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  • The Crimean War

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    The Crimean War The Crimean War started because France and Russia wanted control over the Middle East and surrounding areas. The war lasted from 1856 to 1858, just under two years. The more important parts of the war are the causes and events that led up to it, the battle of the Alma, the naval wars of various seas and Sevastopol, the heavily fortified base of the Russian fleet. MLV Ffrench Blake states that the main cause of the war was "Russia's desire for territorial expansion, particularly

  • What will be Putin's Crimean War?

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    Alexander I triumphantly enters Paris bringing freedom (but not democracy) to Europe in turmoil after the Napoleonic Wars. Russian Empire emerges as one of the great powers. However, with new political realities also new challenges arose. The Bourbon Restoration was not enough, and anxiety about political instability in Europe and further possible revolutions against European monarchies made the Russian Empire assume the role of what was later dubbed gendarme of Europe. This anxiety had a solid ground:

  • The Importance Of Industrialization In The Crimean War

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    The Crimean War was a war between Great Britain, French, and along with some other countries against Russia. While Russia led by Nicholas I, entered to the Crimean War to defend Orthodox Christian within the autocrat empire; French entered this war because they promoted the Catholics Christian; Great Britain wanted to maintain the autocrat empire and maintain power (Aksakov and Danielevsky, 378 - 389). It was an absolute humiliating when Russia defeated the war. The Russian military was outplayed

  • Notable Aspects of the Crimean War

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    Notable Aspects of the Crimean War The Crimean war, not a war many from the United States have heard of. The Crimean war raged on for three years in Ukraine form 1853 and 1856. This was a war where modern day industrialism at the time, seemed to determine the victors. Weapon production was at an all-time high, which made sure all soldiers in Crimea had a rifle and a steady supply of ammunition. During this time, famous industrialist Henry Bessemer, creator of the Bessemer steel making process, invented

  • The Battle Of Balaclava During The Crimean War

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    On October 25, 1854, the British and French were battling against the Russian’s in the Crimean War in the Battle of Balaclava. The British Light Brigade, commanded by the Earl of Cardigan, had received orders from his chain of command, to launch a full frontal assault against who they thought were one of Russia’s equally matched artillery teams. As it turns out, the intelligence given to the Earl of Cardigan, and his next in the chain of command, the Earl of Lucan, was completely inaccurate. The

  • The Importance of Technology in Producing the Allied Victory in the Crimean War

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    armies, and lead to their final victory. More than any previous conflict, the Crimean war was influenced largely by technological innovations. Developments such as the railway, modern rifles and the telegraph, compared to other factors, had the largest influence on the outcome of the war. However, factors such as public opinion, leadership, strategy and the quality of troops also played their role. The Crimean War was reported on by the media back in Britain far more than any previous conflict

  • The Importance of Technology and Other Factors in the Allied Victory in the Crimean War

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    This essay will look at all the factors and then ascertain the effect each had on the outcome of the Crimean war. To make this easier I have categorised the factors in to leadership and organisation, battlefield tactics, strategy and technology. The allied leadership in the Crimean war was weak and held surprisingly little commanding power over many aspects of the war. Lord Raglan, an old, inexperienced and cautious man, was the commander of the British troops. He had only acquired the

  • The Causes Of The Crimean War?

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    The Crimean War was a conflict that lasted through out Europe from October, 1853 - February, 1856. This war involved Russia, France, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, and Sardinia. They all had one main ambition, to fight for the Holy Land and the Middle East. Orthodox Russia and Catholic France wanted the Holy Land in the Ottoman Empire, this was a major factor and dispute between the two countries. Problems started when France and Russia became embroiled in a dispute over control of religious sites

  • Alfred Nobel

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    page. As a child, Alfred was talented. The Crimean War and moving to Russia benefitted the Nobel family financially. The Nobel's Stockholm house burnt down in 1832. In 1842 the rest of the family moved to Russia to join their dad. The Crimean War rages from 1853-1856 and Immanuel gets funded by the Russian czar to create and manufacture naval mines for the Russian military to use to defend cities by the ocean from the opposing navies in the Crimean War. Immanuel also tried and failed to make torpedoes

  • Charge of the Light Brigade

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    19th century England. He successfully showed the ignorance of the English Army leaders while still reflecting his strong nationalist views in an attempt to create propaganda for the Crimean War in his poem, “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” The charge was a tragic incident that took place in 1854 during the Crimean War, which was England, France and Sardinia against Russia, when English Army generals blundered and sent over six hundred soldiers on a charge that was destined for disaster. The solders