Crew Essays

  • Crew Resource Management and Aviation Safety

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    increased as well as, some say, the probability of human error. There are studies upon studies of aircraft accidents and incidents resulting from breakdowns in crew coordination and, more specifically, crew communication. These topics are the driving force behind crew resource management. This paper will attempt to present the concept of crew resource management (CRM) and its impact on aviation safety in modern commercial and military aviation. The concept is not a new one, but is continually evolving

  • Comparing the Creatures and Crew in Moby Dick

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    Similarities Between Creatures and Crew in Moby Dick When looking at the cycle of life one sees that creatures usually hunt others that are opposited from themselves. The relationship between cat and mouse is the apotheosis ot this idea, a classic case of one preying on the other where the two are looked upon as complete opposites. In Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" the whalers are hunting down the white whale. So according to my statement above this should make the crew members of the "Pequod" the absolute

  • Crew Resource Management Has Come a Long Way but Still Has More to Go

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    decision making in the flight deck (or cockpit). With this in mind and the need to improve on air safety, Crew Resource Management was developed. We will define CRM and then continue further to define subsequent automations and questionnaires that have developed through CRM. We will discuss the importance of CRM, automations, and questionnaires and the research findings. Crew Resource Management Crew Resource Management (CRM) has come a long way. The roots of CRM can be traced back to a workshop, Resource

  • Apollo 11

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    Apollo 11 From countdown to splashdown, Apollo 11's mission was filled with some surprising twists and turns. It took a combination of luck, determination and guts for the crew of Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong to get the Eagle to the surface of the moon with only 30 seconds of fuel remaining! Experience the moments leading up to the lunar landing with me. On the morning of July 16, 1969 a 60-ton Saturn 5 rocket was given a thorough inspection on launch pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space

  • Sphere

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    physiologist job would be to monitor the rest of the crew. Harold Barnes is the leader of investigation on the crash sight; Barnes essentially took Normans ideas on the ULF project and adapted it to the crash sight with Norman being the psychologist. The group chosen for the investigation on the crash sight is a very diverse group, that’s what makes them successful. Out of the 4 other members on the crew, Norman is familiar with two of them. The crew consists of Ted Fielding- astrophysicist, Beth Halpern-

  • The Importance of Airline Safety

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    prevent human error or repair faulty equipment. Sometimes I think the only reason an airplane could crash is if something on the plane were to break. However, most of the time that is not the case. A survey conducted by Boeing found that flight crews were responsible for at least seventy-three percent of all fatal airplane accidents. (Gray 17). Forty-one percent of these accidents occurred during landing because of unstable approaches. Also an investigation by the National Aeronautics and Space

  • Analysis of It's Your Ship by Capt. D. Michael Abrashoff

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    while a Commander in the Navy. He takes the reader through the journey of having a cutting-edge ship handed over him, while finding his own leadership lacking his expectations. While defying conventional Navy leadership tactics, Abrashoff created “a crew of confident and inspired problem-solvers eager to take the initiative and responsibility for their actions.” He ultimately succeeded in turning the USS Benfold into the “best damn ship in the Navy” in a matter of months. Within two years his ship

  • Neil Armstrong

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    astronaut-training program. Gemini VII Mission In March of 1966, Armstrong completed his training and became the command pilot of the Gemini 8 mission. The crew of this mission was made up of David R. Scott and himself. In case of any emergencies with the two men before the launch, either physical or mental, a backup crew was made. The backup crew consisted of Charles Conrad Junior, and Richard Gordon Junior. The objectives of the mission were: A. (Main) Rendezvous and dock with Gemini Agena target

  • Captain Jaggery Quotes

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    she decides to judge people by their class. The crew had the lowest class on the ship and the Captain had the highest class and she had decided to trust the captain. She judged who to trust by their clothes and class instead of their heart and loyalty which was a big mistake for Charlotte. Charlotte soon learned that Captain Jaggery is twisted and evil because he has killed and beaten many people and some of those people have been people from his crew. She had learned she placed her trust in a murderer’s

  • KAL 801

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    801 was scheduled to fly from Kimpo Airport in Seoul, Korea to A.B. Won Guam International Airport in Agana, Guam. The flight crew had met earlier to discuss the flight release, weather conditions and fill out all necessary paperwork. And on August 6th, 1997 at 9:27 PM the Boeing 747-300 departed Kimpo Airport for a three hour and fifty minute trip to Guam. The flight crew consisted of a captain, first officer and a flight engineer. The captain had several flight hours as a pilot in the Korea Air

