outcome was the result, and furthermore the promotion

  • The Great Exhibition

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    exhibition, ‘the first morning since the creation of the world that all peoples have assembled from all parts of the world and done a common act. By the time the exhibition closed in October, there had been more than six million paid entrances to the Crystal Palace, which, allowing for foreign and repeat visits, represented almost one-fifth of the population of Britain. Auerbach is the professor of history at California State university and has had numerous books published. This highlights that the text

  • Alfred Lord Tennyson's Maud Essay

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    In Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Maud (1855), the speaker confronts the shameful fate of dead remains and evaluates the role of nonliving materials such as hair, bones, shells, and rocks. Although critics rarely comment on the geological process in the poem, in-depth analysis of Maud reveals an underlying message about purpose and fate through fossilization. By analyzing Tennyson’s background, experiences, and lines in Maud, I argue that Maud is a “selving” poem as the speaker questions what happens to

  • The Great Exhibition of 1851

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    industrialization and economic changes. The most popular exhibit was the Crystal Palace; the first monumental structure in Britain that was constructed of uniquely from metal and glass (93). The promoters of the Palace said it will be known and remembered for ages across Europe. Just as the Liberals thought that Liberalism would stay forever due to their breakthrough so did the promoters think the same thing would happen with the Crystal Palace. However, both ideas were illusions and in just a few centuries

  • Case Study Of Carnival Corporation

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    Carnival was able to increase profits through the acquisition of Holland America Line in 1988 and consequently Carnival expanded its cruise lines to a broader market, however Carnival experienced a loss of $135 million from disposal of the Crystal Palace Resort & Casino in 1991. The company’s current strategy is to attract more repeat cruisers and new cruisers of different segments by offering different types of packages. Such differences include choice of shorter or longer cruises, a low to

  • The Theme Of Sacrifice In Luke Ault's Armada

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    This is shown when Ray takes him to the Crystal Palace for his briefing, “‘I know you, Zack’ Ray said. ‘You've been waiting for something like this to happen. Something important. Something meaningful. A dare to be great situation. Right?’ He took me by the shoulders. ‘Well this is it, ace!

  • Fan Violence

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    field after a penalty call was taken back from the Browns (“Fans throw”). Players, coaches, and referees had to sprint out of the football stadium. On January 25, 1995, Manchester United striker Eric Cantona, assaulted a fan during a game against Crystal Palace after a fan said a racial slur toward him (“Fan”). On August 29, 2004 an Irish priest, Neil Horan, burst out of the crowd to race the leader of a 5000 meter race in the 2004 Summer Olympics (“Fan”). On September 13, 2004, Texas Ranger pitcher

  • Home Design in the 19th Century

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    Home Design in the 19th Century Home decorating styles changed dramatically during the middle part of the 1800's, even though design began to refer back to the styles the century had begun with as it came to an end. This difference in popular taste did not just evolve because of the passage of time, however; new technological advancements in furniture production and an increased interest in the arts of Asia influenced home décor. The changing British culture manifested itself in how the middle-class

  • Greek Art and Architecture Essays

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    Essay #1 The Palace of Knossos, a Minoan mud brick and timber structure on a shallow stone foundation, featuring a central courtyard, was constructed on an acropolis. It was a place for rulers to reside, shrines for religious ceremonies to be worshipped, the industrial production of objects, and administrative duties. Ample hallways, stairways, chambers, and light wells supplemented the ambitiously built structure. There were plenty of columns to mark he four awe inspiring entrance passages. Four

  • The Kitchen God's Wife and The Bingo Palace

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    Mythology, Luck, and Fate in The Kitchen God's Wife and The Bingo Palace In Amy Tan's novel, The Kitchen God's Wife, the author weaves Chinese mythology and beliefs through a woman's struggle to explain and come to terms with her harrowing past, to her American daughter, Pearl. Aside from the horror invoked by Winnie's tale of her life in Pre-Communist/Feudal China, the thing that struck me the most about this book was how often the themes of luck and fate crop up in the story. I often found

  • Einhard and Charlemagnes Palace School: A Mechanism for Wealth, Prestige, Power and Success

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    in Charlemagne’s Frankish Kingdom. During Charlemagne’s rule/life (768-824), he dedicated a vast amount of time and energy into supporting the notions of classical learning. He went so far as to start a school comprised of many scholars within his palace. Their role was to educate the nobility, the priesthood and the people, as well as hold counsel with the king. This is where Einhard and Charlemagne first encountered each other. Einhard was a small but intelligent man who came to prominence in the

  • Cosquer Cave

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    paintings and engravings that appear on the walls and ceilings of Cosquer cave (“Accessing Cosquer Cave”). The cave consists of several narrow tunnels, some of which are less than one meter high, and two main chambers that are covered with calcite crystals (Clottes 48). Throughout the cave are finger grooves, which the artists were able to carve into the weather-softened stone walls (Clottes 59). After recording proof of the discovery, Henri Cosquer informed the French Ministry of Culture. They

  • Cosquer Cave

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    a dive in 1985. Although he visited the cave several times after the initial discovery, he was unable to reach the main chamber until September of 1985. Upon discovering the main chamber, he noticed calcite draperies, submerged stalagmites and crystals of aragonite, but nothing else. It was not until 1991 that Cosquer finally alerted officials of his discovery (Jaobs “Grotto Cosquer”). This was prompted by his finding of the first painting in the cave, a stenciled hand done in red. After notifying

  • Evaluation of the Fractal Dimension of a Crystal

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    Evaluation of the Fractal Dimension of a Crystal Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects of voltage and molarity changes on the fractal dimension of a Cu crystal formed by the re-dox reaction between Cu and CuSO4. Using the introductory information obtained from research, the fractal geometry of the Cu crystals was determined for each set of parameters. Through the analysis of data, it was determined that the fractal dimension is directly related to the voltage

  • Ice Structuring Protein In Food Industry Essay

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    frozen food occurs when temperature fluctuates during storage or transit, resulting in coarse texture. This technique is well suited to ice cream (Warren et al., 1992). Ice structuring proteins also find use in chilled and frozen meat, where large ice crystals may form intracellularly, resulting in drip and loss of nutrition during thawing. Since ice structuring proteins are located extracellularly in freeze-tolerant organism, these proteins can be added to food by physical means such as mixing, injection

  • Solubility of Potassium Chlorate

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    (the solvent) by heating. A solution is made, this is the dissolved solute in solvent. The solution is left to cool down, and the temperature at which the solute crystallizes is recorded. 3. Put more 4g water in the test tube. This makes the crystals dissolve again. 4. Do these things more than 6 times. 5. Make a table of the result. 6. Draw a graph, using a line of best fit. Table of the results: Total grams of KClO3 g Total volume of distilled water cm3 Temperature at