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  • Crown Casino

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    In this business environment Crown must implement business strategies will carry it into the next century as one of the worlds most successful casino complexes. The Crown was set up as a multimillion-dollar establishment in order to attract international gamblers especially the Asian junket gamblers. However with the economic meltdown of countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia Asian gamblers are fewer and have less money to gamble. The present focus of Crown casino towards the Asian market

  • The Crown Of Diamond: Overview

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    that large sum of money; the man showed him a crown that belongs to the country. Knowing the risk, Mr. Holder agreed to lend the gentleman that large sum of money if he pays it back in a few days. After the gentleman left Mr. Holder decided to keep the crown all the time near by him, so he took the crown to his home in Streatham. There he lived with his only son Arthur and his niece Mary who was an orphan. He told them about his story with the crown of diamonds. When the father was going to sleep

  • Dental Crown Research Paper

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    Does a Crown Cost A permanent dental crown placed over a damaged tooth can restore your smile, and improve your appearance. Besides making it easier for you to chew food, a full set of teeth also supports the muscles in your face, and any missing teeth may affect the way you look. A dental crown takes on the same size and shape of a natural tooth, and ensures other teeth don’t shift out of alignment. So how much does a crown cost? How Much Does a Crown Cost? Short answer: Permanent dental crowns generally

  • The Passing of the Crown by Shakespeare's Henries

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    the Crown by Shakespeare's Henries In his histories from Richard II through Henry V to Richard III, Shakespeare depicts the English monarchy as a game between family and friends of vying for a gold ring -- the crown. Shakespeare gives his reader a central metaphor through which to see this equation in King Henry IV part one. The prank Prince Hal, later King Henry V, and his friend, Poins, play on their friends, particularly Falstaff, parallels the plot's focal passing of the crown.

  • The Jewel in the Crown : Daphne Manners

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    The Jewel in the Crown : Daphne Manners Daphne Manners was a woman that was ahead of her time she was not prejudice in a hateful way.  The prejudice she had was purely ignorance of the day and age.  She did not dislike someone just because they were Indian.  Daphne Manners even made negative comments about the prejudices that she saw happening.  She ignored the social norms when she started falling for Hari Kumar.  Had Miss Manners followed the standards for the day and age of the story she would

  • Historical Context of The Jewel in the Crown

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    Historical Context of The Jewel in the Crown The historical context of Paul Scott's novel - The Jewel in the Crown - serves to explain and interpret a tragic love story between two characters; Daphne Manners and Hari Kumar. The love story serves to clarify and interpret the social/racial and historical significance of the time period in which it is set - 1942.  Their love - a product as well as a victim of the time and events - is an allegory for the relationship between England and India - the

  • Comparing Heart Of Darkness And The Jewel In The Crown

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    Cultural Rape in Heart of Darkness and The Jewel in the Crown      The comparison of Heart of Darkness and The Jewel in the Crown may lead to some interesting questions. The authors of these two great works have found their way into the literary cannon for well-founded reasons. Both texts seem to continue to bring the reader to ask questions of both the text and the readers own moral values. One of these value based questions deals with racism. It may well be that both of these great works

  • A Comparison of The Jewel in the Crown and Wuthering Heights

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    Elements of The Jewel in the Crown and Wuthering Heights The Jewel in the Crown, by Paul Scott, and Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte', are romantic tragedies which share many common elements. Although written in two vastly different time periods, the shared elements reveal the continuity of romantic tragedies over time. Wuthering Heights, a 19th century realistic fiction, shares the same kind of passionate, violent and emotional characters as The Jewel in the Crown, a post colonial modernist

  • Comparing The Jewel in the Crown and Wuthering Heights

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    Similarities in The Jewel in the Crown and Wuthering Heights "He stood a stranger in this breathing world, An erring spirit from another hurl'd... What had he been?  What was he, thus unknown? Who walked their world, his lineage all unknown? George Gordon, Lord Bryon (1788-1824) This except of a poem from the Romantic period could be used to describe two characters from two different works of different time periods.  Heathcliff - the "dark-skinned gypsy" with the "manners

  • Prejudice and Racism in The Jewel in the Crown and Heart of Darkness

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    Racism in The Jewel in the Crown and Heart of Darkness The effects of British colonialism are reflected in literature from both early modernism and post colonialism. Racial discrimination tainted both eras portrayed in the British morale of white supremacy over non-European counties unfolded. Heart of Darkness exemplifies early modernism in the British explorers viewed African natives of the Congo as incapable of human equality due to perceived uncivilized savagery. Personal interaction between