  • An Analysis of Das Boot

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    others who are helpless in helping their comrades, doomed to be insufficient and bothersome. Once Petersen has portrayed this conflict, it is easy to see how the level of tension is so high in the submarine. The film begins with the submarine crew drunk and jovial, attempting to enjoy their final moments before their departure. Knowing that the odds of returning alive are minimal, the men appear to throwing their intuition to the stars as they frolic foolishly and even tastelessly. Petersen

  • Paint a House

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    possible. The appearance of the home is a major factor in keeping its value. Painting the exterior of the house is not as hard as it appears; in fact it’s quite simple. In order to paint the house efficiently you will need a crew kit and a few different sized ladders. A crew kit is a large plastic bin with all of the tools needed for the job and more. Brushes and rollers are the two most known. Other tools include: scrapers, caulk guns, 5-in-1 tools, rags, drop clothes, pot hooks, buckets, self-priming

  • Martian Chronicles

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    known as the worlds best fiction author wrote The Martian Chronicles. In the beginning of this book are four expeditions. These expeditions all fail due to a misunderstanding. One way or another something is always misinterpreted which brings each crew to their fatal destiny. In The Martian Chronicles there are four expeditions to Mars. Each is unsuccessful, but Earth decides to build a civilization there anyway to avoid the atomic war back home. This book consists of many short stories dealing

  • Marlow Vs. Willard

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    important for each of them to go their perspective missions. The surroundings for each man were unique. While both Marlow and Willard had to put up with natives, they had crews that were different. While Marlow had a crew with mostly natives, Willard had a crew of American soldiers who were serving their country. Willard’s crew was comprised of mostly young men who had no idea what they were doing. “Come on all of you big strong me,” writes Joseph McDonald, “Uncle Sam needs your help again”(Class

  • Nature

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    Moby Dick can be a nice sight but also deadly. In the book the captain of the ship lost his leg in a prior encounter with a whale. When the crew went after Moby Dick he snapped and swelled huge waves towards the boat and attacked. He wrecked the ship. The panicked crew was scattered around the boat. IN the end nature prevailed because moby dick scared the crew. But it was the humans who got the last word when they killed he gigantic whale. Frigid cold winters are another one of nature’s forces. Back

  • I Am Grateful For Netflix

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    that on a somewhat regular basis, I find a series that I somehow missed out on, and this is when I am so grateful for Netflix. This past summer, after interviewing a crew member of the popular show Once Upon a Time, I finally gave in and gave the show a try. And instantly, I was hooked. As a result, I began to seek out the cast and crew on social media, and it just so happens that Michael Coleman was the first to respond to my interview request. So earlier this summer, he and I chatted about his career

  • The Lumberjack

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    opportunities, he just wanted to be a lumberjack. So far this job was running smoothly. They were on schedule and there was an abundance of trees in British Columbia to keep them busy for the next while. It seemed so simple at first. Woody and his crew would cut down the trees and they would be shipped to a nearby river where they would be floated downstream to the new lumber mill. At least this was what was supposed to happen. After the first couple loads, there came reports that the logs weren't

  • Fur Trade

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    mouth of the Columbia, on March 22, 1811, the crew could not locate the channel across the treacherous bar because of stormy weather. Instead of waiting for more favorable weather, Thorn insisted upon sending a small boat ahead to find the passage. The boat and the crew of five were promptly swallowed by the crashing breakers. Before the Tonquin finally crossed the bar a few days later, another small boat and its crew of three also disappeared. The crew was not satisfied with the site selected for

  • Ender's Shadow or Ender's Game

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    finding food. That very day a crew leader named Poke (crews were a group of children that shared the food that they found and they had crew leaders) gave Bean 7 peanuts and she asked for his name. But he said he hadn’t received a name, so they called him Bean. There were food shelters that gave food out every morning but crews with young children couldn’t get in because of the older children that were bullies. And most of the time bullies would come and take food from the crews instead of beating them

  • Life's Findings in Homer's Odyssey

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    presence of iniquity. One's integrity is frequently tried through petty needs. Odysseus' crew succumbs to their inability to resist hunger. Although Odysseus instructs them not to kill the Sun's kine, hunger overpowers their sense of responsibility. Their ramshackle integrity gives out and hopes begins to waver among the crew. Some thinking " die by the most pitiful of all" (120). The crew becomes so corrupt that they would rather, " in the sea, give at