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  • This Cruel World

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    superpowers believe that it is necessary when in fact all they are doing is killing the world. The effects of war has had on mankind have had a profound effect as to how the world acts today. Although man has changed drastically, hatred is something that has managed to stay constant no matter where one goes; one could come to the conclusion that hatred is everywhere and there is no escape from it. Unfortunately for the world, this hatred is passed down as the years pass by, thus confirming the Golding’s

  • This Cruel World

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    This Cruel World It all began when I was brought into this world. At that age I probably didn’t know much but as a kid I knew every thing was great. Getting pushed around in a stroller all day, to being fed, to being put to bed at nighttime with dozens of stuffed animals around you, what else do you want? Life as a kid was great, I didn’t have any problems to worry about, everything was done for me. Unfortunately that just last so long and all I came to realize is that growing up in this big world

  • A Cruel World: Bullying

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    all ages’ heart and soul. Together as a community we can join our hearts and hands together and stop bullying. Everyone deserves to feel safe and not be abused by anyone. You as a person are strong enough to chance the world. Like Ghandi said “be the change you want to see in the world.” Works Cited Verbal Bullying.” Bullying Statistics. 2009. Bullying Statistics. February 17, 2014. “Simple Acts of Care and Kindness.” Physical Bulling. 2013.

  • Shakespeare's King Lear - A World too Cruel?

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    King Lear - A World too Cruel? King Lear is at once the most highly praised and intensely criticized of all Shakespeare's works. Samuel Johnson said it is "deservedly celebrated among the dramas of Shakespeare" yet at the same time he supported the changes made in the text by Tate in which Cordelia is allowed to retire with victory and felicity. "Shakespeare has suffered the virtue of Cordelia to perish in a just cause, contrary to the natural ideas of justice, to the hope of the reader

  • Catcher in the Rye Essay: Holden Caulfield - A Nice Kid in a Cruel World

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    Caulfield - A Nice Kid in a Cruel World Over the years, members of the literary community have critiqued just about every author they could get their pen on.  One of the most popular novels to be critiqued has been J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye.  In favorable critiques, Holden Caulfield is a good guy stuck in a bad world. He is trying to make the best of his life, though ultimately losing that battle. Whereas he aims at stability and truth, the adult world cannot survive without suspense

  • A Critical Analysis Of William Blake's Infant Sorrow?

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    You do not choose to be born into this world. You are not in full control of what will happen when you arrive or who will give birth to you and raise you. A generation one poet by the name of William Blake is highly interested in poetry. He is so fascinated that he writes two songs; Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. Songs of innocence being the poetry that is about younger generations of people that may appear naive, inexperienced, or childlike. He wrote multiple poems that fell into the

  • Grendel Criticism

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    discovers the joy of being cruel to others; he becomes more and more like the humans he despises. Finally, Grendel

  • Loss of Innocence in The Flowers, by Alice Walker

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    Innocence is something always expected to be lost sooner or later in life, an inevitable event that comes of growing up and realizing the world for what it truly is. Alice Walker’s “The Flowers” portrays an event in which a ten year old girl’s loss of innocence after unveiling a relatively shocking towards the end of the story. Set in post-Civil War America, the literary piece holds very particular fragments of imagery and symbolism that describe the ultimate maturing of Myop, the young female protagonist

  • Phony and Nice Worlds in Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut

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    Phony and Nice Worlds in Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut Salinger expresses his view of the world through his use of "phony" and "nice" worlds. Salinger uses the "phony" and "nice" worlds to express his pessimistic view of the world. Although "phony" and "nice" worlds exist in many of Salinger's stories, "Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut" is perhaps the best story to illustrate the difference between "phony" and "nice" worlds. "Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut" is one of the few stories which offers views of

  • Glossip V Gross Case Study

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    Lockett received the injection and was unconscious for a while, awoke and later died 40 minutes after. Many people complained that the use of Midazolam should be deemed illegal and barred from usage due to violating rights of the Eighth Amendment, “cruel and unusual punishment”. “Oklahoma suspended all subsequent executions until the incident could be investigated and subsequently adopted a new protocol that placed a higher emphasis on making sure the injection was done properly. The new protocol also