  • Comparing the French Lieutenant's Woman and Jewel in the Crown

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    Similarities between French Lieutenant's Woman and Jewel in the Crown John Fowles's French Lieutenant's Woman and Paul Scott's Jewel in the Crown are two literary works that illustrate continuity in British literature over time.  While French Lieutenant's Woman [is set in]...the Victorian era and Jewel in the Crown [depicts events in]... the twentieth century . . ., the two exhibit similar thematic content.  Both works emphasize the importance of social stature, both portray society's view of

  • Characteristics of Modernism in Jewel in the Crown and Heart of Darkness

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    Characteristics of Modernism in Jewel in the Crown and Heart of Darkness A Modern novel, Jewel in the Crown, by Paul Scott, depicts the latter stages of imperialism's erosion and explores it through the lives of individuals and their relationships as symbolic of larger societal conflicts and political events.  Jewel was written well into the 20th Century and employs thematic concepts and literary forms characteristic of Modernism, as well as being significant in its literary-historical context

  • Thomas Crown Affair

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    activities that you or I would. This is the main theme of the remake of the 1968 movie The Thomas Crown Affair. The original Thomas Crown Affair was written by Alan Trustman and directed by Norman Jewison who also did In the heat of the night and the 2003 movie The Statement. It starred Steve McQueen as the Financer, Thomas Crown, and Faye Dunaway as an insurance investigator counterpart to Crown, Viki Anderson. In 1999 the original was rewritten by Leslie Dixon and Kurt Wimmer, and was directed

  • Root Surface Caries

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    Root Surface Caries Caries can affect any surface of the teeth. The most commonly seen caries are found on the crown of a tooth, above the cemento-enamel junction, it is also possible for caries to form on the root surface, below the cemento-enamel junction. Dental root caries has received a great deal of attention in the past few decades. A variety of different patients are at risk for root surface caries. Dentists use several methods of treatment. Root surface caries are also called cemental caries

  • Julius Caesar

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    was, however, ambitious. This is because he refused the crown three times, he did not listen to the warnings that people gave him throughout the book, and he did not end the punishment he placed upon Metellus Cimber^s brother, Publius Cimber. These were all acts of ambition. On the Lupercal, Mark Antony presented Caesar with a crown. Caesar then proceeded to turn down the crown three times. The reason he did this is because the crown was not the real one, but only a coronet. This is known

  • Anointed King

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    though a sad choice, he has been ordained by God as king and ruler of England. It is not for his followers to decide if he is to be replaced by someone that they feel would be a better caretaker of the “garden';. In Richard II , by overtaking the crown and replacing Richard with Bolingbroke, society is going against its own belief that Richard is ordained by God. From an Englishman’s point of view it could be argued that God is somewhat responsible for the state that England is in, because

  • Marcus Brutus: An Honorable Man

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    standing up for what he believes to be true. He agrees to kill Caeser only because Cassius convinces him that it must be done. Brutus did not mind Caeser until Cassius filled his head with all that poppycock. Although he didn’t want Caeser to have the crown, he did not actually consider killing his old companion until a good firm talking to from Cassius. Before talking to Cassius Brutus actually believed Caeser to be semi-noble. After a conversation with Cassius however, he viewed Caeser to be ambitious

  • Reading and Writing Skills

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    Skills I remember when I started kindergarten. It was August 27, 1990. I’m still a little angry about that day because it was my fifth birthday and I still remember that I didn’t get to wear a crown on that day like the rest of my classmates did on their birthdays. I guess I didn’t get to wear the crown because it was the first day of school. But besides that, kindergarten was a really great year. In the mornings we’d go around the classroom to different stations and play different games, then we’d

  • Essay On Dental Restorations

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    One 6. What type of restoration is use on large filling? Indirect restorations 7. What is indirect restorations? When the restorations is fabicated outside the mouth using dental impessions of the tooth. 8. Indirect restorations are know as? Crowns, veneers, bridges onlays and inlays. 9. What type of material is use with indirect restorations? Ceramics or gold 10. Indirect restorations reqiures, how many office visits? Two 11. Temporary restorations covers the prepared tooth and? keep

  • The Use of CAD/CAM in Dentistry

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    (2013), Review Article Rationale for the Use of CAD/CAM Technology in Implant Prosthodontics. International Journal of Dentistry, pp.1-8. Article ID 768121. 15. Suleiman, S.H. Steyern, P.V.V. (2013), Fracture strength of porcelain fused to metal crowns made of cast, milled or laser-sintered cobalt-chromium. Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, pp.1-10. 16. Beuer, F. Schweiger, J. Edelhoff, D. (2008), Digital dentistry, an overview of recent developments for CAD/CAM generated restorations. British Dental